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19 de janeiro de 2024

I have been using the Tabs Studio plugin for my Shopify store for a considerable time now, and I have nothing but positive remarks about this product. The plugin has proven to not only be efficient but also user-friendly, playing a crucial role in the presentation of my store's product descriptions.

One of the main features that impressed me was its easy installation and configuration process. I can attest that no additional technical skills were required for setting it up, and I managed to do so without any issues.

Furthermore, the plugin's ability to effortlessly create tabs and accordions has enhanced the browsing experience on my product pages, making it more professional and appealing to customers. This has given my store an edge in presenting information in a structured and attractive manner.

However, the standout aspect is the exemplary customer support provided by the Tabs Studio team. Each time I encountered questions or minor issues, the support service was quick and effective in their response, offering the necessary assistance. This high level of responsiveness has been incredibly valuable and has contributed to a flawless user experience.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Tabs Studio is an excellent solution for any Shopify store owner looking for a professional and efficient way to enhance the appearance and functionality of their product pages. I highly recommend this plugin with full confidence.

16 dias usando o app
10 de outubro de 2023

it is a great tabs app!!! we have used several apps to make the tabs in our product page, neither of them can reach to our request, untill we find tabs studio. after tring this app for several days, we immediately upgrade the plan since it really works, helpful and price is really really reasonable (i would even say it is a low price comparing its quality). and when we have one part need help, via their contact form, we can easily get the help and Meghan helps us so much on it. I would recommend this app to anyone who has the needs for the tabs in the store!

Países Baixos
4 dias usando o app
16 de novembro de 2023

Great app, and best of all, EXCELLENT service!

Utopia Caffè
África do Sul
1 dia usando o app
9 de fevereiro de 2024

This is possibly, one of the best apps we have used to date for our store. That is mainly for 3 reasons:

1. Excellent customer support. I emailed them for a question with specific use case. We received a response from their team, specifically Meghan B. who gave us a thorough response and easy step by step guide on how to achieve the desired result, which we did!

2. Simple Design and no BS - straight to the point

3. Easy to use, works like a charm without issues with the codes. No delay in loading, does not affect page load speed. It auto detects text in the product description. Magical!

I would pay more money for this app for the amount of effort and time it saves us! Highly recommend this app!!

Estados Unidos
20 de agosto de 2023

First of all, I would love to thank Meghan for helping me. I first inquired about whether or not tabs worked with meta fields. I received a response from Meghan AND she gave me a video showing me how it worked. I then ran into some issues that I didn't quite understand.. AGAIN she was there to send videos and help me. I was stuck on another coding issue I didn't understand and she offered to fix it herself. She was patient with me, understanding, and catered to my questions. Thank you again and this app is the best out there in my opinion. Everything looks neat, you can customize, and you can't beat the price and the customer support. THANK YOU TABS AND AGAIN THANK YOU Meghan!!!! :)

Estados Unidos
24 dias usando o app
3 de março de 2023

This app has really made it easier to organize information for my product descriptions, the team is also really helpful. Love it!

Albae Wine Club
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
20 de fevereiro de 2024

Their support is very thorough and patient in dealing with problems.

19 de maio de 2023

Very nice! There are hundreds of ways to customize this which can be a bt overwhelming but I almost assure you there will be a way to get it to match the color scheme and feel of your site.

Just 'Cuz Robotics
Estados Unidos
3 dias usando o app
29 de março de 2023

i have a problem with my store and i need a developer for deleting the code remain behind my theme. thank you

Aproximadamente 1 hora usando o app
Station deixou uma resposta 29 de março de 2023

Hello! The Tabs Studio app does not add, change, or remove any theme code :)

All of the app app functionality is provided via lightweight JavaScript that's loaded asynchronously and is completely separate from the theme.

Data de edição: 22 de maio de 2023

This one is a winner. I had a good looking but complicated tab system on both my stores and my old devs. left me hanging when the tabs wouldn’t update with new version of my theme.

Meghan was quick to respond and out her excellent coding to work so all of the tabs now function on both sites and will not break with updates. If there ever any issues, she’s extremely good at taking care of them in good time with no extra charges.

Of all the apps that I have on my store, this one has provided the most value and has by far the best support. I’m very grateful.

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 5 anos usando o app