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Worst application for international shipping. I had to refund a lot of orders, because their tracking for the international orders does not work.

If you are selling worldwide, I would not suggest Teelaunch as your POD partner.

Pacific NorthWest Lifestyle

This app has been nothing but hassles for my business. As an apparel e-com store owner I would not recommend them. Their app lacks basic functionality and features, if you have to do anything it takes forever and they have an extremely slow and difficult to use "manual ordering" setup.

If you want to place a manual order, forget it. You have to create a duplicate order in shopify where it emails your customer again and messes up your accounting adding the price onto your daily sales twice.

The "order processing" page looks like something out of a 1998 PC word document, has zero useful information and no ideas or ETA's or order processing.

Surprisingly their customer service is pretty on point, and had no problems there. However, end of the day the app has to work and it doesn't - unless you JUST STARTED a new store and have it sync'd up automatically from the beginning and ARE NOT SHIPPING TO CANADA, it's just going to cause you lost time, money and stress. I wouldn't even recommend it for USA orders.

If you're looking to ship POD use Printful instead or for Canada, use "redbubble".


I used teelaunch for several months to help print mugs and shirts for my online store. Their prices were really low compared to other print-on-demand companies, but I quickly found out you get what you pay for. Crooked prints on mugs, incorrect color shirts shipped, terrible and clueless customer service, and app unreliability were the main issues. Unfortunately, there were so many problems, I can't take it anymore. Moving on!

Sic Tranist Gloriaa

They don't give accurate shipping times. One of their printing facilities was affected by a hurricane weeks ago yet they've continued to take orders for the items they knew they wouldn't be able to fulfill anytime soon without telling sellers but continuing to charge them when those orders come in. Now we have orders that have been stuck "in production" for two weeks and angry customers.

Domestic Platypus


Turnaround times are 5-7 business days *from the time they enter production* which is much longer than average for same product types.

All orders are also placed on mandatory 24 hour hold before being processed, adding further delay.

TeeLaunch is requesting an extremely high level of access & authority which is completely unnecessary and unrelated to their stated function. This includes access to ALL customer data whether related to TeeLaunch orders or not, control over all pages, the ability to create redirects and modify shop coding.

Support's first step was to demand even further control.

I placed three initial orders. The orders were pushed to TeeLaunch and appeared under the orders tab in the app. However, shortly thereafter I received a message insisting that the shop's master fulfillment setting be changed to "Automatic" or the orders would not be processed. Three days after the initial order was placed it still had not progressed from pending to production.

As confirmed with Shopify support, this is not only unnecessary but highly unadvisable. TeeLaunch's API already had authority well beyond what was needed to create products, receive, process and fulfill orders. Further, the only legitimate difference between "Manual" and "Automatic" master fulfillment settings is whether the shop owner/staff need to click 'Request Fullfillment" prior to the order being pushed to the app.

Pressed on the issue, TeeLaunch support staunchly stood by the requirement and refused to fill the orders until it was done.

When the extent of the permissions granted to the app were reviewed, I confronted support about the extremely suspicious degree of access & authority and asked their reasoning.

I received a one sentence response: "I can delete the app."

Strongly advise any shop against installing this app until is reviewed further by Shopify and requested permissions are curtailed to necessary and applicable functionality.

Hurricane In Mink

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! HORRIBLE PRODUCTION TIME! NASTY NASTY NASTY! These guys changed the turn around time from 5 days to 9 days without telling me! My items primarily sell on eBay so I ended up getting a bunch of shipping defects and now my seller rating has fallen below standard. Anyone who sells on eBay knows this is DEATH to your sales and near impossible to dig yourself out of the hole for a WHOLE YEAR! My sales have dropped 75% because of Teelaunch. Whats worse is that they continue to be non-apologetic about it - they act like it's MY fault! Do yourself a favor and move your stuff over to Gooten. Their CSR's are actually HELPFUL and they use the exact same printers (but ship items MUCH faster). Well worth the extra few dollars you pay for the service! OH YEAH - and Teelaunch still has a small cosmetic bag of mine "in production" for going on 9 days now! Even after I removed all my products from their fulfillment I'm STILL getting screwed!

Chaos Order

The customer service for Teelaunch is terrible. Especially if you get Dave. This app is clunky compared to others such as printful.


You'll be in for a shock if you encounter Dave. Unprofessional, rude and either does not know how to solve issues or refuses to.

Trying to order samples for a store, paid in full upfront per their instructions, now they are refusing to i) fulfil the order ii) refund the 50% (for sample) unless they see screenshots because it does not show in their system. So sent screenshots, even then they claim they now need access to my store to verify the order, because apparently i) their app, ii) their PayPal, iii) our PayPal screenshot iv) the orders screenshot per their request are insufficient.

What a waste of time. Refuse to resolve issues. Obviously not vetted by Shopify.

Highly unprofessional, thieves. Absolutely disgusting.

Forked Up


I opened my store a little while back, worked diligently with the graphics, the photos, artwork placement, logos, everything.. I did all the work. Placed an order to get some of my samples so I could do a photoshoot with them and get some actual product photos up. Waited. and waited. and waited. for a month. Checked my account everyday to see when my items would be shipped. Idle. Nothing. Not a notice, not an email something was wrong, nothing. Finally contact teelaunch, and they go back and forth with me for 2 WEEKS, trying to figure out what shopify and teelaunch are not connecting. They tell me they have had the same issue with 50 000 other clients.. That its resolved but when I try to place the add, it never shows in teelaunchs app. I gave them full access to my shop, no headway. The customer service rep promised to send out the samples complimentary of teelaunch, but says *I* have to place the order. I tried, 3 times, still no order went through. Then the CS agent simply states, that he thinks they are not a suitable fit for my business, that they were not able to cater to my needs.

Teelaunch, If you're unable to simply get a few samples out for a budding business, YOU have NO BUSINESS owning and operating a platform that has been having these issues, for months now.

Appalling customer service and professionalism, sign up if you want to waste your time !!


Update ruined the ability to size images on shirts