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  • Attract new customers by offering them special deals
  • Customize refer a friend programs
  • Automatically integrate in store

Talkable โ€” Customizable Refer a Friend Programs

Talkable enables your Shopify store to attract new customers by offering them special deals in exchange for sharing with their friends.

This application provides links for them to share their purchase on Facebook, Twitter, and Email and encourages them to bring in new customers for you.

Using Talkable, you help your customers drive more referral sales per dollar than traditional marketing and advertising.

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Talkable reviews (1)


Worst app we've tried so far. No customer service, very sketchy integration, and then after about 4 hours of trying to configure it - it says it is conflicting with another app that uses the same javascript.

That was the "after checkout" option....so then we tried it on an interior site page - same conflict with Javascript and not a human around to ask how to get around the glitch. You're left with a horrible "search and destroy" type of knowledge base that kept turning up "blanks" for answers.

Seems like it could be a great app if they'd fix the javascript conflict and have a live person to at least talk to or email. But they don't, so we're uninstalling it now.


One-click integration is easy and free! Talkable works with the world's leading e-commerce companies such as TOMS Shoes, Shutterfly, Stubhub, Pura Vida Bracelets, and Adore Me. After installing, reach out to our Solutions team to help you launch your referral program.
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