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Tamber - Accurate Personalization

Tamber - Accurate Personalization

Developed by Tamber, Inc.

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  • Sell more with impressively accurate product recommendations customers love. Tamber is a new kind of recommendation engine that is 10X more accurate than traditional techniques!
  • Automatically Increase Sales with zero setup required. Just click install and Tamber starts learning and recommending for you.
  • Blazing Fast so your pages still load in a flash, and your recommendations are never out of date.

The fastest and most accurate recommendation engine on the web

Tamber makes mainstream recommendation engines feel like the 90s. It is up to 10X more accurate on average than traditional techniques used by other offerings, and 40X faster.

This is because Tamber learns to recommend new and less-well-known products just as well as the popular stuff – which means you can find just the right product for your visitors even if it isn't the thing everyone else buys.

Installs with the click of a button

Install Tamber and it automatically begins learning from your customers' past behaviors, and starts tracking their actions in your store. Once it has learned enough to make recommendations, personalized product suggestions are added to your store – perfectly styled to match your store's theme (no tacky plugins gunking up your website).

And Tamber only makes money when it makes you money, driving sales and increasing cart sizes. It's FREE to get started, and free until it starts generating sales!


Tamber does one thing really well: make super accurate product recommendations for your customers. These recommendations are made in several ways...

  • Related Products – Show customers products related to the one they are viewing to guide them towards items they are likely to want to add to their cart.

  • Recommended Page – Create a dedicated page in your store for product recommendations.

  • Recommendations at Checkout – Catch your customer's eye before they checkout, and help them find the perfect addition to their basket.

And Tamber does smart things that others don't think of...

  • When a customer views a product, Tamber updates recommendations instantly before the page loads, so their recommendations take the new product into account.

  • Tamber intelligently hides items the user has already interacted with, so they don't get the same old recommendation every time they visit!

Unlock your catalogue. Personalize your store in minutes!

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I use a Shopify theme that wasn't entirely compatible with the app but they found an issue before I even recognized it, E-mailed me that they were going to fix it and they did it in no time and now it looks great on my site! Highly recommend them. Great service!!


4% of each sale that Tamber generates for you.

FREE to get started, and free until it starts generating sales! Tamber only charges for the extra sales it adds for you, so you never have to worry about up-front payments and we work extra hard to drive sales and delight your customers.

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