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73 reviews
Price: $19.00 – $99.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Prepare and file sales tax returns in minutes, not hours
  • Automated sales tax reports by state and local tax jurisdiction
  • Forget about filing with AutoFile and let TaxJar handle your returns

When it comes to sales tax, collecting is the easy part. Everything else is hard. TaxJar makes it easy. See why we're trusted by over 10,000 eCommerce businesses every month.

See ya later spreadsheets!
TaxJar’s local jurisdiction reports show you sales and sales tax collected not only for each state you’re collecting in, but for local jurisdiction (counties, cities, special jurisdictions, etc). You can also sort data by any date range you need. Perfect for when it's time to file your sales tax returns!

One-click automated filing
We'll automatically file sales tax returns directly to the states for you. One click and your sales tax responsibilities are over.

See what you SHOULD be collecting
Not sure if you’ve been collecting the right amount of sales tax? See a comparison of what you actually collected versus what you should have collected.

Avoid surprises
Your dashboard shows you how much you’ve collected in sales tax for any state you have nexus and when you next payment is due. We update your data automatically every day.

All of your sales tax data in one place
Connect to other platforms where you sell like eBay and Amazon and get have all of your sales and sales tax data al in one, easy-to-access location.

At this time, TaxJar supports domestic US stores only. If you'd like us to support international stores, please drop us a line at support@taxjar.com.

TaxJar reviews

73 reviews
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TaxJar is EXACTLY what I was looking for and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone eCommerce business I know.

We are a small but growing business that ships nearly 1000 orders a month. Keeping up with the ever changing tax rates and filing the monthly tax payments was an administrative nightmare that I dreaded every month.

Now that we use TaxJar, I never even think about taxes! They handle ALL of the accounting, filings and payments for us and that lets me focus growing our business www.sharethelovetoday.com instead of doing paperwork for Uncle Sam.

A BIG thank you to TaxJar! I am a customer for life!!!


TAXES MADE EASY! This is a much more cost efficient alternative to other tax softwares. Easy to use and simple +++


TaxJar is awesome. It's a must have for e-commerce sellers. It's extremely easy to use, they have a bunch of great resources to teach you everything you need to know about your businesses taxes and their customer service is solid. Get this app!


Fantastic app! We've been using TaxJar for almost 6 months. From a time-management standpoint this is our favorite app. TaxJar has turned what used to be a stressful and headache-filled time filing our taxes into a stress-free, 5 or 10 minute job. The breakdown of the sales we had in each state and the taxes owed in those individual states has cut the time we spend preparing our taxes by 90%. We now have more time to focus on growing our business and taking care of our customers rather than dealing with spreadsheets and columns of numbers. It also made our federal tax calculations much easier because we could match the sales listed in TaxJar against those we'd tracked ourselves. Buy this app. It will save you time and give you peace of mind.


Great app!! This app definitely takes the stress out of sales tax.


This does simplify our tax reporting quite a bit, but we have encountered discrepancies in paid vs fulfilled items - when TaxJar decide to report tax is different than when we collect collect tax. It seems that if they reported tax on the same month as it was collected (when the sale occurred) rather than when the product was fulfilled (sometimes months away), it would more accurately reflect how we pay taxes. We manually change our numbers to match our sales, not our fulfillment dates. Still an improvement over spreadsheets, but not perfect.


As you may know by now, not all apps work the same and many simply are not worth having. Well, tax jar is the exception. It works and their support is great. The service is a little pricey if you want them to file and pay each month, but here in Ohio, the state really makes it a nuisance to deal with. I can never remember everything and by the time I get that tax bill paid, I waste at least an hour of time. Tax jar fixes all that and works very well.


PERFECT!! I cannot tell you how awesome this app is. I highly recommend that you get it ASAP! quick email turnaround and top notch software that makes doing taxes stupid easy.


highly recommend. just what i was looking for.


This app makes it easy yo gather your taxable items in one place. It has great features that make it easy to pay taxes as well. Would recommend to anyone selling a taxable item.

$19.00 – $99.00 / month
30 days

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