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Their marketing presentation and the initial set up process are flawless. very easy and convincing... pricing they display are also the best in the market.

BUT. be careful, you never have a chance to check their work since they directly ship a product to a customer.

We decided to place test orders for our staffs (Strongly recommend to do this to avoid the same mistake we made).

1. Shipping method they used from their factory was 'terrible'. The wrapping was terrible, and the shirt/hoodies were jammed in. - it is nearly a professional packing.

2. Most importantly, the design was not printed correctly (it was completely off). we printed 6 samples, The design of it was printed all wrong size, wrong locations. "each shirt" has a slightly different location and size. They do not print according to the design you signed off.

3. The material of the shirts/hoodies are very poor and it is nearly identical to the sample photos. Customers also complained. it has a very strong chemical smell when arrived. (due to prewashed) We use different vendor now and specify the same pre-washed but it does not smell like the one we received from Teelaunch.

4. Customer service is close to none. the only way to get hold of them are 'chatting' in general, and they almost never call you back. we had to call so many times to get hold of a live- person.

Please do not get us wrong. we do not mean to put them in trouble. however, we thought it was fair to share our experience so that you will not have to go through the same experiences we had. We had to contact all customers and asked them if they received the correct design shirt/hoodies. "every customer' replied and said "no" So we issued a full refund to do the right thing.

They did realize that it was their fault (after we attempted to call, email, chat with them). They simply asked us to show them a proof so we forwarded all customer's messages as well as the photos of the test orders we made.

After 2 months later, they issued a full refund. They are at least honest but they are nearly Pro level that you should not count on.

- Best advice. - Stay away. if you decide to use them for some reasons, make sure you place your own test order so that you know what you are dealing with before you sell it to your own customers.

we have many photos if you would like to see.

(there are multiple factories in the US and they do not know which factory your product will be shipped).

International Tiger Foundation

no tracking to me or my customer (maybe you have to pay them more)
No white label as advertised, your customer will have no idea who sent it, but they will know who some random printer is.
No response to several emails, looking elsewhere asap, printing dull, but that may be my problem, looked good my end but who knows as they dont check anything, you need to order all your stock to get samples of how they print, going broke before I start :)

L33t Designs

We ordered a shirt and mousepad to get a feel for the print quality. Neither match the preview. We've been trying to resolve it for days to find out why the tool lets you resize/position the images on the products, and then the print doesn't match it. I haven't gotten a satisfactory response yet, and we are giving up and trying someone else. Extremely disappointed in the waste of time and money spent so far, and now we are delaying the launch of the site while we start over elsewhere. Extremely unhappy.

The Horse Backstreet Choppers

If I could give zero stars I would. I used this from the being because I wanted to test out this process. Their website and information looked easy and very professional. It took the first test order 4 weeks to get processed and shipped.

Now we had an order that came in that needed to be canceled. We canceled it in shopify and Teelaunch still shipped it to the customer. Then again the same situation happened, we sent an email and chat message and nothing. The order again has shipped to the customer and it shouldn't have.

For customer service they are terrible at responding back. If you don't mind your customers waiting up to 4 weeks to receive their product then Teelaunch is ok. If you don't care about B2B customer support then Teelaunch is ok.

We will more than likely not use Teelaunch again. There are others like Painful that are much better, a dollar or two more expensive but there service is fast and great B2B customer support.

Blue Dot Red Sea

The very first order I had the customer had ordered a purple tshirt. When she received it the shirt had pinkish blotches all over it as if when it was died purple it wasn't fully covered in color. The stipulations the company set on returns was not doable for us, considering she was out of town when her package arrived. Canceling service and using another provider.


UPDATED and Angry: my last experience where someone ordered something on the 11th, contacted teelaunch and spoke to a dave that told me its school time so its harder to get things out. The customer ordered it on the 11th to get it in fast shipping time like every other person ordering something does. Well Dave told me on the 21st 24-48 hours. Guess what, 48 hours AND STILL not shipped. Worse experience ever. Never use again and I recommend to use anyone else but this company

UPDATE: Wow they ship super fast. Absolutely amazing quality. They just really need to add more products

Couple things, first off I want to say this is the most SEAMLESS clothing integration there is for shopify. And its nice creating products; wish you could add more than 1 design on the front or back of the shirt. Multiple uploads is not an option.

You would have to edit your file in PS or AI or whatever you use to get it to work with a lot of logos or designs on the logo. They need some more items in the store for me to rate it a 5 star. I hope they are screen printing and not digital prints.

No hats or beanies???


100% not worth the trouble. Please save yourself the stress.

I hesitated to post this because clearly it is not a positive review, but I went through so much trouble because of teelaunch it's a social responsibility for me to review it. On the upside, before I get into any of the bad: If your account is working fine, this service is just fine. If you have any problems though, you're out of luck because Teelaunch is not going to help you. One more positive thing, the quality of their prints is very good.

Ok so here's why I will not be using teelaunch again:

Even if high margins are your main objective as a seller, the unresponsiveness of Teelaunch will have you dealing with so much other time-consuming stuff that it's not worth it.

My account disappeared (mid-campaign) with them and I only noticed because all of my orders were not being fulfilled. I was unable to launch new product after that too. So I was stuck on making the income from a single campaign until they figured it out.

I reached out to customer support and received one response and then nothing after that for nearly a week. All of my emails were so polite and simply requesting a message of reassurance that my account was being attended to. I got nothing.

I was finally able to reach them via Facebook Messenger. They were slightly more responsive via Facebook, but still entirely unhelpful. They told me they were “working on it” but I never experienced any progress, only a growing list of weary customer emails to respond to. All this time I was trying to reach Teelaunch so that I could relay information back to my customers and they were just not responding to me again.

What pushed me over the edge was when my personal paypal account had a claim filed against it because a customer who bought a shirt on my site via Teelaunch went 11 days without any notification from Teelaunch. I let Teelaunch know that this was happening on my end, they saw the messages (facebook messenger) and yet again they just did not respond.

I told them I was switching to a new provider because I had to attend to my customers, and asked if they had any news for me. I asked if any of the orders had been fulfilled so that I could transfer services without any duplicates, and they finally responded with, “please email”. Email doesn’t get me anywhere with Teelaunch but I emailed them anyways, and guess what happened? No response.

The time I spent handling customer service because I am never able to get answers from Teelaunch is not worth the extra x dollars per shirt. Since the problem arose, I have spent every morning going through concerned customer emails. Not to mention having claims filed against my personal paypal. Customers were requesting returns and the returns ended up costing ME $1.50. On top of that customers were requesting that I pay for their expedited shipping for Teelaunch’s error. This is not a routine I am going to adjust to and frankly it’s just unacceptable. I’ve lost so much time and money dealing with them.

I understand that the holidays are a busy season, but to be so dismissive of someone is just rude.

A simple, “I’m sorry we cannot help you." Would have been better than telling me that you CAN help me once, leading me to believe that I should stay with you, but then ignoring me and not helping me while the work piles up on my end.

Teelaunch’s unresponsiveness has set me back by nearly half a month.

I had to switch all of my orders to a new service, respond to all of the customer emails, and based on Teelaunch's inability to respond to messages I have to to touch base with each customer directly. What a crazy amount of work for something that I had no part in.

The good to come from this experience: I truly understand the value behind good customer service after this bad experience with teelaunch. It functions as a necessary courtesy for others.

Tip for if this is happening to you or if you’re considering teelaunch: Switch to Teescape. It costs just as much as Teelaunch basically, and they actually have customer service. I talked to Jeff there and he seriously took care of me. He was so helpful with the entire process and did everything on his end with he utmost care.

I will not be returning to Teelaunch and I advise that you save yourself the trouble and find a different company to work with.


Cant add products anymore and not getting a response, these guys are waaaaaaay over their heads it seems, one of my customers got their product after a whole month, yes he's not coming back anymore thank you Teelaunch.

Unisntalled time to try something else.


If anyone who plans to build your brand on Shopify or on the Internet, you should definitely walk away from this one!!!

We have spent an awful load of time trying to communicate with them which they just seems to bring us around their gardens with their issues unresolved.

First, after months of researching, we finally decided to give them ago and paid for our first shopify store, they would not have any idea how to tell us about their shipping charges and how can we go about setting up on shopify.

Secondly, after we decided to forego and not charge for shipping, we managed to setup and tried to order our first tee for testing. Created one order which we issued refund to the test buyer, the order was stuck in TeeLaunch Backend system in Pending mode if we decided to turn on their "auto batching”. We were told that it would be ordered even though the "customer" cancelled their order and asked for refund.

We contacted them a few times in multiple issues but our queries always ended up this guy named Dave. He would just bring us around the garden without giving us an answer. Makes the experience with TeeLaunch a complete disaster.

Despite continuously asking for help, we were brought around their gardens waiting for disaster to happen. All the time, efforts and money spent trying to deliver to our potential 2millions+ audiences, TeeLaunch to us, is not out here for business. Now we had to pull the plug, clean up our community pages and hope for them to forget about us trying to launch a new business. This will definitely cause a dent in our brand image since launch day (Thank you TeeLaunch!)

That is even before we managed to place the orders to buy ourselves a tee for quality checking purposes. Looking at those print quality reviews below our post here, we are done taking another risk from TeeLaunch. It is not worth all the time, efforts and money we have spent here.

And on a side note, maybe it is time for Shopify to step up to ensure the Apps approved on their App Store are of real quality and not junks. We actually took quite a lot of time signing up other different Apps here to find out or test out their platforms before subscribing to shopify to setup a business. Then we ended up with App Publishers in these qualities, which is obviously very ANNOYING!

Red Bird Coffee

Very disappointing service and very little support. We responded to the email introducing Teelaunch and stated we would like to use it and didn't hear from anyone for nearly a month...and they are the ones who wrote to us first! We had to follow up our own request to hear from someone.

Once we got the app installed and prepared to post products, we realized there is no product information other than color. We both wrote and called trying to find out about fit and fabric weight/materials, and have hear from no one for almost two weeks now.

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