Tax Exempt Manager

Tax Exempt Manager

door Latori GmbH

Increase sales by offering VAT exemption for EU B2B customers

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No customer account required

Our app works completely without a customer account. So your customers don't have to register and login to benefit from the VAT exemption.

Works with gross prices

Our app also works with gross prices by automatically calculating net prices for EU B2B customers and even tax overrides are supported.

Validation by VIES webservice

Our app validates VAT Ids using the VIES webservice of the EU. The VAT Id is then saved on the order and can be printed on invoices

Over Tax Exempt Manager

Get your shop ready for sale under EU law

LatoriApps Tax Exempt Manager helps you comply with EU directives. Surely you know about the problem that B2B customers in other EU countries can or must buy without VAT. This is not that easy, because this is only the case if a customer transmits his VAT ID to you and can then also buy tax-free in the shop.

What does EU law say about this exactly?

Cross-border deliveries of goods to companies within the EU (B2B) are tax-free in the country of origin and are subject to purchase tax by the buyer in the country of destination.

No VAT is charged on exports to countries outside the EU (third country). In this case, VAT must be paid in the country of destination. This requires proof that the goods have been exported to a country outside the EU.

So how can LatoriApps Tax Exempt Manager help you?

  • The algorithm

LatoriApps has developed an algorithm that collects and automatically checks your customer's VAT ID using the official EU database VIES for tax numbers of the European Commission. If the entered VAT ID corresponds to the correct sample, the customer can buy automatically without VAT. He does not have to create an account and you as store owner do not have to do anything to enable him to do so.

  • Easy installation

Tax Exempt Manager is easy to integrate. Just add the app to your shop and it installs itself almost completely. You only need to enter the text field for the VAT ID - of course we provide the code as well as detailed instructions.

  • Keep the overview

We list an overview of all orders that have been created after a positive VAT ID check, so that you always have an overview.

What's next?

Sit back and let Tax Exempt Manager do the work for you. You continue to take care of your business - Latori Apps takes care of tax regulation.

Enjoy selling!



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  • Charge your customers without tax if they're from inside of the EU, but outside your country.

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4.0 van 5 sterren

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Die Nutzung der App erwies sich im Test als nicht kompatibel mit unseren Vorgaben, bzw. mit unserer bestehenden Fakturierungs-App. Auch dass parallel keine Rabatte nutzbar sind, war in unserem Fall ein Ausschlusskriterium. Aber auch wenn sich die App leider nicht für unseren Shop eignet, war der Support schnell, ambitioniert, sehr freundlich und eine große Hilfe.

LUXI Candle

Works well in regards to VAT, but the app doesn't work with Shopify discounts. Only customers who do not have a valid VAT ID can use the discounts.

Yellowtec Shop

Xuan Yen from the support team was very, very helpful. As soon as I had sent the email with small adjustment wishes, I already got feedback from the support team. They've been very kind and could help us out even with small design adjustments within a few minutes. Thanks a lot! I wish you could get this great support anywhere. Awesome! Thanks again.