eCommerce Bots & RPAs

eCommerce Bots & RPAs

de tapCLIQ

Bots for Product Discovery, Upsell, Cart Abandonment & more

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Increase Revenue

Increase product discovery, learn intent, cross-sell. Hand-hold customer across shopping journey with Digital Sales Assistant.

Reduce Acquisition Cost

Improve performance by traffic channel. Unique Acquisition Bots to optimize conversion of audiences from search, social & other channels.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Learn reasons for cart abandonment & dynamically provide personalized Bots - Promotion/Cross-sell enticing customer to complete purchase.

Acerca de eCommerce Bots & RPAs

All-in-one CX Automation Solution | 30+ Bots | 5+ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Playbooks | Create Custom Bots | Enhanced eCommerce with Acquisition Bots, Lead Generation Bot, Product Discovery Bot, Upsell Bot, Cart Abandonment Bot & many more.

Low-Code. Rapid Deployment. Automation. Cost Saving. Fast ROI.

tapCLIQ is an AI-based CX automation platform including Front-office RPAs. We convert feedback & messages into conversations, connect them with action automatically, learns intent & automate engagement processes.

tapCLIQ is the first INTENT-driven CX automation platform. We have pioneered Interactive message technology that generates 1st party customer INTENT data at scale and powers the platform.

tapCLIQ is an Enterprise-grade automation tool enabling SMB and Enterprise eCommerce businesses.

Release 2.3 - Updates / June 2020

  • All Shopify themes & versions are supported
  • Enhanced Lead generation bot - enabling user to input text along with images
  • Additional sizes for mobile - 468x60 and 160x600

Best Selling Bots

1 Product Discovery Bot

Assist users in rapid product discovery. Drive intent-based customer journey.

2 Fumble Assistant Bot

Help confused users who got lost while browsing products by giving them contextual and personalized suggestions & bring them back into buying funnel.

3 Cart Abandonment Bot

Learn reasons for cart abandonment, automate personalized suggestions, subtly nudge users to convert & reduce cart abandonment.

4 Promotions Bot

Drive users to take desired actions with contextual & relevant offers

5 Feedback Bot

Capture user feedback in less than 5 seconds without breaking user’s experience

6 Customer Support Bot

Automates support for FAQs

7 Customer Satisfaction Bot

Capture & improve user sentiment without the need for long forms or convoluted surveys with CSAT Bots


  • 30% improvement in faster product discovery can increase conversions by 5%
  • All marketing, engagement & conversion bots you need to enhance your eCommerce
  • Personalize product discovery and guide confused users back into buying funnel
  • Cart optimization - Reminder, personalized promotion, reduce abandonment
  • Automate Support, FAQ & improve productivity and reduce TAT (Turnaround Time)

How does it work?

  • Download, customize and activate Bots from tapCLIQ Bot Market
  • Rapid Deployment Service (RDS) is available for SMB and Enterprise

Se integra con

  • Emails - Mailchimp,
  • Enterprise - SAP,
  • Adobe - Salesforce,
  • DMPs - Lotame - Krux,
  • Google and many more

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  • 2000 MAUs
  • 6000 Impressions
  • 5+ Playbooks
  • 30+ Bots



  • 12000 MAUs
  • 36000 Bot Impressions
  • 5+ Playbooks
  • 30+ Bots



  • 25000 MAUs
  • 75000 Impressions
  • 5+ Playbooks
  • 30+ Bots

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

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