tawk.to Live Chat

tawk.to Live Chat


Free Messaging App to Monitor & Chat with site Visitors

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Gain Insight

Gain valuable insights when you monitor and chat with your website visitors in real time.

Increase Conversions

Help visitors through pain points, message before they abandon carts and easily greet return visitors.

Stay Connected

Stay connected anywhere, be in touch with your customers from your computer, or your mobile.

tawk.to Live Chat 정보

tawk.to is a 100% free live chat application designed to increase the effectiveness in managing the online customer engagement experience, enabling multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard interface to chat with the visitors on your website.

Compatible with all modern browsers, tawk.to was created out of the growing need for businesses to respond in real time, with real people.

tawk.to offers iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps to stay connected, or you can log in via any modern browser.

Why use tawk.to?

tawk.to love chat app, knowledge base and ticketing system integrates seamlessly with your store so you can provide real time support and service to your customers. Never lose another lead or sale again, with tawk.to you can monitor and chat with your website visitors when they need you the most.

How much does this cost?

tawk.to is completely free - Currently we generate revenue by providing live chat answering services for a select group of customers - though to use the software yourself is has no cost, with no limits at all on the number of Agents, Chat Volumes or sites that you can add widgets to.


tawk.to offers 24x7-365 live support, visit tawk.to and initiate a chat or send us an email at support@tawk.to.


  • Zapier,
  • Wordpress,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Webhooks

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This is a great app. I was not even told by any staff to please write a review about them. Failure to do this would equate me to an ingrate. Thanks guys. The free service is just all I've wanted, at least, for my level of business.


I saw this app on a review page. I was curious but skeptical because it's free. But I'm blown away by how awesome this app is, especially for someone like me who is just starting. This app gives you all the features you need for free! Other apps would make you pay a huge fee just for basic features. One of my favorite features is the free Knowledge Base page. There is a paid version that gets rid of branding and gives you other features. But I honestly like the branding; it lets people know what superb chat service I'm using. Once I have a steady profit, I'm gonna support this business and get the paid version. Thank you for making an excellent program!


They got 24-hour online support, why have no response to an obvious bug that I submitted ten days ago? Very disappointed.

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 27일

Hi plushygift,

This is Sienna from tawk.to. Thank you for reaching out.

Thank you for your patience as you experienced challenges with our support team.

There are some circumstances in which we have to escalate cases to find answers and it takes additional time to revert back to you.

To further check the status of your ticket, I will need the following details:

1. Property ID/website:

2. Ticket ID:

4. Add-on subscription:

3. Email:

4. Contact number (with area code):

I'll send a follow-up message to our dev team regarding your ticket/concern.

Kindly reply to me at sienna.rubio@tawk.to or book a call here: https://calendly.com/siennarubio/30min.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.