Official TCS Courier App

Official TCS Courier App

de Outperform Labs

Bulk Orders, Single Orders, Tracking from within your store.

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Bulk Order

Allows you to push multiple orders to TCS Customer Portal without leaving the Shopify website.

Single Order

Allows you to push Single Orders to TCS Customer Portal without leaving the Shopify website.


Ability to track orders on your Shopify website admin without having to go-to the TCS Customer Portal.

Acerca de Official TCS Courier App

TCS App was designed to help customers who have a large number of orders and have to be posted into the portal. To allow businesses to be more efficient, TCS has developed an App for merchants to be able to push their bulk orders after verification into their COD Portal.

Once submitted, the orders can also be tracked from the app without having to leave the website, ideal for store managers who want to allow limited access to other users in other interfaces.

This plugin was the need of the hour when Online stores are booming.

Both Private and Public Apps will be able to Use existing TCS API’s to perform the following: • Push Bulk Orders to TCS Portal

• Push Single Orders to TCS Portal

• Track the order on the Shopify Content Management System

• Shopify CMS Settings Page

Note: In order to use this plugin, you will need to have your API credentials handy (provided in the TCS Portal or from your Account Manager).

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2.7 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

Pathetic Service and app, Worst Courier Service I have ever come across in terms of COD deliveries
only use TCS if you want to get bankrupt

Pro Charcoal

Its hard to Setup Tcs app as compared to normal Apps, specially for the new members but once done successfully then its good to go. (PROS)
*No need to book manually you can book all shipment at once.
*Time Saving.
*Easy to use. (CONS)
* It doesn't fulfill order automatically and update Tracking info.
*Once order shipped you can't Track through order# (you have to go to Tcs shopify app to get the Tracking info, even Old E-Connect Tcs app was better for auto Fulfilling and updating Tracking Info) *(Error BUG) when you try to track from order# like click on TCS TRACK there will always be an error bug.
* No option to download PDF or Print directly from Shopify (You've to go to your Tcs portal to download PDF file or to Print. To Official Tcs Courier app (Please Update or make a better app and easy to setup and please focus on the cons). 4 Stars just because i need to book multiple orders at once and now its really easy for me. I've personally used many Courier Companies but i highly recommend people to use TCS Courier. (Good Pricing, Ensure timely payment directly to Bank Account, Faster, Staff very helpful, always respond to your email)


Using the app
Its very helpful and convenient than bookings manually
Service of TCS is also good from any other courier in Pakistan