Auto Tags

Auto Tags

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Tag orders, products & customers (realtime & bulk)

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Add tags automatically

Set up workflows to automatically tag customers, orders & products matching certain conditions.

Dozens of Prebuilt Workflows

20+ pre-built workflows to manage your products, customer segments, order fulfilment process, etc. that you can import with just 1 click

Set up multiple conditions

Tag products, customers & orders by flexible conditions with operators: AND & OR

有關 Auto Tags

Easily set up workflows for tagging products, customers, & orders

Auto Tags allows you to organize and streamline your management of orders, segment your customers & categorize your products directly within the admin area of your store.

You just need to set up your workflows specifying filtering conditions and the app will take care of tagging entries that match your conditions in real-time. You can also run the workflows to process historical entries.

Tag Orders

You might want to filter orders that are placed by first-time customers so you could include a welcome gift for them. Or, you might want to tag orders which are marked as high risk and are above a certain value in order to verify the customer's identity before fulfilling the order.

Tagging your orders plays an important role to build automation workflows for the processing and fulfillment of orders.

Tag Customers

Tag customers based on buying behavior, to create customer segments for your marketing campaigns. You can also run workflows to categorize existing customers into various segments.

Tag Products

Auto Tags will also help you keep product tags in sync based on various conditions including vendor, variant options, title, compare price vs price, inventory level for a given variant, whether a product is out of stock or has low inventory, etc.

Here are some popular workflows that you can use from our Workflow Library (or create your own workflow):

  • Tag orders based on customer tags
  • Tag orders with out of stock items
  • Tag orders from existing customers
  • Tag orders placed on give sales channel e.g, Amazon, Online Store
  • Tag orders based on the shipping method
  • Tag customers based on product id / SKU they have purchased to create customer segments
  • Tag customers based on lifetime value tiers
  • Tag customers where last order is more than 30 days old
  • Tag customers based on email domain
  • Tag products based on product type, title, etc.
  • Tag products with 'new' when the product is created and remove them after 30 days
  • Tag products based on variant options e.g, Color, Size, Material, etc. and remove them if the variant is out of stock
  • Tag Products with sale tag (compare at price vs price)

Real-time tagging

Your orders, customers, products will be tagged automatically and immediately after being created or updated in Shopify. Tag Automation app relies on webhook to listen for events and trigger relevant workflows in real-time.

Process historical entries/bulk tagging

Set up your workflows and then run them to process your historical orders, products, and customers.

Need further assistance?

If you don't find a workflow for your use case, then please just get in touch. We constantly add new workflows and would love to discuss your use case.



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定價 15 天免費試用

Basic Plan

每月 $5

  • Up to 2,000 tags per month
  • Tag Orders, Products, and Customers
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Real-time Tagging
  • Bulk Tagging of Historical Entries

Professional Plan

每月 $10

  • All Basic Features
  • Up to 10,000 tags per month
  • Dynamic Tags
  • Tag Expiry
  • Dedicated Queue for Long-Running Tasks

Business Plan

每月 $25

  • All Basic Features
  • Up to 50,000 tags per month
  • Dynamic Tags
  • Tag Expiry
  • Dedicated Queue for Long-Running Tasks

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I tried a lots of solution and this is the best app tag automation, good support, developer replay, TOP


Have tried a few other tagging apps. This one is more fully featured and has great support response. Order, customer and product tagging in one app rather than separate apps like others. Yet the cost of just one app. Nice work!

Impact Snacks

Used to tag orders as they arrive to help internal tracking and our fulfillment. Prompt and great support from their team when we ran into a couple issues - would recommend.