Syncee for Suppliers

Syncee for Suppliers

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Sell your stock, products to other retailers globally

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Gain Worldwide Awareness

Broaden your business by supplying your products in the Syncee Marketplace. Reach more online resellers, increase sales, boost orders!

Quick & Easy Onboarding

List your products in the Syncee Marketplace in a few minutes. Create ready-to-sell items with our app. We sync your products automatically!

Increase Your Sales For Free

Add your products to the Syncee Marketplace for FREE! We do not take any commissions, there are no fees. Use our app without any limitation.

Om Syncee for Suppliers


Auto Order is now available in Syncee. The application will automatically forward those orders to your Shopify account which are paid by the retailer in Syncee. After this, you just simply have to start fulfilling the order. Payments go from the retailer to the supplier directly through a secure channel.

Broaden your business by supplying your products in the Syncee Marketplace.

The Syncee Marketplace provides suppliers a great platform where they can offer their products to tens of thousands of online retailers globally.

Seize the opportunity to be part of a network of trustworthy suppliers from all over the world. It’s free for you. The product integration is easy and quick, and you can access useful pricing and catalog settings. Provide your own shipping details, company description and every other useful information to resellers. Our app also takes care of the automatic product data updates.

We look for suppliers to list in the Syncee Marketplace who have products in stock, and can serve to local and/or international partners.

Quick & Easy Product Synchronization

To list your products, install our application and choose your store as a product source. We will manage a direct integration from your Shopify site, and sync every necessary product detail so we can create ready-to-sell items for retailers. Besides this, we can also work with product datafeed files in formats like CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON or TXT, and we provide a solution for manual uploads as well for suppliers.

Automated Uploads & Updates

Syncee automatically manages product data uploads and updates on a daily basis. We make sure our clients will avoid overselling. By default we update the inventory quantity and price changes.

Order Routing

Our Order Routing solution helps order data flow swiftly between retailers and suppliers. Get detailed order information of your Syncee retailers in our app.

In-app supplier-retailer chat

The in-app Syncee Messenger allows retailers and suppliers to communicate with each other directly.

Free of charge

We do not take any commissions from our suppliers and there are also no fees they have to pay for the Marketplace listing. Using our application for suppliers is free of charge.

Approve who you want to cooperate with

You have the opportunity to decide in advance who you would like to start cooperating with, to determine which retailer you allow to sell your products.

Dropshippers and wholesalers

We list both dropshippers and wholesalers in our Marketplace. In our intelligent search tool retailers also have the chance to choose which logistics they prefer and can decide accordingly.

List your products. Find new retailer partners. Sell your stock.

Syncee for Suppliers - A Simple Way to Increase Sales





5.0 af 5 stjerner

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Karolina & Co

Just joined Syncee and I already love it ! Amazing customer service. They will literally help you in anything you need

Felvarrom - Bicycle upcyclery

I really like Syncee's smooth and quick syncing method - recommend this app a lot! Also their Support is great - they even speak Hungarian! :)

Udviklerens svar

18. september 2020

Thank you so much for your review. It is heart-warming to hear you are satisfied with our service. We are also happy you are here with us :) And indeed, our customer service is available in Hungarian as well! ;)

Fashion Hut Jewelry

The Service is excellent. All the reps are Great! Quick and responsive. I love the app. Looking forward to making alot of sales. TY :)

Udviklerens svar

10. september 2020

Thank you for your kind words. We are happy you are here with us. We wish you many new partners and sales! :)