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  • No upfront costs - you focus on what you do best, and let us handle the fulfillment!
  • High quality - state of the art printing equipment insures your customers are happy!
  • Fast delivery - located in the US, we ship within 24-48 hours upon purchase.

Sell tees with zero upfront costs and zero risk. We print, we ship, you keep the profit.

1. Upload your design
Choose a design you want to sell. Remember: the catchier the design, the better it will sell.

2. Select product & pricing
Choose between regular tees, hoodies or long sleeves. Next, set the price for each item you're selling.

3. Promote your campaign
After launching the campaign, it's time to spread the word! Share your campaign URL with your friends, family, and supporters.

4. Collect the profits
You'll receive profit for every item you sold whether you sell 1 or 1000 items.

5. Sit back and relax
As the orders come in, we'll be working hard to print, pack, and ship each item directly to your buyers.

Why Choose Teecity?

Customer service
Our excellent customer service staff is available to swiftly assist you or your customers with any issues which may occur.

100% Quality guarantee
If your products are flawed in any way, we'll reprint it for you, free of charge.


Product: Selling Price - Cost (using Teecity) = $ (profit margin)

T-shirt: $24.00 - $8.50 = $15.50 (65%)
Hoodie: $44.00 - $18.50 = $25.50 (58%)

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The design window is great and easy to use. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete any projects that you don't like, no way to edit your design once it's published, and no way to track production. Even worse, they take their time getting back to you with any questions and tending to your order. I placed a test order 3 days ago and it still shows pending. I tried to upload a credit card for payment and constantly get "Ooops something went wrong", which is the same message I get when I try and use their messaging tab to inquire about anything. They could really have a nice platform and do a lot of business, but for now, they have a bunch of improvements to do on their app. They might want to consider taking it down to save the embarrassment, unless they just don't care


We have the absolute lowest prices you will find with any supplier! Contact us for bulk discounts! Our current prices for fulfillment are:

T-Shirt: $8.50

Long Sleeve: $10

Hoodie: $18.50

Women' Shirt: $9

Women's Vneck: $10

Tank Top: $10

Men's Vneck: $10

Sweatshirt: $15

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