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Merchants appreciate this app for its user-friendly interface, seamless Shopify integration, and wide product range. They value the automated inventory management and auto-order system for their time-saving benefits. The 24/7 customer service is praised for its real-time responses and efficient problem-solving. Merchants also highlight the free trial and flexible plans, making it a scalable solution for all business sizes.

March 2, 2023

The worst app I 've ever tried, , You can't upload products in the free trial or create a catalogue or see how the app works. The search filters don't work properly so when you chose products filters you get a totally other products results. The products in other languages than English can't be translated when transfer into the store. It's also very complicated to handle with a single product in a created catalogue which you can't chose a product to sync or delete from it , but you are forced to sync or delete the whole catalogue. And whenever you uninstall, you have to pay the whole charge!!

18 days using the app
Syncee replied March 2, 2023

We are terribly sorry to read your review. Please let us highlight that Syncee offers a Free plan which indeed doesn't let you upload products to your store, however, you can create a catalog while browsing among the products available on Syncee Marketplace. Furthermore, Syncee offers a 14-day free trial of each monthly plan that lets you access all the features of the chosen plan, including uploading products to your store. Our free trial is here so you can try Syncee and see if it's suitable for your needs. If you uninstall Syncee or cancel your plan in Syncee while you are still in your trial period, you will not be charged. You have started the free trial, and as unfortunately you unsubscribed after the trial period, you've been charged. When subscribing to a monthly Syncee plan you have to read and accept the aforementioned conditions. To refer back to other sections of your review, we are thankful for your feedback. If anytime you need help using Syncee, you need to know that our support team is always here for you, and we are happy to help.

April 7, 2019

If I could give them 0 stars I would.

We tried more than once using it, an import XML file with our supplier's products,
The import was gone badly and imported without the stock amount and vars.
We tried to get a refund and they said we can't because we used the app...
We have deleted more than 1000 products that were imported badly.
and by the way for a good widget for our XML file they wanted 350$...

BAD BAD BAD APP just go to another app instead,

16 days using the app
Syncee replied April 8, 2019

Hello, thank you for the feedback.

We have received an XML file prior to subscribing and we stated that we cannot work with it because it is badly structured and does not have inventory quantity as your supplier provided it this way. Please note: Syncee does not provide information about inventory quantity and prices as only the supplier knows these data. If the supplier can provide a suitable, well structured product feed file that have information about inventory quantity, then we can definitely make it work in first go without any hassle.

Also, if you mean another XML file, as you haven't contacted us after subscribing, our technical colleagues will gladly check it for you. We have free technical support, but you need to contact us first, otherwise we cannot help.

We have also noticed that you have wrongly set up your Syncee task updates and therefore they did not run. We have fixed it for you, so now they should run in the given intervals.

We have recently contacted you in email in details of how we can help you. Looking forward to make you a happy customer.

May 24, 2023


Beleza Mista
14 days using the app
Syncee replied May 24, 2023

We are sorry to read your review. We regret to inform you that your subscription was canceled after the expiration of the free trial period, resulting in the charges being applied. If there's anything we can do to assist you further please let us know via in-app chat or email. We are here for you.

May 6, 2021

this company is dangerous, dont take theier app.... 50% from the companys inside tha app are fakes..... i make a shop with this is a fake company and i lost money... they from syncee dont pay me my money back... so i went to the police yesterday
14 days using the app
Syncee replied May 10, 2021

We would like to kindly let you know that we requested the refund for you on the 4th of May from Shopify, and you received the refund on the 6th of May. If you have any questions regarding the payments please contact Shopify support. What you have stated in your review are untrue claims. All of our suppliers are pre-vetted and are going through a selection process before listing them. You can find each suppliers' contact information in Syncee Marketplace so you can contact them if you have any questions. If you have any issues with a supplier, with the payments regarding their products, you have to contact the supplier. In our system the retailer pays directly to the supplier, that's why our service is transparent. If you want a refund from them you can manage it via PayPal. We would like to ask you to avoid using obscene words in your messages to our team members. Life-threatening claims are completely unacceptable and just utterly wrong. Please don't taint Syncee's reputation and image falsely with such accusations.
Akos Gulyas, CEO

December 14, 2019

Je ne parviens même pas à uploader un seul article ou alors je n' ai pas laissé assez longtemps,j' ai attendu 15 minutes pour un seul article mais sans résultat. J' ai alors stoppé le téléchargement. troooooop long ou ne fonctionne pas.

14 days using the app
Syncee replied December 19, 2019

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to see you were not satisfied with our app. I would like to kindly inform you that when you contacted us about the problem, we were out of office at the weekend. However, on Monday we sent you help and reply as soon as we saw your message. We can help you in the product management, and uploading items into your store with the correct settings, smoothly. Please, if you still would like to manage products of suppliers with Syncee, feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

Edited February 17, 2022

Last night I asked syncee for help regarding Shopho.Co (Shopho, in syncee) a supplier of theirs that resulted in me losing tons of business, they asked me to delete my review here first, since the team can only help me post that. Their team is great, no doubt! The only trouble is Syncees inventory management, lack of vetting of suppliers, sometimes payment trouble and resolution if a supplier harasses or insults you! I had to cancel an order of 15 products due to inventory issues between syncee and the supplier. While syncee shows 11 products, the supplier claims the product was discontinued sometime back. Initially I had trouble paying for my order, syncee helped, I managed to pay. Post paying for my order, I reached out to the supplier (Shopho) over WhatsApp who told me that the product is out of stock and has been for ages. I asking for a refund, the supplier said “haha” and I had to raise a dispute over PayPal. After this the supplier resorted to harassing me over WhatsApp and name calling. I had reported this to syncee, they are ok with such behaviour and do not ban such suppliers from their platform. They don’t even have a policy in place for such behaviour. It’s a shame that such suppliers will only bring their business down considerably. Syncee is full of glitches that result in loss of business. They don’t have a vetting process for suppliers, they don’t display authentic numbers of products available with the supplier and somehow let the supplier cancel after payment goes through. The supplier said he didn’t feel like dealing with my order - resulting in a big loss of clients. Ps; when I asked ShopHo for my money back I got a “haha” and the following day this person hurled abused over WhatsApp! Incredibly unprofessional!
13 days using the app
Syncee replied February 16, 2022

We are deeply sorry you had such an experience with your supplier. Please let us highlight that we did our best to help you with any questions or issues you had. Please note that while we do keep our users' best interest at heart, we provide the technical link between the suppliers and retailers. We synchronize the product data directly from the supplier, and the products in question were in stock at the supplier. Thus, the issue was NOT with Syncee's inventory management.

Furthermore, we do not take part in the trading process, nor the communication between the interested parties as it is your responsibility to communicate any issues in a civilized manner without any type of disrespectful expressions to the others. We at Syncee stand by our policies that the communication should be handled with respect and we do ask everyone to do so as well. We have sent an email to the supplier and you in which we asked for the communication be polite and relevant.

Also, we do have a serious vetting process for suppliers, and we are not okay with disrespectful behaviour.

Regarding our further decisions, we will keep your concerns in mind. Once again, we apologise for the issue you had with your supplier.

Edited July 17, 2020

I really think this app needs to make it more like dropshipping apps. Why do we have to pay the app plus wait for approvals that doesn’t get approved. Then the customer service will act as if they will help. Once you give that 5 start they don’t know what else to say more of didn’t I tell you it worked like that. I don’t think I will be moving forward with this app. App isn’t easy, but it takes so much questioning in order to understand.

Update! 7/17/2020:


When talking to the customer service he will seem very nice but will force 5 star. Don’t worry about getting all your money back at all because he will make it hard even if you use the app for a few days and it haven’t even been a month. I had downgraded on this service and uninstalled and still got charged in my Shopify bill. I had to do all the reaching out and they don’t update their suppliers in time. Def-Shop was a supplier I really wanted to use and when I reached out def-shop said they didn’t know what was this app and don’t do dropshipping. I had to reach out to customer service to give them the heads up and customer service will act like that isn’t true but I have proof. Then that’s when the app developer wants to update their supplier. Too many suppliers don’t even respond and the ones that don’t respond is the high quality ones. The only excuse I get from the app developer is because your store is not open. There is a request form where you can put in you website password to give to supplier. So I don’t see how that is a difference anyways.

United States
13 days using the app
Syncee replied June 23, 2020

Thank you for your review. Please note, it is up to the suppliers, who are listed in our Marketplace, which retailers they accept to upload their products. Your online store is not open yet. For suppliers it can be key to see your online presence so they can check if they would like to approve you or not. We have suppliers in our system with quality products from all over the world. Moreover, not all suppliers in our system requires initial approval. You can also contact companies directly via email or phone if you would like to get a feedback in a shorter period of time.

Edited February 3, 2018

If you are a small store, with little inventory, they may be able to assist you. However, if you move any real volume with more than just a few sku's, they can not. Communication is slow, However, this is mostly due to them being unable to communicate through phone. Email only.

We requested a refund, since they were unable to complete the task, and did not get a response. Would not recommend.

Carolina Defender Tactical Supply
United States
13 days using the app
March 23, 2020

The creators of this app do not follow up on what their customers need. They are unsure which company they load on their app actual is dropshipping. I contact some of the companies which they listed in their app, and they don't dropship. In this app, I sent an approvable request, and none of the company replied. When I contact the company directly, they said they are having a hard time getting into the app. And my 14 days trial is over. Until they change the way they manage their app, it is not worth spending money.

11 days using the app
Syncee replied March 26, 2020

Thank you for your review. We released the new version of our application in these days that you can already access! Please check it, we hope you will like it. In case of any questions, we are here to help. Regarding the suppliers it is not up to our application how fast the suppliers reply to retailers, but we are always ready to help with this too, try to get a faster response. We have contacted you to help with your questions, but we haven't received a feedback yet. Please check your messages so we can make things be smooth for you.

Edited April 18, 2022

Very bad application, providers that do not meet the delivery time. We do not recommend it. On March 27 we made a test order and we still don't have the tracking number.
Your suppliers are so bad that they still don't answer me and they don't give me the tracking number. Today is April 18.

United States
10 days using the app
Syncee replied April 4, 2022

We are sorry to read about your experience with your supplier. As you had an issue with an order at your supplier and not with how Syncee works and the service and solutions we provide, please consider rather rating your supplier on the Syncee Marketplace where this feature is available. Furthermore, we kindly recommend you to talk about the question in matter with your supplier partner. We hope you can find a solution together soon.