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Bewerkt 3 september 2022

Updated: OMG! Do not install this app! You will be hounded, badgered, antagonized, and emailed incessantly. It will not stop despite asking them to stop. You've been warned Installed this app and discovered in less than 15 minutes that it wouldn't work for me - used the Shopify uninstaller to remove. App left a ton of files and mods in my theme files. I left a not-good review. In less than two days I've received over ten emails in increasing aggressiveness and two phone calls (went to message) in the middle of the night. Apparently there is a prescribed way that I'm supposed to uninstall. >>Note that if the description about the app had been complete I would never have installed in the first place.
>>If the description had been complete and stated "please use guide to uninstall" I would have used the method. But no. After email #10 saying I should use the guide. I replied "I'm busy, I'll get to it." And now email #11 from Tapita saying no, not good enough, get to it now, give us access to your store. No freekin' way would I ever give these guys access! I've downgraded my review to the lowest number of stars possible. I'm sure the app works fine for some things but beware if you ever need to uninstall. You will be hounded.

Red Beauty Textiles
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Tapita heeft geantwoord 3 september 2022


This is Keenan from Tapita again. I apologize for the fact that you did not know that there was a guide for the uninstallation.

Max and I (both Tapita founders) did reach out with our personal emails twice using the same thread since we care deeply about our users' experiences.

A 2 star review means a failure, and we tend to be relentless toward failure, meaning we will do everything that we can to help our customers. We reacted immediately when we saw the review, and I apologize if our actions were seen as aggressive.

Usually this takes 2 minutes to get done if the customer reaches out, so the fact that the review came out of nowhere actually worried us and we acted immediately.

We get hundreds of uninstalls each week, and we understand the product is not for everyone, even though it is our dream for Tapita. So No, we will not bother anyone that uninstalls. We do send out a couple of emails if the user leaves a comment, but we simply do not have the resources to personally reach out to all of them.

Your case was completely different as the bad review can create a fault image toward our support and product. Again, this is just a total misunderstanding of something that can be done within minutes.

I believe you are working extremely hard, as does the team here at Tapita. You wouldn't say no if, for example, you know you can help your customer, right?

I hope your uninstallation has been resolved. If not please hop on chat and we should get that done for you in now time.


Bewerkt 25 april 2022

Horrible, definitely not recommend. I would not suggest this app to anyone, does not work and does not do what meant to do.

App gebruikt gedurende 6 maanden
Tapita heeft geantwoord 28 april 2022

We're sorry for any inconvenience our app caused you. It would be more helpful for us if you can go into more details on what function the app does not work as it should.

19 april 2022

This has caused an enormous problem by leaving behind code after I deleted the app. I tried making one page, I didn't care for it, I deleted it and now every page I try to make I'm not able to edit it normally, more precisely add sections, etc. I didn't even realize until a day later that it replaced one of my pages with a blank page. Be aware, this will leave behind a disaster and I'm still trying to figure out how to fix this mess the app created.

Allure Fashion Galleria
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App gebruikt gedurende 13 minuten
Tapita heeft geantwoord 19 april 2022

We're sorry for the trouble that you have. Our customer support agent has reached you and fixed the problem.
It would be great if you can udpate your review to reflect the current status of your problem. Thank you!