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Team Clerk Task Management

Team Clerk Task Management

Developed by Southern Labs LLC

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  • Manage Your Team From Within Shopify!
  • Manage Marketing, Customer Service, and more all with one account!
  • Your team can learn to use Team Clerk in less than a day!

Your Business Is More Than Just Orders

Keeping your business organized can be tough! Even more so if you have a team of several people who each are in charge of certain tasks.
How can you keep track of everyone's work and still get your own work done?!

Team Clerk can help you stay organized

Team Clerk helps you organize projects and tasks that your team is working on and provides stats on the team and individual performance of each team member.

You can manage multiple teams within one account.

Each team can have unlimited projects that they are working on.

Work Better. Do More.

Use Team Clerk to help you stay in the loop with what everyone on your team is doing and how well they are performing to meet deadlines.

  • See the status of any task

  • See the progress made for any project

  • Tell how much work each team member is completing

  • Identify which team members are overloaded with work

  • Monitor your team's efficiency over time

  • And more!

Why do I need Team Clerk?

Team Clerk is used by individuals, teams and organizations that help complete projects more efficiently by organizing and prioritizing related tasks.

Team Clerk works like basic spreadsheets but is an online project management application. At every level, Team Clerk helps people:

  • Work efficiently and reduce waste

  • Stay organized

  • Ensure teams and individuals are being utilized in the correct ways

  • Meet deadlines

Key Components of Team Clerk

Team Clerk addresses a general need to organize, prioritize and visualize work. Through analysis, you learn how to get things done in more effective ways.

Organization – At its most basic level, Team Clerk is used to help individuals, teams or businesses stay organized. Part of being organized includes setting priorities for tasks, visualizing the progress of tasks as they pass through stages of completion and compiling analysis or reports to direct future tasks and workflows.

Prioritization – A task board lets you organize your tasks by priority so you can ensure that the most important things are completed first. That being said, Team Clerk is easy to update. By prioritizing tasks we are able to focus on how work should be attacked, rather than jumping from one item to another without any direction.

Visualization – Not only will visualizing tasks help you remember what you need to do, but it helps you better understand a project as a whole. This means Team Clerk is easily accessible by everyone. When every item is laid out in a way that is easy to comprehend, dependencies become clear and collaboration is natural.

Analysis – Team Clerk produces concrete data that can be reviewed and digested so end users can easily grasp what they are doing, what they have done and how things can be done better. Team Clerk always provides for some form of analysis, whether it is a formula that you have created or something built into the tool. This is an essential part improving the way things get done.

Benefits of Using Team Clerk

Team Clerk is an effective resource for teams, but can also be utilized by individuals. Team Clerk helps end users work smarter, get more done and experience more success.

When properly applied, Team Clerk can:

  • Manage and organize workloads – Know what you have to do and which items have priority. Assign and execute.

  • Increase efficiency and production – Applying an optimal amount of resources and time to a task equals smaller turnarounds in the production cycle.

  • Improve quality of work – Quality is never sacrificed for speed of production when tasks are organized and information is correctly utilized.

  • Drive collaboration – Teams work better when there is a shared understanding of what needs to be done and ideas are easily communicated through a visual task management system.

  • Reduce waste – Eliminate time spent thinking of what to do next or reworking tasks that were not completed correctly on the first attempt.

  • Meet deadlines – With an organized task management system you and your team work more efficiently making missed deadlines a thing of the past.

Free – $39.99 / month

Free for small teams and non-profits!

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