Auto Tags ‑ Customer & Orders

Auto Tags ‑ Customer & Orders

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Automate customer & order tagging according to various rules

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Auto Tag Customers/Orders

Set rules to auto tag customers based on various rules; even your existing customers/orders can be auto tagged with single click.

Effortless Rule Creation

We believe in a seamless user experience, so we tried our best to keep it simple yet significant user interface.

Why Tags?

Tags are useful for Marketing Segmentation and also Wholesale Apps for custom pricing and restricted access.

Über Auto Tags ‑ Customer & Orders

So Many Customers, So Little Time!

Catgarozise your customers/orders by using our Auto Tags - Customers & Orders App.

looking forward to giving rewards to your customers but only if it fits in certain criteria? Sounds like an interesting idea but complicated to implement? Not so anymore;

Our Auto Tags - Customers & Orders app will let you set pre-defined rules and it will help you to automatically filter those customers when criteria are matched, so that you can give various discounts or rewards etc. to various customer groups & orders notably.

Auto tags customers/orders by-

(Existing orders/customers can be auto-tagged by a single click)

  • Tag customers/orders based on their browser's language
  • Products (including variants) - Checks the order line item,
  • Collections - Checks if a product belongs to the selected collection,
  • Order amount - Matches the condition with the order total amount,
  • Number of orders - Matches the condition with the number of total orders,
  • Order billing or shipping address (including zip code, city, country),
  • Current customer tag - If the customer has a specific tag
  • Customer email - matches the condition with customer email to see if it contains a specific word
  • Tag by discount code - Tag all the customers/orders who use specific discount codes.
  • Tag by shipping charges - Tag the customer/orders based on shipping charges
  • New customer account creation - Automatically tag a customer when they open an account on your store. This can be used to reward customers with a discount code for signing up. You can assign a discount code to a group of customers tagged with something specific.



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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

VIKARUS Online Store

The only app I found, to tag users language based. We are using it to get browser language data for our email marketing. It works great and as well their support team is really good and very fast.

BNi Building News

Works great in combination with the EasyLockdown app. Pages accessible only to buyers of certain products are accessible only to customers with a specific tag. Tagify automatically tags the buyers of those products, so the whole process is automated. Also, Tagify support is very responsive.


I had questions regarding specific use of the app and their support team communicated clearly with me and made adjustments and improvements to the app to accomodate what I was looking for. A+ service!

Antwort des Entwicklers

10. Januar 2021

Thank you so much for your generous review, we are always happy to assist our application users.