Teeinblue Product Personalizer

Teeinblue Product Personalizer


Powerful product personalization options + Live Preview

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Personalized Experience

Achieve higher customer satisfaction with engaging and seamless personalized experiences. Built with LIVE PREVIEW to see instant changes

Advanced Personalization Modes

Diversify your store with a wide range of product personalization settings. Launch products easily with UNLIMITED upload & data storage

Final Design Management

Simplify fulfillment process with our smart FULFILL ORDER TOOL, which allows you to view, export personalized design & send to fulfillment

Teeinblue Product Personalizer 정보

Teeinblue is built to support merchants worldwide in offering highly converted PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS with real-time preview. Million-dollar personalized POD brands have chosen Teeinblue to automate their product personalization business. Let’s explore how you can make it!

Powerful product personalized features designed for you

  • Personalization options: Allow buyers to personalize cliparts, add texts, upload their own images or select location for map personalization
  • Live preview: Build trust by letting your customers see instant results of their personalization
  • Unlimited product launch: Freely add products & create campaigns to launch on storefront with no limitation
  • Provider integration: We’ve integrated with the most popular providers around the world (API connection: Picanova, Dreamship, Customcat, ShineOn, Printful). You can easily view, import their product catalog to create personalizable products right in Teeinblue
  • Order items control: Keep track of your daily orders with our smart Order Dashboard. You can replace personalized options easily when customer requests change
  • Order process control: Orders from integrated providers can be sent directly from Teeinblue through API connection. If your provider isn’t integrated, you can fulfill orders easily by exporting them to CSV files, which also include the final print file URL
  • Product Page Optimization: Make personalized adjustments to create a beautiful product page that resonates with your brand identity
  • Bulk actions: Reduce manual work with our bulk features: Bulk Fulfill, Bulk Update Campaigns, Bulk Upload Product Variant & more
  • Fully responsive: Our design for the product page on storefront is optimized for mobile - the most-used device by E-commerce buyers

We focus on Conversion Rate Optimization for product personalized

Empowered your store with our conversion-rate-focused features such as rendering personalized data & images of buyers on cart page, or in automated emails, personalizing form actions & many more

Secure product & customer data

We guarantee to comply & respect the regulations of data privacy worldwide, which are presented clearly in our Privacy Policy. We commit to applying the most innovative digital methodology to secure user confidentiality

Merge multiple stores

Sync multiple stores within 1 Teeinblue account

Dedicated support team

Our team is happy to assist you all the way with live chatbox in app

Choose Teeinblue, say GOODBYE to:

  • Low conversion rate storefront
  • Ineffective old product-personalized methods
  • Hours of working on manual design personalization
  • Complicated workflow that highly costs
  • Off-trend personalization

Click “ADD APP” button now and start your personalization journey with Teeinblue!


  • CustomCat,
  • Printful,
  • Dreamship,
  • Picanova,
  • ShineOn

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Free plan

무료 설치

2.0% transaction fee from 21st order

  • Free 20 orders/month
  • Unlimited options for personalization
  • Unlimited adding/importing products
  • Unlimited storage
  • Connect with POD providers

Growth plan


1.4% transaction fee from 351st order

  • Free 350 orders/month
  • Unlimited options for personalization
  • Unlimited adding/importing products
  • Unlimited storage
  • Connect with POD provider

Premium plan


1.0% transaction fee from 1001st order

  • Free 1000 orders/month
  • Unlimited options for personalization
  • Unlimited adding/importing products
  • Unlimited storage
  • Connect with POD provider

Enterprise plan


0.8% transaction fee from 5001st order

  • Free 5000 orders/month
  • Unlimited options for personalization
  • Unlimited adding/importing product
  • Unlimited storage
  • Connect with POD provider

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4.9 별 5개 중

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Great App! A lot of options and possibilities to offer personalized products. Great and fast support, solves all problems.

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 18일

Thanks for your review!
Hope you can start selling with us and getting more sales soon.


The best product customizer. Many features and outstanding support. Also always improving and adding new features, even one I requested.

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 18일

Thanks for your feedback!
We're glad that you love it, hope we can help you even more.


Die App ist unglaublich! Es ist ein Wahnsinn was man alles damit machen kann. Nach dem Uservideo kommt man schon relativ gut zurecht und für alles andere ist der Support da und hilft wo er kann.

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 18일

Thanks for your feedback!
Glad that we can help, and hope you're getting more sales with us.