Your live shopping sales channel

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Live Streaming for Your Shop

Go Live with your products. Connect and chat with your customers. Make sales directly from the video.

Easy Integration

No coding needed. Set up in 3 easy steps. Synchronize your products and orders between your new TalkShopLive Channel and Shopify.

List, Stream & Embed for Free

Unlimited, free shows. Free to use tier with small, pay-as-you-go transaction fees when customers buy your products.

TalkShopLive 정보

The Live Shopping Experience Everyone Is Talking About

TalkShopLive creates a unique and powerful shoppable video experience that brings customer satisfaction from online buying over the top and increases the conversion rate in your store to the heights that are hardly achievable with other marketing and sales tools (in many cases, the conversion rate surpasses 30%).

With a built-in checkout within the video player, you can share your story and products with your community. Wherever viewers engage with your video content, there is an opportunity for a sale!


TalkShopLive is free to install and has a free-to-use tier. It requires no technical skills or coding to set up and run. Simply install the app, synchronize your products and ‘Go Live.’

Grow Your Audience with Confidence

By joining TalkShopLive, your video content will also stream on our fast-growing marketplace, exposing you to millions of new buyers! More opportunities to sell, higher conversion, fewer expenses on marketing!

  • Free to install and free usage tier
  • Unlimited Live Shopping shows
  • Go live from anywhere! Available to use on mobile and desktop. A special broadcast software is available to help you with making your live streaming even more professional.

Created to Provide the Highest Conversion Rate

  • The most versatile live shopping solution with in-video checkout flow.
  • Anywhere the video is embedded is a point of sale.
  • Embed your live show and checkout on any third-party platform using our patent-pending technology to extend your selling potential and drive partnership sales.
  • Potential buyers never leave the video and checkout process. Checkout is completely contained within our platform, allowing you and your partners to reduce bounce and increase conversions.
  • Shoppable video content with a unique promotional, live, and post-live format to capture the most sales!
  • Schedule shows or series in advance with promotional video trailers to generate interest and gain early sales ahead of your live event.
  • Instant inventory, order, and payment synchronization.

Live Shopping on Your Storefront

Our app comes with your own live shopping page. And with our TalkShopLive Feed or TalkShopLive Player theme sections, you can include live shopping on any of your website’s pages. Best of all, you don’t need a TalkShopLive channel to use our new theme sections.

Create a Community for Your Shoppers

  • In-video chatting
  • Easy community moderation
  • Product catalog integration (text, images, and additional variations) for ease of use

Bring to your shoppers what they need most - the almost forgotten pleasure of real shopping with the advantages of online shopping and build a new solid relationship between your business and your customers. Go live today!

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25 products synced per month, $0.99 per additional product. 10% plus $0.30 per transaction fee.

  • Unlimited live shows
  • Integrated checkout synced with your Shopify shop



50 products synced per month, $0.99 per additional product. 9% plus $0.30 per transaction fee.

  • Unlimited live shows
  • Integrated checkout synced with your Shopify shop
  • $0.30 off each of your first 100 transactions per month



100 products synced per month, $0.99 per additional product. 8% plus $0.30 per transaction fee.

  • Unlimited live shows
  • Integrated checkout synced with your Shopify shop
  • $0.30 off each of your first 500 transactions per month



Unlimited product syncs. 7% plus $0.30 per transaction fee.

  • Unlimited live shows
  • Integrated checkout synced with your Shopify shop
  • $0.30 off each of your first 1000 transactions per month

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Katie Cazorla

This app makes it seamless to integrate shipping and customer aquisition from their website to your store without having to copy and paste everything. I have now doubled my customer base. Completely worth it! Thanks so much for making this available to Shopify stores!


This app has made things so seamless! We can easily process our orders and sync new products onto our weekly shows in a matter of minutes.

LAMIK Beauty

Social media and live events are integral to any brand—and LAMIK Beuty has been doing that from day one. As a business owner, I know the power of social media and live shopping is the next big thing that will shape this industry. This new app allows me to directly integrate all my products into a live shopping experience from the content of the show to the order confirmation—welcoming each buyer into the LAMIK experience, while still being part of a wider network!