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We have installed the app and found that the app will hackjack the inventory sync even if you didn't turn it on. We had turned on the product sync only but it keeps updating our store inventory. We used another multistore app for inventory sync and it makes double count. Then we have disconnected and realised that the ALL inventory has been removed after disconnection. And our live website keeps hidden our products, we missed lots of sales. Then we tried to uninstall it, the removing inventory tasks won't STOP. And we tried to contact them with email only during the Australia business hours (This company is Melbourne based and we are Sydney based). And there is no one replied us back for more than 2 hours as this critical period. They have removed 600+ SKU and keeps removing the inventory. We even tried to contacted their CEO and founder in LinkedIn but no response still.

Sage and Paige USA
使用應用程式 1年多
Syncio 已回覆 2024年4月7日

Thanks for your review, we are really sorry about your experience with Syncio, we got into business to help great businesses such as Sage and Paige, not cause problems, so this one has been disappointing for us too.

We do want to clarify a few points in the review so that hopefully this helps align our shared understanding of the experience better, but also to help others who may be considering using Syncio in the future:

1. Syncio is an inventory syncing app so by default inventory sync will be turned on, not off. If you want inventory sync to be off, you can do this by requesting with our customer support team to turn this off.
2. Syncio can zero out stock in the Destination Store when you disconnect the Source Store (either by disconnecting via Syncio or uninstalling Syncio). This is to prevent oversell as the Destination Store inventory will no longer be updated. In your case, this was obviously not the preferred approach as you had another multistore app that was syncing inventory for you already. In this situation, we can do better to understand your setup and better inform you of the consequences of using two multistore inventory apps at the same time. You can also disconnect a Source Store without zeroing stock in Syncio as well - again, we will look into better educating our users around this option in our UX and help guides.
3. There was contact made to the CEO and founder on Linkedin, and there was a response within an hour, despite Linkedin being an out-of-app channel. We take the feedback on to try and reply as soon as we can. It was unfortunate that this time around we were unable to respond as fast as we normally could.


Problems: 1. It adds tax to the second store when sending the order, but tax is already included in the sale price of the first store
2. It deletes skus from both stores when you delete it from one store. But not all the time, so you have absolutley no consistency in the synchronisation or non synchronisation of deleting products.
3. The stock levles have started to no sync even though in the app it says all is successfully synced.
4. When you try to solve it they can take 24 hours to answer your question, then another 24 hours ot answer your follow-up question. And so it goes on. It's the most expensive app I have and the least robust and with the poorest support. So we are weening off it from January next year. It woud have been different if the support was live chat All problems could be resolved timely. But they are not.

GS Moto
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Syncio 已回覆 2022年8月2日

Thanks for your feedback and sorry about the experience that you've had so far. Quick points to the problems you outlined but expect us to reach out to you to resolve these ASAP:
1. This is a bug which we've been working on and have the bug fix ready for implementation this week.
2. Sounds like a misunderstanding here, will get in touch with you to clear up.
3. Will also get in touch with you on this - we really want to make sure that everything is all set up properly.
4. This is pretty disappointing for us to hear, we've relayed this to the team to see how we can do better. Again will chat to you in more detail about this.


The app is expensive so you kind of expect some support when you need it. However, they are useless. They provide Zero support! I opened a ticket 2 weeks ago and have followed up with other emails chasing an answer and no one has got back to me. So now my store is left in limbo. Looking for a different app.

MBS Natural Remedies
使用應用程式 10個月
Syncio 已回覆 2021年7月14日

Hi, sorry for your experience. We do our very best to respond as fast as possible, and looking back at our inbox, we did respond to you on the same day, but didn't receive any response. That was the only email we could find from you unfortunately. Regardless, we would like to support your business as much as we can - we will try to contact you again!


Their customer service sucks. Fellow distribution companies: this is not the app for you if you're trying to create a vertically integrated supply chain. I know the app looks pretty, but don't be fooled. You'll just end up frustrated at the absolute lack of functionality.

The only use cases I can see for this app are for very simple cross-store inventory syncing and perhaps horizontal supply chains/cross-selling.

FADE: Crafted Cannabinoids
使用應用程式 4個月
Syncio 已回覆 2023年8月29日


Thanks for the feedback and sorry about your experience. You're not wrong in that we've built Syncio to do cross-store inventory syncing that can potentially enable horizontal supply chains/cross-selling. This is a big focus for us, but we're very keen to hear more from you around what you envisioned Syncio could do for a vertically integrated supply chain? One of our customer experience specialists has reached out to you on that. We're hoping we can still help you if not now, than in the future.



This app sucks! It add its own variants and changes products descriptions. It syncs orders but gives a lot of problems with sending confirmation emails to customers. Also the customer support sucks! They don't reply. I have been waiting for days after several emails! DON'T USE THIS APP. It saves you a lot of trouble

Golfballen Nederland
使用應用程式 3個月
Syncio 已回覆 2021年1月12日

Sorry to hear about your experience. The team was investigating the confirmation emails and would love to get back to you on that if you were still interested? This problem has never happened to any of our other customers so we'd like to work with you to see what is causing it, especially since we only trigger an email push from the Shopify store, the email doesn't get sent by Syncio directly.

In regards to adding its own variants and product descriptions, this is a setting in our custom sync module that needs to be applied by the customer. It essentially syncs the variants and product descriptions of the source store to the destination store product. Maybe there was a misunderstanding of how these features worked?

We're sorry that your expectations were not met in regards to our customer support. We will learn from this and have already come up with ways to improve. Again, we'd love to work with you again.


I purchased this app to help manage my product stock on both my Canadian and American Sites.

The first test I did went very well and I was so happy with how it managed my inventory. Today I did a huge restock and the app allowed SOLD OUT ITEMS to be sold (i'm not dumb they were set to not allow purchasing after being sold out). All my items were going to -1 and -2. I'm so beyond frustrated as I have had to remove all my inventory to ensure no more out of stock items were sold.
This has created a plethora of problems for me and has really damaged my reputation to my customers.

I would recommend trying a different app.

Custom Caps Co.
使用應用程式 12天
Syncio 已回覆 2020年8月7日

Thanks so much for the feedback and we apologise for the experience you've had with Syncio. Our customer success team has reached out to you so we look forward to hearing back and resolving the issue that you encountered.

Kind regards,


This is such a stupid app. It is not useful for anyone trying to dropship and I was recommended to it by a friend that said it was free. Nothing is free about it - they are money hungry just like every other dev on shopify. No one wants to spend money every month on your app. All these reviews are fake.

Nasa Depot
使用應用程式 1天
Syncio 已回覆 2021年1月7日


We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our appstore listing and website clearly state our pricing - for destination stores, after the 14 days free trial will be on a paid plan. Our source stores use Syncio for free. Please let us know if there is something missing here?

I also strongly dispute your last comment that all of our reviews are fake - all of our reviews come from real customers that have gotten real value from Syncio. We have a team that work very hard to make this happen - they also need to get paid to support their living which comes from the money that our customers are more than happy to pay for. We work really hard to ensure that Syncio provides much more value to our customers than it costs them - if not, we are happy to refund them.