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Advertise on TV and streaming platforms (Roku, Hulu, etc.)

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Scale your business

We help scale brands like Calm, Daily Harvest, and Quip. Go beyond Facebook and Google to reach new customers on TV.

Track results in near realtime

Unlike Roku, you get realtime, actionable metrics that matter such as CPV, CPI, CPA, reach and frequency, ROAS and more.

Go beyond Roku

Advertise across hundreds of networks and publishers with free universal measurement. See 5-star reviews from brands using our Shopify app.

Acerca de TV Advertising

Tatari is the TV advertising platform behind many big retailers such as Vuori, Rothy’s, Nectar Sleep, and more. Advertising on TV is now a digital-like experience: measureable, real-time results, with the ability to manage a campaign in small or big doses.

Many brands exhaust Facebook, Google and other paid advertising channels so they turn to TV to scale and reach unique and highly engaged audiences. Now’s the time to get started on TV and get your brand in front of millions of potential new customers.


Roku has recently announced a Shopify app. However, brands work with Tatari so their ad can air across publishers and networks with universal measurement (details below). See our multiple 5-star reviews from Tecovas, Rothy's, Thinx, and more.

Buy across hundreds of networks and publishers

People watch multiple channels (CNN, ABC) and streaming services (Roku, Tubi). If you’re only testing a few publishers, reaching audiences at scale will be a challenge. Tatari allows you to reach all networks and publishers with free universal measurement.

Universal measurement allows you to understand the impact of TV ads

  • In one click, install Tatari Tag Manager (pixel) so we can accurately measure your TV campaigns.
  • Our proprietary data science methodology shows the true incremental lift from an ad campaign and when people take action after viewing an ad; whether it's minutes after viewing or 30 days later.
  • Find next-day reporting in your Tatari dashboard with the metrics you care about most: cost per visitor (CPV), cost per install (CPI), cost per acquisition (CPA), reach, frequency, ROAS, and more.
  • Automatically ingest granular TV response data into your internal tools or third-party attribution provider for deeper analysis.

Use data to drive TV ad-buying decisions

Ad agencies focus on projected ratings and impressions but we rely heavily on data and analytics to inform your media buying strategy. We look behind the scenes at how each creative performed, website visits, and a detailed analysis of network performance to build your media plan.


There is no cost to install Tatari Tag Manager (pixel) however you need to be a current Tatari client. Get started with as low as $75k for your initial TV campaign.

Get Started

To learn more about TV, contact us before you install this Shopify app. If you’re currently a Tatari client, add this app to easily set up Tatari Tag Manager. In just a few clicks, we’ll add the pixel across your website—no additional work required.

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Super easy installation and integration - their support team is very helpful and knowledgeable. These guys know what they're doing.


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App was very easy to install and use. Their dev team was also very helpful in the install process. Would definitely recommend!