Synder accounting

Synder accounting

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Easy accounting for e-commerce

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Sync your sales and accounting

Auto-record Shopify store sales from different payment sources in QuickBooks or Xero and put accounting on autopilot.

All order details

Items and customers, fees, tax, shipping and discounts will be reflected in your books to produce correct P&L and tax reports.

One-click reconciliation

Smart sync system secures your books from errors and simplifies the reconciliation process in QuickBooks and Xero to a one-click action.

Über Synder accounting

Long-awaited integration is finally available in the Shopify marketplace!

Accurate Shopify accounting with correct P&L and tax reports and a one-click reconciliation process. Synder automates the accounting of Shopify stores and is already trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide who use QuickBooks and Xero accounting platforms.

Synder for Shopify automatically posts Shopify store sales with all the details like processor fees, taxes, and order information accounted for to Xero and QuickBooks and simplifies the reconciliation process to a one-click action.

Machine accuracy in every action

Forget about manually reconciling your Shopify activity in QuickBooks or Xero and figuring out fees, taxes, or inventory adjustment. Synder is designed to put these processes on autopilot with not a minute wasted on manual corrections.

Tailored specifically for online businesses

Transparent design allows you to have full control of the process. A double-entry detector and a rollback function are there to secure your activity, having clarity in your books. Any action can be undone with just 1 click and it means that your books will never be damaged.

The human approach is our second name

Serving thousands of businesses worldwide, our live support team knows how to quickly solve any issue with your accounting, configure the feature set that works specifically for your case, and enable a super-powerful functionality that is a must for the e-commerce field.

How Synder works

Get started easily using a standard configuration for online businesses, or customize your settings in the advanced mode to adjust the app strictly in accordance with your specific workflow.

Once connected with QuickBooks or Xero, Synder posts detailed individual Shopify sales to a separate account in Xero or QuickBooks and is preparing sales for the upcoming reconciliation; this logic allows it to follow the real cash flow and to represent actual sales in QuickBooks or Xero with no missing details for a correct reporting.

Supported Payment Gateways

Synder supports sync for the following payment gateways: Shopify Payments, PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Authorize.Net, Square, LawPay, and PinPayments.

Perfect Reconciliation

Sync historical and ongoing sales with no time limitation and know that all of your Shopify sales data including customer and product info, as well as the fees are accounted for and reconciled to payouts received.

Live support

Enable Synder with our free live support to have a clear picture of the sync process and see all the benefits of having Synder in your personal toolkit.

Integriert mit

  • PayPal,
  • Stripe,
  • QuickBooks,
  • Xero,
  • Amazon Pay,
  • Square



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  • Up to 100 Orders per month
  • 1 month of historical data import
  • 1 Smart rule
  • 1 additional user
  • Reconciliation
  • Daily sync



oder $39.99/Monat abgerechnet zu $479.90 einmal pro Jahr

  • 1 year of historical data import
  • Smart reconciliation
  • Basic multi-currency
  • Basic inventory tracking
  • Instant sync
  • 3 additional users



oder $199.99/Monat abgerechnet zu $2,399.90 einmal pro Jahr

  • Unlimited historical data import
  • Smart reconciliation
  • Full multi-currency
  • Extended inventory tracking
  • Product mapping
  • Unlimited users

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Great app! Very easy to use and most of all, VERY GOOD customer service, special thanks to Veronica who was very helpful. I used it to sync our accounts with Quickbooks and it was quick and easy.

Hattie Rex

This app is a game changer for any e-commerce company's accounting. It allows us to set up rules to assign classes and locations based on factors like e-commerce platform, payment method, SKU, etc. It can take some trial and error to get things set up for a more complex e-commerce business, but once its up and running, its smooth sailing! Saves my accoutning firm HOURS per client each month. Worth the money.

Amen Wardy ™️

I was initially skeptical as I wasn't sure if the app would work for me. Synder is a great app and their customer service is first-rate. Darya Kisel made every effort to walk me through the app and make sure it was set up and working properly making my decision to purchase much easier.