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8. April 2024

We tried using this app in our Shopify store for over a year but could not get it to sync properly and it has been a nightmare reconciling our books. After many attempts with their tech support, we were forced to find an alternative solution, which is much less expensive and has been working like a charm from the minute we installed it. To add insult to injury, Synder will not reimburse us for the 11 months this year we will not be using their app. What a waste of time and money.

The Paschal Lamb
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CloudBusiness Inc hat geantwortet 15. April 2024

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are sorry to hear about your experience. At Synder, we are deeply committed to providing our users with a seamless experience and dedicated support. Depending on the plan, we offer support through various channels such as email, chat, phone or Zoom, along with a comprehensive knowledge base to assist you every step of the way. Our app is designed to be user-friendly for both setup and ongoing synchronization. We noticed that you were with us for several years, and whenever you had any questions, our team was quick to respond and assist you promptly. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

26. April 2024

Be very careful, if you are thinking of using Synder - it could cause more problems than it solves, and can be incredibly unreliable: we've been using Synder for just over a year, to connect Shopify to Xero, as it had a functionality we could not find elsewhere. But in that time we have had 3 or 4 major incidents, where Synder has created massive accounting issues. Often, these issues seems to happen following Synder 'updating' something, presumably from not checking for bugs properly. For example the latest issue saw Synder not create invoices for £4700 of orders, and instead applied the value of these orders as payments on unpaid invoices, so removing over £9000 of sales from our cashflow and accounts; it took me 2 days at the worst possible timing to manually fix the accounts. Or a previous incident, when in trying to fix another issue, their support ended up duplicating a few months worth of certain invoices (not helpful when you use direct debits..). It has basically been horribly unreliable; everything can be working fine for weeks or months, and then all of a sudden some change or perhaps an update occurs and a bug (not that Synder will ever call it what it is) will have been created, and the key question is how log does it take for you to discover, and what havoc will it have caused in the meantime! It often feels like you are Beta testing Synder, and paying for the privilege... And what refund will you get from Synder for the wasted days, the lost income, and the hit to your credibility with your customers, not to mention the stress of having your accounts messed up? Frighteningly little, they will likely offer you a handful of 'sync's' , whilst charging a substantial amount for the app, and rarely parting with a penny of what you have paid. If I knew what I know now, I would have never started using Synder; but you build your systems around the use of such things, and it takes planning and effort to redesign how your business operates. It holds great promise Synder, on paper, but in our experience it has been costly, incredibly unreliable at times, and Synder seems to care little about the effect of bugs on customers.

The Fine Cider Company
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CloudBusiness Inc hat geantwortet 2. Mai 2024

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are committed to providing the best user experience through our app, which includes offering various customizable settings. While we strive for all features to function optimally, we understand that issues can arise, and we do work hard to address them promptly. Over the past year, you experienced two incidents — one related to incorrect data recording and another regarding the inability to sync unpaid Shopify orders. We also made sure to communicate with you throughout the process to keep you informed. Regarding the recent incident involving 17 orders, this was caused by a setup error that initially prevented the creation of invoices for unpaid orders. Although we had a workaround ready, invoices were manually added to Xero before we could implement it. I want to assure you that your settings are now correctly configured to ensure seamless integration for future transactions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. As you continue to use our app, we hope that you will notice our ongoing improvements and responsiveness, and update your review based on your experience. If you have any further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Bearbeitet am 21. Dezember 2023

Turned into an existential threat to our company

Synder built an atomic bomb into our entire accounting and did nothing to fix it for one month. We do not know how to proceed, the Service is not replying and we do not have a way out. We have thousands of orders in the backlog that are not synced and no way to solve the problem. Our cash flow is off, our inventory is off and we are entirely blind.

Be aware of all the fake reviews of newly added users that only rated Synder. Check the negative ratings for an accurate idea.

Update: The friendly Service team helped us to solve the complete shutdown after multiple weeks. Now the tool is 20% working with multiple failures per hour. I am definitely not happy with the current state, as we have one person nearly full-time monitoring Synder.

Update: Weeks later, the tool is still not working. Errors and red flags are everywhere. We are in 24/7 contact with support but we are still looking for a solution.

Update: The issues seem to be fixed now and our books are restored correctly. Andrew worked hard to solve our problems and we appreciate his assistance. We will update this review in the future in case the system stays stable or collapses again.

Update: Another update. After reconciling our books we found countless other problems that were caused by Synder. The service guys (especially Vili) are legends but the tool simply does not work. It creates so many problems and we invest more time in trying to solve them than we are saving using the tool. For the past months, our inventory, sales figures, and revenues have been completely off and we are doing everything we can to straighten things out to close the year properly. So despite all the great and responsive service, Synder and everything is represents is probably the biggest problem we are currently dealing with as a company

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CloudBusiness Inc hat geantwortet 13. Oktober 2023

Hello Maximilian,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. We’ve been in touch with your colleague throughout the whole resolution process and sent all updates to you as well to keep you informed. The data refresh is in progress, requiring an active connection on your end.

The speed of synchronization depends on the API limits of ecommerce platforms (Amazon+Shopify in your case). We’ve already reached out to you via phone and continue to actively communicate via email to ensure all your numbers are correct and up to date. We hope to see your review updated with new positive experience soon.

Bearbeitet am 20. September 2022

For more than 1 month, the transactions made via Shopify payments are not imported into Synder (for some reason). Because of that, I cannot create invoices for my customers into Quickbooks, which is SUPER important to every business. I have contacted the customer support multiple times, and they keep answering they are on it for more than one month! Absolutely nothing has been done. They don't seem to understand the urgency of the topic...

Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
CloudBusiness Inc hat geantwortet 26. September 2022

Hello, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Each improvement of the software may take some time - from 2-2,5 weeks to several months - depending on what needs to be improved and how much effort of our devs has to be involved. Reviewing your recent email communications, we see that the workaround suggested by our team has worked, and now you can successfully sync Shopify transactions into your accounting software. Our representative has contacted you to make sure that all questions are resolved, so that you can continue using Synder to solve the day-to-day issues of your business.

12. Februar 2021

This app is just too difficult to integrate. Straight out of the gate I got a password reset e-mail. Why reset? I never setup a password. Then an e-mail from the CEO. Then another to finish integration. That's what I've been trying to do!!!! Tony Bondar did not help. Uninstalling !!!!

Alaska Arctic Tours LLC
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