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419 reviews
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  • No Upfront Costs — print on demand means zero startup costs. Spend that money growing your business instead.
  • No Manual Work — we are completely integrated with Shopify. Everything is taken care of automatically, all you have to do is make the sale.
  • No Limits — with so many different products (more being added all the time), the only limit is your imagination.

Short Version

  • Over 170,000 feet of print on demand production facilities across the US (we can handle whatever you throw at us).

  • Highest level of quality and performance (over 23 products are created every second with our app).

  • Unmatched pricing and selection (our app is running on over 41,000 Shopify stores, that doesn't happen unless you're doing something right).

We bring your ideas to life

Print on demand done right. Very simply, teelaunch was created for the Shopify owner who has a store and wants to stick to being creative and not waste time & money fumbling through the printing and shipping process. This teelaunch app allows you to upload your custom designs and we’ll turn them into real products and ship them to your customers on your behalf.

For you, it means no upfront costs, no inventory and no complicated shipping logistics. We’ll do that heavy lifting so you can make money faster and focus on what is most important for your business.

Example profit margins

Product: Selling Price - Cost (using teelaunch) = $$$$$ (profit margin)

t-shirt: $24.00 - $8.50 = $15.50 (65%)

hoodie: $44.00 - $18.50 = $25.50 (58%)

mug 11oz: $13.00 - $3.50 = $9.50 (73%)

tumbler: $30.00 - $15.00 = $15.00 (50%)

phone case: $35.00 - $11.00 = $24.00 (69%)

poster 18” x 24”: $28.00 - $12.00 = $16.00 (57%)

poster 24" x 36”: $36.00 - $16.00 = $20.00 (56%)

See a list of all our prices here.

The teelaunch app

  • Automatically print, fulfill and ship orders.

  • We offer over 50 different products including Apparel, phone cases, mugs, posters, tote bags, and more.

  • White label shipping, your name is on the shipping label

Every product that you create in the teelaunch app whether it’s a custom phone case, a work softball team shirt or a one-of-a-kind t-shirt for your nephew’s birthday will be listed in YOUR Shopify store. You design it, list it and sell it and then we take over automatically and print it and ship it with your name on the shipping. So easy, right?

All printing is done on-demand so you don't need to track inventory or worry about sizing -- the app does it all for you!

Automatic fulfillment and shipping

When a customer orders from your store, teelaunch automatically creates a fulfillment order within the teelaunch system. These orders are tracked and updated within your Shopify store immediately. Tracking numbers are sent right to your Orders dashboard and the shipping status is updated. Shopify’s automated system then delivers shipping updates directly to your customers.

It’s all automated and it’s all within the Shopify family, so the technology places nice together and keeps you and your customers up to date every step of the way.

Paypal support

We recognize that paying for teelaunch orders using a credit card is not possible for everyone. Because we wanted to help every seller bring their idea to life we've just launched Paypal support. You can now pay for your teelaunch orders directly from your Paypal balance or a connected bank account.

Products we carry

Here at teelaunch we are so much more than just t-shirts.

  • For you: we have men’s & women’s t-shirts, v-necks, long sleeves, kids, youth, tanks, & super comfy hoodies.

  • For your electronic best friend: we carry phone cases for the iPhone 7/7+, 6/6+, 5 and Galaxy S7, S6, S5 & S4. Show off your personal style while keeping your phone safe.

  • For every flat surface: we carry die-cut stickers that you can put on anything from laptops to refrigerators.

  • For the office: we carry high quality mugs to drink your favorite beverages out of & super handy mouse pads for keeping your mouse moving smoothly.

  • For the wall: We have a wide range of canvas, flags and tapestries. Nothing is worse than a boring wall.

  • For the home: we print on amazing tote bags perfect for carrying all your favorite stuff. We have beer steins & insulated tumblers to drink a cold brew out of after a long day. We have accessory pouches for you to keep all your stuff in.

Check out our products page for more information.

See teelaunch in action at Print Prohibition

teelaunch reviews

419 reviews
  1. 5 stars (356 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (25 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (13 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (7 reviews)
  5. 1 star (18 reviews)

Teelaunch has been a valuable partner in my business for several years. Print quality is excellent for DTG printing and the quality District Made shirts are loved by my customers for their softness and fit. Mugs and phone cases are relatively new to the app and the print quality is superb! Looking forward to the new products they will be adding to the app. Using the app is easy and takes the worry out of fulfilling orders.

The majority of my orders are filled quickly, typically within 3-5 business days and sometimes quicker. Add a few days during the busy holiday season.

Customer service is very responsive and provide personal care. Misprints happen once in a while, as they do with any fulfillment company I've worked with, but Teelaunch is always quick to provide a replacement and fix the issue. Nobody can beat their prices allowing me to provide quality products at a fair price to my customers.

I feel valued as a Teelaunch client. It's evident by their responsiveness to my needs that my business is important to them!


I've been using Teelaunch for a few years now. I've seen them grow their company/service, so here's a review from a customer who has been with them awhile:

Customer Service: I can say that although occasionally there are some hiccups, I've never had a problem that couldn't be solved. Their customer support is amazingly responsive, and any issue I've ever had has been resolved. They've actually gone way out of their way to help me with several things.

Print Quality: I've seen a lot of other DTG printing (I actually used to work for a company prepping files for DTG) and Teelaunch's print quality is absolutely some of the best. The colors are bright (for DTG) and the level of small details that can be seen is above average. Of course, occasionally, I've run into a misprint (fuzzy edges, crooked design, low ink, etc). But, it doesn't happen very often and they've fixed the problem every time.

Pricing/Shirt Quality: As far as I know, no one has pricing that's comparable to what Teelaunch offers. The tees they print on feel very high end. They're all made with ringspun cotton, have a fashion fit, and aren't the basic "value" styles that you usually get for such a low price. Honestly, the price and quality of the brand of t-shirts they use is probably the best selling point.

Turnaround Time: I'd say 99% of the time, my orders have been shipped out within 5 business days (which is fantastic). Sometimes the turnaround time is only a day or two. The average time I've experienced is probably 3 business days, when everything is running smoothly. Obviously, it takes longer during the holidays, though.

All around, I'm a happy Teelaunch customer. :)


The customer support team really turned me around on their service and app. They went out of their way to make things right and correct any startup issues I have. Thanks!


When things are running smoothly, all is well. For this reason, and because of the good pricing, I stuck it out for quite a while. But when you have an issue you are in for a ride. Expect to wait days before support tickets get any attention, and when they do, don't expect the communication to be clear or the problem to be addressed. They seem to be in over their heads most of the time, and confused. Communication is an essential when I need to keep my customers happy and informed about their orders. Mistakes are fine, as long as communication is there. With these guys, it isn't there and never has been. When you run into trouble, you'll feel like they are either ignoring you or they just plain don't know what's going on.


Straight to the point , Easy to use app, excellent customer service , and if i have any issues they have always been there to help me and my customers find a quick resolution. what more can you ask for !?! =-)


As one who does much research on the market before jumping into trusting someone with my business. I have nothing but positive vibes from the people over Teelaunch. There support team was quick to respond with assistance in utilizing there app and there turn around times were respectable. The price point is a definite + too! I am excited to see how far i can take my business with the services offered from Teelaunch. Good work guys!


100% not worth the trouble. Please save yourself the stress.

I hesitated to post this because clearly it is not a positive review, but I went through so much trouble because of teelaunch it's a social responsibility for me to review it. On the upside, before I get into any of the bad: If your account is working fine, this service is just fine. If you have any problems though, you're out of luck because Teelaunch is not going to help you. One more positive thing, the quality of their prints is very good.

Ok so here's why I will not be using teelaunch again:

Even if high margins are your main objective as a seller, the unresponsiveness of Teelaunch will have you dealing with so much other time-consuming stuff that it's not worth it.

My account disappeared (mid-campaign) with them and I only noticed because all of my orders were not being fulfilled. I was unable to launch new product after that too. So I was stuck on making the income from a single campaign until they figured it out.

I reached out to customer support and received one response and then nothing after that for nearly a week. All of my emails were so polite and simply requesting a message of reassurance that my account was being attended to. I got nothing.

I was finally able to reach them via Facebook Messenger. They were slightly more responsive via Facebook, but still entirely unhelpful. They told me they were “working on it” but I never experienced any progress, only a growing list of weary customer emails to respond to. All this time I was trying to reach Teelaunch so that I could relay information back to my customers and they were just not responding to me again.

What pushed me over the edge was when my personal paypal account had a claim filed against it because a customer who bought a shirt on my site via Teelaunch went 11 days without any notification from Teelaunch. I let Teelaunch know that this was happening on my end, they saw the messages (facebook messenger) and yet again they just did not respond.

I told them I was switching to a new provider because I had to attend to my customers, and asked if they had any news for me. I asked if any of the orders had been fulfilled so that I could transfer services without any duplicates, and they finally responded with, “please email”. Email doesn’t get me anywhere with Teelaunch but I emailed them anyways, and guess what happened? No response.

The time I spent handling customer service because I am never able to get answers from Teelaunch is not worth the extra x dollars per shirt. Since the problem arose, I have spent every morning going through concerned customer emails. Not to mention having claims filed against my personal paypal. Customers were requesting returns and the returns ended up costing ME $1.50. On top of that customers were requesting that I pay for their expedited shipping for Teelaunch’s error. This is not a routine I am going to adjust to and frankly it’s just unacceptable. I’ve lost so much time and money dealing with them.

I understand that the holidays are a busy season, but to be so dismissive of someone is just rude.

A simple, “I’m sorry we cannot help you." Would have been better than telling me that you CAN help me once, leading me to believe that I should stay with you, but then ignoring me and not helping me while the work piles up on my end.

Teelaunch’s unresponsiveness has set me back by nearly half a month.

I had to switch all of my orders to a new service, respond to all of the customer emails, and based on Teelaunch's inability to respond to messages I have to to touch base with each customer directly. What a crazy amount of work for something that I had no part in.

The good to come from this experience: I truly understand the value behind good customer service after this bad experience with teelaunch. It functions as a necessary courtesy for others.

Tip for if this is happening to you or if you’re considering teelaunch: Switch to Teescape. It costs just as much as Teelaunch basically, and they actually have customer service. I talked to Jeff there and he seriously took care of me. He was so helpful with the entire process and did everything on his end with he utmost care.

I will not be returning to Teelaunch and I advise that you save yourself the trouble and find a different company to work with.


Cant add products anymore and not getting a response, these guys are waaaaaaay over their heads it seems, one of my customers got their product after a whole month, yes he's not coming back anymore thank you Teelaunch.

Unisntalled time to try something else.


Wow what a refreshing company to do business with. We are just getting ready to launch. Out of all the companies we researched and talked to Teelaunch was our number one choice in every category, Pricing of Products, Shipping, Customer Service, and ease of use of the APP!!!

Congratulations Teelaunch you have a customer for life!!


Chris and Team,

Thanks for your helping me get my store up and running. As a graphic designer we were using a different service for all our digital printing needs and were not happy. After looking at several options we settled with Teelaunch because of their customer service. All our questions were answered in a timely manner and our samples looked great. It was refreshing to see the phone cases and sticker in the app as well.

Once we decided to set up out online store is was a breeze! The app is easy to install and uploading our images cold not have been easier.most of our order have been filled accordingly with 100 satisfaction in our store.

If you are using a service that you are not happy with I recommend Chris and his team at Teelaunch. Thanks again, I can not tell you how happy we are we made the change.


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