TasteGuru Recommendations

TasteGuru Recommendations


AI-Powered Cross-Sell and Upsell Smart Product Recommendations

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Powered by Real Data Science

TasteGuru Recommendations uses Amazon-like machine learning algorithms that are proven to increase e-commerce conversion rates and the AOV.

True Personalized Suggestions

Our AI is trained on 300,000+ product listings and thousands of consumer taste profile data and continues to learn the more you use the app.

100% Free for Small Merchants

TasteGuru Recommendations is 100% free for small merchants and offers a 14-day trial for stores with 50+ SKUs and over $1,000/month revenue.

TasteGuru Recommendations 정보

Why do you need personalized product recommendations?

  • Personalization is the #1 way to increase e-commerce conversion rates, average order value, and create a positive shopping experience for customers.
  • According to research, 86% of consumers believe that personalization affects their purchasing behaviour (source – Infosys).
  • In e-commerce, personalization has shown to lead to a 67% transaction value, 300% conversion rate, and 7% annual revenue increase (source – SmartFocus).
  • Despite privacy concerns, 73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use their personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant (source – Digital Trends).

Why choose TasteGuru Recommendations?

  • Our recommendations engine is highly accurate, adheres to the industry’s best practices and is built by a team of data scientists with years of experience building enterprise-scale AI solutions.
  • TasteGuru Recommendations is user-friendly and easy to install: the whole installation process for the home widget can be completed in three easy steps!
  • We are committed to delivering exceptional customer support and are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Not finding a feature you are looking for? Let us know and it might make it into the next update!
  • Last but not least, TasteGuru Recommendations is completely free for small stores and has a free 14-day trial for everyone else. No credit card information required, no hidden costs, it is completely risk-free!

What is included in the app?

Our product consists of two solutions:

  1. Amazon-like recommendation widget that can be installed on the home page, product page, collection page, and cart page. For each page, the widget can be set to use one of six recommendation models:
    • People with similar tastes also like
    • Products that are similar to this one
    • Trending
    • Bestsellers
    • New products
    • Try something new
  2. Taste-based Recommendation Quiz for beers and wines: a short and fun quiz that utilizes AI to help customers discover products according to their taste profiles. Once the app is installed, our AI continues to refine each individual's taste profile using their interaction and purchase data.

So how does it REALLY work?

After you install the app, our AI will start tracking and analyzing your customers and products. It will match your product listing with a database of consumer taste profiles and start training itself to recognize your customers’ behavioural patterns and taste preferences based on the actions they take on your store.

About TasteGuru

We are passionate about bringing data science solutions to businesses of all sizes and helping small businesses succeed. Check out the developer website to learn more about us and the products we offer.

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  • Up to 500 SKUs & revenue up to $1000 /m
  • Product Recommendation on all Pages
  • Upsell Cross-sell on the Cart Page
  • Widget Style Customization



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  • Up to 3,000 SKUs & revenue up to $10,000/m
  • Includes everything in the Free Plan
  • Quiz-based Product Recommendation
  • Real-time Analytics



Contact us for more details

  • Unlimited SKUs & revenue
  • Includes everything in the Free & Growth Plans
  • Custom AI and AI Tuning
  • API Access
  • A/B Testing Analytics

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Tingles Tea

I LOVED the sample store--it is literally what I want to do, to "StichFixIfy" the customer's order--so I installed. It's early days yet: the quiz feature isn't quite ready yet, and there is a small bug where I can't actually turn OFF the product page widget. When it's done, the app will clearly allow you to turn off and on widgets on the home page, collections pages, and product pages, and that's rad. There's a nifty, awesome analytics page, too, so you know what widgets are working. I LOVE it! I'm uninstalling until the quiz feature is done and that bug is fixed, but when it is, this will be my go-to app. Good work guys!