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30. Mai 2023

When utilizing a service like Teelaunch, there are important items to consider. Having an integrated app, a large catalog selection, and the manpower/facilities to fulfill & ship orders timely are the first things that are accessed. But one thing that most businesses overlook is how will the company respond to problems?

It is inevitable that mistakes or systems issues will occur, packages will get lost or stolen, and sometimes the product itself will have an error. The key to making it through those rough spots is having a true partner in your business, that cares as much about your customers as you do. That's hard to find in the Print-On-Demand space, and I'm so happy that Chris (the owner) takes this aspect seriously at Teelaunch. I especially want to recognize Anthony, who has been my contact whenever I reach out to support.

As a business owner, I want to know what's happening behind the scenes when there is a problem, because that arms me with facts/information to help my customers. A lot of providers will just give you bare minimum responses, without specific details, and that is not helpful at all. But Anthony will make sure that I know what really happened, and work with me on options to make it right (both for my business and for my customers)! He has even gone so far as to offer me a kind word when I was having a rough, stressful day to help me keep going.

Thank you to Chris, Anthony, and the rest of the Teelaunch staff for offering products that the market wants, and for helping me to grow my family business. And most of all, thank you for being there with me to celebrate the wins, and resolve any issues/concerns when they arise. I'm glad to have you as a partner!

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14. März 2023

BEWARE Store Owners - teelaunch Customer service is seriously lacking. Be prepared to send 2-3 emails before getting the specific information you requested, if at all. Shipping issues from my very sample first order. I ordered samples on 2/25 and as of 3/14 the shipment still not received by carrier (USPS) despite listed 3-7 day production time. Multiple attempts to get updated information/status but have only been provided the tracking information again and again with no further explanations and no attempt to make it right.
For example: If you are used to Printful's level customer service - you will need to drastically adjust your expectations for teelaunch.
Aside from that, their pricing/cost is more favorable for the seller in most cases.
Give them a try, but be aware they might not resolve your customer service issues to your satisfaction.

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18. Januar 2023

I've been using Teelaunch for 3 years. If you're looking for a top-notch product and unparalleled customer service, look no further. Not only are the quality of their products excellent, but the customer service experience is second to none. From design to delivery, the staff is quick to respond and very helpful whenever I encounter issues. The turnaround time is fast, and the pricing is competitive. I highly recommend Teelaunch to anybody who asks me how to make a store like mine because they're the best. Add this app if they have what you want and you won't look back.

Gemmed Firefly
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Bearbeitet am 26. September 2022

The following pertains to T-shirts only:
Want to do business with a POD company that often ships you shirts that are over sprayed with pre-treatment thus leaving weird stains on your shirts after you wash them? Teelaunch is for you.
Want to do business with a POD company that often prints your designs off centered? Teelaunch is for you.
Want to do business with a POD company that often prints your designs crooked? Teelaunch is for you.
Want to do business with a POD company that after 3-4 washes the print often develops lots of tiny cracks? Teelaunch is for you. Want to do business with a POD company that cares more about money than customer satisfaction? Teelaunch is for you.
Want to do business with a POD company that treats you like a number and not a valued customer? Teelaunch is for you. Want to do business with a POD company that when they run out of the pricey shirt you selected for your business decides to ship your customer a lesser priced shirt brand without so much as notifying you? Teeluanch is for you. Want to do business with a POD company that will tarnish your company's reputation? Teelaunch is for you. Krusty the CEO is not to be trusted. This company is doing shady business. Please look elsewhere when selecting a POD to do business with. I've personally dealt with Teelaunch for several years and have had enough. UPDATE: 09-26-22
Teelaunch, I see you updated your response to my review by removing your lie...only after I called you out on it via email. Way to save face. So did I send a vulgar email filled with swearing to Teelaunch? I sure did. One out of a couple dozen is not bad. Yes, I've had to reach out to Teelaunch dozens of times in the past due to bad product they sent me or my customers. I was always cordial, which in turn the Teelaunch representative rarely was. They need lessons in manners and professionalism. After so many screw-ups from Teelaunch, I just about had enough of their incompetences and went off the rails in my email to them. The fact that I did this does not and will not change much with Teelaunch. Most of the problems I have addressed with Teelaunch in the past so many years still exist. I think only one issue I addressed has been addressed. The fact is that they are inconsistent. One may or may not get quality items from Teelaunch. Their quality control department is one I would not be proud of if this were my company. Good luck to you if decide to use Teelaunch. Inspect all sample orders from them and don't assume just because they got it right once, they'll get it right every time. They don't....often.

Method Of Thrashing Hard
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teelaunch hat geantwortet 22. September 2022

This is one of those unfortunate situations where the issues were something that could have been sorted out but we had to make the hard decision to protect our employees and discontinue our relationship with this customer.

The emails that were sent from this customer contained a shocking amount of swearing and abusive language. Even when threatened with this negative review we decided that due to his behavior this was a customer we could no longer work with.

20. Juni 2023

To all those reading reviews... I want to express how exceptional both the product and customer service at Teelaunch are. I initially ordered some metal art samples and I was pleasantly surprised by the top notch quality. Honestly, I wasn't expecting such an impressive outcome, and I was so thrilled that I couldn't help but show everyone for an entire week how wonderful the product was. However, I did encounter a shipping problem along the way. Luckily, my customer service representative, Anthony, was there to assist me. He was incredibly personable and went above and beyond to resolve the issue. His communication skills were outstanding, and his positive and uplifting attitude made a significant difference. I couldn't have asked for a better partner for my store. I want to extend my gratitude to Teelaunch as a whole, and especially to Anthony!

Mystical Motifs
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Bearbeitet am 27. Mai 2023

Chris at Teelaunch was very receptive to an issue I had with their delivery service for pillows. He responded to the feedback and addressed the situation and followed through. Now, you don't find that every day. Nice!

Slate Avenue
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14. November 2022

A good range of products, my customers are happy and whenever I need help with something the team is quick to sort it out. Thank you!

The Diving Store
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Bearbeitet am 23. März 2023

Thanks, Christopher for reaching out and getting my Shopify store up and running again. Love the metal wall art.

Show Barn Life
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teelaunch hat geantwortet 19. März 2023

Very sorry for the confusion, if you go to you can connect to your Shopify store. Unfortunately, you can't access from If you have any issues please reach out to me at

Bearbeitet am 22. Februar 2023

Had some issues, which they fixed. Thank you for the assistance on the matter. Very helpful when needed.

Allegiant Goods Co.
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13. März 2023

Great App, Great Support This is my PoD Supplier to go to for unique products. Strongly recommended. I love it when you can sell more than just t-shirts

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