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TripleClamp Moto Canada

We used this app for a few months to import/update couple of thousands of products into our stores. The concept is great but the app is just not fully tested and ready. A major draw back was that we constantly ran into bugs that led to incorrect data on the store. Also, the app does not give you a meaningful report on the tasks it ran. There was no way to filter for the products that failed the import job. We had to browse a long list of products page by page. We had to redo most of the jobs with other apps. All of this was brought to the attention of their customer service. They fixed some of the bugs but overall we found we could not trust the app what so ever. Also their billing method is very unusual, we had to contact them several times to make correction on the number of products they were billing us for.

Developer reply

November 10, 2021

We are sorry to read your review. We would like to highlight the information that the product datafeed file of your supplier had issues with the structure of it. This caused the synching issue. Our developers have fixed the file so it can work properly for you, even if it wouldn't have been our job to do but the supplier's. Such a process, to fix it, takes a few days that's why we were asking for your patience. We sent a message to you on the 5th of November in which we told you we have finished working on the custom development needed to correct the file as it did have issues. However, we haven't received a feedback from you yet. Could you please check the correspondence and give us a feedback? We are always here to help you.


Tried to use the app as a supplier, I scheduled a demo, changed my schedule, and even before we had the call they just decided to ban my account and cancel the demo (we have over 2K different unique products in the US)

Developer reply

August 26, 2021

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and we are happy to discuss this at length with you as we always aim to improve our service based on reviews. However, there are certain criteria at Syncee that must be followed in order to become a supplier, and we always carefully review potential suppliers’ information. We believe that there is no reason for an uncalled for review as we have communicated to you why we are unable to list you.

We apologise again, please do contact us if necessary.


SYNCEE makes the client believe that the app is free and when you cancel the subscription they want to be charging you $ 79 to be able to uninstall it, 3 months have passed they still have not reimbursed me the $ 79 that they stole from me, they are THIEVES

Free... uhu for 25 products oke to pay some but not 80 bucks a month. Other apps are like 10-20 bucks a month

Developer reply

May 27, 2021

We are remorseful to hear that you came to this conclusion 15 minutes after installing our application while my colleague offered her assistance in the in-app chat.

If you were to change your mind, we would be more, than happy to assist you with any questions, but keep in mind that our application is a paid one as stated on our site.

The idea behind the 25 free products is to help you set up your tasks and try out our application.

You could use our DataFeed Manager feature during this free period or you could choose one of our plans starting from 19USD any time.

Should you need any help, we will be here awaiting your contact at or via the in-app chat.


some suppliers sell shit but they are intermediaries for aliexpress products and they make margin on it.

Developer reply

May 14, 2021

Thank you for your review. We have hundreds of suppliers listed on Syncee Marketplace and you have the opportunity to pick any companies from the directory you want to work with. Based on your message to our colleagues we checked which supplier's products you mentioned. Please note, in our system you can write a review from the listed suppliers which we take seriously. Feel free to write feedback about companies there.

this company is dangerous, dont take theier app.... 50% from the companys inside tha app are fakes..... i make a shop with this is a fake company and i lost money... they from syncee dont pay me my money back... so i went to the police yesterday

Developer reply

May 10, 2021

We would like to kindly let you know that we requested the refund for you on the 4th of May from Shopify, and you received the refund on the 6th of May. If you have any questions regarding the payments please contact Shopify support. What you have stated in your review are untrue claims. All of our suppliers are pre-vetted and are going through a selection process before listing them. You can find each suppliers' contact information in Syncee Marketplace so you can contact them if you have any questions. If you have any issues with a supplier, with the payments regarding their products, you have to contact the supplier. In our system the retailer pays directly to the supplier, that's why our service is transparent. If you want a refund from them you can manage it via PayPal. We would like to ask you to avoid using obscene words in your messages to our team members. Life-threatening claims are completely unacceptable and just utterly wrong. Please don't taint Syncee's reputation and image falsely with such accusations.
Akos Gulyas, CEO


I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SYNCEE. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Though the app started out well with only a few issues the first month where there were items uploaded with no pictures or items discontinued for months, according to the supplier when i contacted them, yet they still uploaded them to my website and I had to delete them. I ended up having to cancel due to repeated issues regarding the inventory updates. I had to cancel 4 orders in less than a month directly related to the app not updating the inventory for my suppliers and showing hundreds in stock when in fact there was none. The support team said it was the supplier and the supplier said it was Syncee. Needless to say when I had to cancel 2 orders in 24 hrs for the same issue, I cancelled my subscription 2.5 wks early and deleted the app, cutting my losses for the rest of that month paid. Now, 5 days before that month ended they charged me another $129.00 for yet another month even though I had cancelled over 2 wks early. Now i am having to go back and forth with them to get the money refunded. After just over a week they still have not. UPDATE - The people at Syncee are not willing to refund any portion of the month paid stating that the issues were with the supplier and not them. Issues that if they knew they had they should have fixed before uploading to any of our websites. These errors cost me 4 sales totally almost $1000.00 but apparently its my problem and not theirs. I guess as long as they keep the $129.00 they could care less how much I lost. Though the app seemed like a great thing to have and worth the money at first, if you start having issues, even if it cost you sales, don't expect them to let go of any portion of the sales they made from you as a customer. I found its easier to do it myself and wish I had to start with and not made the mistake of trying to use a service like this. Besides, I found one of the auto feeds from the supplier was only $30/month and the other was free since it was only an Excel file manually uploaded… I basically just gave them $100 every month for what cost them $30.00 to do. At least now that I am doing it myself I know the information and inventory amounts are correct and it only take 5 mins of my time daily. I have found many, many people have left reviews with the same exact issues. I wish I had read them. Live and learn. Though I went through the Shopify Support for emails between myself and Syncee. It didn't stop Syncee from continuing to send me emails outside of the support, asking me to reinstall the app and give them a 5 star rating. I don't understand how they can be more concerned with their ratings and keeping the money than customer satisfaction which we all knows can go a long ways.

Developer reply

March 24, 2021

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced such issues and as you have already noticed, we did everything on our end to solve them for you.

As we have already discussed, the issue was that the data source our application was working from has been changed from time-to-time. This could happen with any other application that is for managing the products and their updates and it is out of our hands.

We have reached out to the supplier whom you had these issues with and ensured that no such thing happens again. In their reply on 25 May 2021 they ensured us that from that day they will not modify that particular part on the datafeed file that caused the issue.

Our application is working as intended and we are here to help you with anything you need.

Our users take top priority and we would be love to see you back among them. Let us know if you find it in your heart to work with us again.

Belle Lea

Don't waste your time or money. I had the app for months and contacted alot of the suppliers on here to use their products and had no response, so I deleted the app and they still charged me for another month and will not give me a refund.

Developer reply

February 24, 2021

Hello Nic,

We want to apologize for your recent experience. We're sorry to hear you were less than satisfied with a listed supplier.

Please be aware that each of our suppliers undergoes a serious pre-screening before being listed on our Marketplace. In general, we do not have to interfere in the relationship (communication) between retailers and suppliers. Syncee is solely responsible for the product management and the compliance of the products on our Marketplace.

Besides, as suppliers have to meet the listed supplier’s requirements, they can also decide whether they want to work with a retailer. Since they invest a lot of time and money building their brands, their primary purpose to work with stores that fit their branding criteria.

Our Support Team was always here for you, and we are still here to assist you if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours sincerely,
The Syncee Team

Lulucita Bijoux

Leaky app that takes advantage of problem solving to ask you to put 5 stars. Many many problems (pricing, interfaces not user friendly). They have some ghost suppliers which don't response and they are not able to solve issues with them. I wonder if it is not for their image. A scandal for the price of the subscription

Developer reply

February 11, 2021

Dear Lulucita Bijoux,

We set a high standard for ourselves, and we’re so sorry to hear this was not met in your interaction with our business.

Following your report, we have contacted them as soon as you told us that they are not replying to your inquiries. We also suggested you contact them directly via phone since all of our suppliers provide their contact details in Syncee.

We hope we can get a second chance and meet your expectations in the future.

The Syncee Team


Im not impressed like the other poor reviews it worked well but then the feed stopped. Did we get an apology no we nearly fell out with our supplier as out of stock items were being blamed on them when in fact the feed had broken. the customer service clearly dont care. We then asked if they could upload data via there feed they said yes but it would cost extra yet it does say free setup and support. So it is not only enough that they get there subscription but pure greed the want more. We are now actively looking for an alternative. Customer service dont care Money money money So to update this is the response from Syncee the owner got in touch i explained the issue and have heard nothing. No apology no explanation nada. Since then they are now saying for me to have my orders updated 4 times a day they want 129 euro a month to add insult to injury they are blaming shopify for the feed not working. They say if you use a compare at price then there feed can not work. I also asked why is the owner who initially emailed me now not following up the answer is too busy. Do not waste your time most supplies have a feed and you can have chaperons options than these

Developer reply

January 13, 2021

Terrible sorry to hear you are not satisfied with our service. As our support team mentioned to you via chat the supplier stock changes frequently and it caused out-of-stock issues in your store. We already changed your update frequency in your account. Regarding the new feed, as we said we can help you, but first our developers have to check the API documentation, which is free of charge of course, but takes a couple of days. We will come back to you in an email shortly.

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