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Update 7/15/22 - The support experience has deteriorated in the past months. The development team is taking extensive time (est. 1-3 weeks) to fix issues. Before then they were able to fix it within a week. Responses from the support team are generally longer than 24 hours, typically in the 48-72 range. The responses often don't solve the issue at hand and would require follow-up, which extends the already lengthy process. I've been using this app for more than half a year. Functionalities - outstanding. I use shopify payment, PayPal and Quickbooks. The integration is seamless, especially considering that Synder is a third party app and have to work with all these guys to get things right Support - extremely knowledgeable staffs who know the apps in and out and have knowledge on the accounting aspects too. Responsive, efficient and willing to help. I've never seen a support team that's this dedicated. Whenever I point out bugs, their dev team is usually able to resolve it or come up with a fix in the next several months. I wish I could have a dev team like this. Those are not easy fixes. Excellent App that automated our revenue process. Very helpful support as well - responsive and willing to help.

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CloudBusiness Inc已回复 2022年9月28日

Hello! We are sorry to hear about your experience. Our technical team always tries to deliver fixes as quickly as possible. However, some improvements can require more time, depending on what needs to be improved and how many resources have to be involved. Our support team gives updates on the technical fixes processed by devs as soon as they are available. We always try to find and suggest possible workarounds to the users, if there is no automated solution yet. We can see that the workaround for your case has been offered. Try it out and let us know what you think. If needed, we would be happy to schedule a call to make sure the suggested way works well. We would be glad to assist with any further questions.


Hard 2 stars or soft 3 stars. The platform seemed easy to use. I was more than happy to subscribe but before I did I had some questions and wanted to be shown how to use the website via a demo (which is standard with most SAAS businesses). I was told there are webinars or paid personal demos. Now call me old fashion but shouldn't the salesperson be courting the client? It also makes me think if this is the way I am treated as new business AKA a hot prospect how will I be treated when I have joined! My advice to the CEO or head of sales is to think about your target market. You are targeting people who are busy and want the accounting side of things to be taken care of. If there is software that can help me with bookkeeping whether it is $50 or $150 a month does not matter. I would happily pay more to have my hand held and shown exactly how to use it only think about it at tax time. Not only that, I would probably never change even if there was a cheaper alternative on the market as it would be more hassle than it is worth. For these reasons I have uninstalled Synder and will use one of their competitors which I hope will show more customer care.

Pet Shield Australia
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CloudBusiness Inc已回复 2020年12月28日

Dear William,
I am very sorry for any inconvenience. We offer free weekly webinars and personal demos, for which you can sign up from the app or via the link that was emailed by our specialists. You can also contact the support team via email, phone, or the in-app chat (all of the options are available to trial users) and directly ask any questions you might have to make sure the app suits your business needs. Regarding your case, our management team contacted you additionally to solve the issue and make sure you have all the necessary details to make an informed decision. We will be glad to have you back and to customize Synder in accordance with your preferences!