Tapsend SMS Cart Recovery

Tapsend SMS Cart Recovery

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SMS Marketing - SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery

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SMS Marketing for Carts

We specialize in abandoned cart recovery. People-powered SMS marketing campaigns to remove friction and close sales.

Real people, not bots

Human powered cart recovery campaigns. Personal SMSs are sent manually on a customer by customer, cart by cart basis to your customers.

Visibility and insights

Advanced reporting capabilities, enabling you to track every discount, incentive or promotion, that you use to recover abandoned carts.

Over Tapsend SMS Cart Recovery

What is Tapsend?

Tapsend is a SMS marketing app specialized in Abandoned Cart Recovery for Shopify stores. We help commerce brand owners recover up to 30% of abandoned carts.

How do we provide abandoned cart recovery?

Cart abandonment is an issue that affects all online businesses. Tapsend integrates with your Shopify store to automate the cart recovery process. Any abandoned cart in your store triggers a human-powered response. Our team of Customer Support Specialists will quickly send a cart recovery SMS to help your customers complete their purchase, answering any questions or concerns and helping your customer checkout straight away.

Hyper transparent reporting

Radically transparent attribution and reporting with unique codes for cart recovery. Our SMS marketing dashboard provides full visibility into every abandoned checkout effort and every SMS cart recovery campaign.

SMS Marketing for Abandoned checkout recovery

Discounts and incentives:

Recover carts by offering your customers a small discount. Tapsend can automatically provide a unique discount code to help recover each abandoned checkout. Helping you convert more customers and increasing revenue.

Questions and answers:

Unsolved questions are the main reason behind Cart Abandonment. With Tapsend, your customers can ask and receive instant responses via SMS.

Timely offers:

SMS marketing provides instant gratification to your customers. Use clever abandoned cart recovery tactics: Free express shipping, free gifts, rewards, to engage your valuable customers.

Valuable feedback:

Real people having meaningful conversations with your customers about your products will help build trust, reducing dramatically your cart abandonment rate.

Product Up-selling & Cross-selling:

We can help you upsell and cross sell related products when recovering carts to increase your average order value.



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  • Up to $500 of Tapsend Generated Revenue
  • Real People
  • Unlimited SMSs
  • Unique Discount Codes
  • Custom Cart URL
  • Dedicated phone number for store



+ 5% of Tapsend Generated Revenue

  • Unlimited Tapsend Generated Revenue
  • Real People
  • Unlimited SMSs
  • Unique Discount Codes
  • Custom Cart URL
  • Dedicated phone number for store



+ 3% of Tapsend Generated Revenue

  • Unlimited Tapsend Generated Revenue
  • Real People
  • Unlimited SMSs
  • Unique Discount Codes
  • Custom Cart URL
  • Dedicated phone number for store

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Great app! With customers increasingly using their mobile numbers to checkout, we were looking for a solution to capture these abandon carts. TapSend has been great so far! The team have been really helpful and responsive. And I love checking in on the conversations to learn what questions a customer might have. Highly recommend!

Tutu Joli™

I love this app! The team is on top of things! Live chat with real people, so my customers dont have to interact with a robot. Very easy to set up! Great prices too! Would strongly recommend

Slurp Laboratories

Tapsend recovered over 15% of abandoned cart with a personalised experience. I don’t think I’ve ever used any other abandoned cart recovery software that came close to recovering abandoned carts with such high conversion rates. More than that, Tapsend’s personalised text messaging powered by actual human beings is a gem. It’s like an extended customer service team working hard to recover abandoned carts by providing custom personalised information about your products. Truly a gem, if only more software companies truly cared about the merchants they create for, we’ll be able to leverage so much more not just from a conversion standpoint but also brand experience!