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26. September 2015

Disappointing. After establishing our online store, we chose Teelaunch for fulfillment. We were impressed with the App's ease of use, and although we would have preferred additional product options, it wasn't a deal breaker.

The first issue came when we ordered a test run. Teelaunch advertises "The majority of orders ship within 1-2 days and since we're centrally located and use USPS your US based customers receive their orders in less than 3 days." Our order shipped after 7 days and we received it 10 days after ordering. I contacted customer support and their response was: "Order are printed and shipped 7 days a week ... Many factors play in the time the shirt is printed and shipped. We do apologize about this delay."

The second issue arose when we opened the package and inspected the shirts. The design was a very basic, single color, underlined text with the shirt as the background. The image provided was per their pixel recommendation and format (2400-3600, PNG). The print color was silver but what arrived was a grayish purple. The text and underline seemed smudged, not crisp and clear.

The third issue was when I contacted customer support on September 8. Initially, the company was very apologetic and seemed as though they wanted to correct the problems. We resent images of both the PNG uploaded for print as well as the delivered product. To date, September 26, we have not received a response despite contacting the company several times simply asking for an update.

We gave Teelaunch 2/5 stars because their App is streamlined, and the order did process. However, the delays, quality, and customer support were something that needed to be addressed and made known to others looking at Teelaunch. Hopefully this helps you make an informed decision.

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Bearbeitet am 21. Februar 2017

Mug printing is very bad. No quality control, they send defective printing mugs to my customer without any checking. Very bad printing quality. There is a logo with Made in China on the bottom of the mugs. Very disappointed.

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Bearbeitet am 11. November 2018

I have a lot of mixed feelings about Teelaunch and I would love to see them improve their interface, as they seem to really care about their customers, but I must choose to go elsewhere after over 20 hours of tweaking my collection and having to start again from scratch. I just realized today, when I was ready to launch, that their interface has a glitch that will alter design sizes (please read below) when you are creating multiple garments using the same design/file.

The good:
- Customer support is amazing. A girl named Kristy answered my questions in 5 minutes or less during business hours. I had some questions about resolution and Dave was helpful and even recorded a video showing me how to fix my problem.

- When you upload one design, you can create many different types of t-shirts (unlike Printful, where you need to create each piece individually). This should be basic on every POD. I don't understand having to upload the same image on every. single. t-shirt.

What I'd love to see changed:
- Many times when you finish to place your design and you hit "Create", the interface bugs and you need to start from scratch.

- Many time while you're adjusting your design on a piece (let's say on a t-shirt), the interface changes the size on other pieces as well (that was the last drop for me).

- There are only three options of moving your design on a garment. This means you need to create a single individual size for each product, except for t-shirts.

- Automatically their interface will cut down your design where it has transparent areas. The problem about this is that, for example, if your design is too close to the neck, as you only have 3 pre-determined options of placement on the t-shirt (no dragging), you need to reopen your design on Illustrator, create an invisible pixel on it so it doesn't get trimmed by their interface, export and upload it again. It's annoying because sometimes it looks great on a Hoodie but it looks bad on a Baby's Bodysuit.

- The info of the products and titles DO NOT go automatically to the description, which I find to be really time-consuming. This means you need to copy it individually from their website (or uploading area) and paste them individually on each product. I ended up downloading a bulk editor.

- The measurement of clothing come only on a single PDF, so you have to navigate through it, find the garments you are working with and then type them down manually, as you cannot just copy and paste them on a chart.

I have tried all PODs that have reviews above 4 and I understand no POD will be perfect, but at this point, I was going to have to redo my entire collection as I just noticed the interfacing changing my design sizes continuously.

I loved their customer support and I do hope they improve these issues that make it really hard to work around despite my best efforts (such as creating invisible pixels, typing down all measurements manually, using an external bulk editor. If they do, I'd be happy to revisit my review and their interface.

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19. März 2018

prices are higher than what their description says, only accepts PNG files larger than 2400px for a t-shirt which is just a ridiculous size compared to most photos being half of that. This app isn't for me, I will find another one like it.. hopefully better.

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