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377 reviews
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  • No Upfront Costs — print on demand means zero startup costs. Spend that money growing your business instead.
  • No Manual Work — we are completely integrated with Shopify. Everything is taken care of automatically, all you have to do is make the sale.
  • No Limits — with so many different products (more being added all the time), the only limit is your imagination.

Short Version

  • Over 170,000 feet of print on demand production facilities across the US (we can handle whatever you throw at us).

  • Highest level of quality and performance (over 23 products are created every second with our app).

  • Unmatched pricing and selection (our app is running on over 41,000 Shopify stores, that doesn't happen unless you're doing something right).

We bring your ideas to life

Print on demand done right. Very simply, teelaunch was created for the Shopify owner who has a store and wants to stick to being creative and not waste time & money fumbling through the printing and shipping process. This teelaunch app allows you to upload your custom designs and we’ll turn them into real products and ship them to your customers on your behalf.

For you, it means no upfront costs, no inventory and no complicated shipping logistics. We’ll do that heavy lifting so you can make money faster and focus on what is most important for your business.

Example profit margins

Product: Selling Price - Cost (using teelaunch) = $$$$$ (profit margin)

t-shirt: $24.00 - $8.50 = $15.50 (65%)

hoodie: $44.00 - $18.50 = $25.50 (58%)

mug 11oz: $13.00 - $3.50 = $9.50 (73%)

tumbler: $30.00 - $15.00 = $15.00 (50%)

phone case: $35.00 - $11.00 = $24.00 (69%)

poster 18” x 24”: $28.00 - $12.00 = $16.00 (57%)

poster 24" x 36”: $36.00 - $16.00 = $20.00 (56%)

See a list of all our prices here.

The teelaunch app

  • Automatically print, fulfill and ship orders.

  • We offer over 50 different products including Apparel, phone cases, mugs, posters, tote bags, and more.

  • White label shipping, your name is on the shipping label

Every product that you create in the teelaunch app whether it’s a custom phone case, a work softball team shirt or a one-of-a-kind t-shirt for your nephew’s birthday will be listed in YOUR Shopify store. You design it, list it and sell it and then we take over automatically and print it and ship it with your name on the shipping. So easy, right?

All printing is done on-demand so you don't need to track inventory or worry about sizing -- the app does it all for you!

Automatic fulfillment and shipping

When a customer orders from your store, teelaunch automatically creates a fulfillment order within the teelaunch system. These orders are tracked and updated within your Shopify store immediately. Tracking numbers are sent right to your Orders dashboard and the shipping status is updated. Shopify’s automated system then delivers shipping updates directly to your customers.

It’s all automated and it’s all within the Shopify family, so the technology places nice together and keeps you and your customers up to date every step of the way.

Paypal support

We recognize that paying for teelaunch orders using a credit card is not possible for everyone. Because we wanted to help every seller bring their idea to life we've just launched Paypal support. You can now pay for your teelaunch orders directly from your Paypal balance or a connected bank account.

Products we carry

Here at teelaunch we are so much more than just t-shirts.

  • For you: we have men’s & women’s t-shirts, v-necks, long sleeves, kids, youth, tanks, & super comfy hoodies.

  • For your electronic best friend: we carry phone cases for the iPhone 7/7+, 6/6+, 5 and Galaxy S7, S6, S5 & S4. Show off your personal style while keeping your phone safe.

  • For every flat surface: we carry die-cut stickers that you can put on anything from laptops to refrigerators.

  • For the office: we carry high quality mugs to drink your favorite beverages out of & super handy mouse pads for keeping your mouse moving smoothly.

  • For the wall: We have a wide range of canvas, flags and tapestries. Nothing is worse than a boring wall.

  • For the home: we print on amazing tote bags perfect for carrying all your favorite stuff. We have beer steins & insulated tumblers to drink a cold brew out of after a long day. We have accessory pouches for you to keep all your stuff in.

Check out our products page for more information.

See teelaunch in action at Print Prohibition

teelaunch reviews

377 reviews
  1. 5 stars (323 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (21 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (12 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (6 reviews)
  5. 1 star (15 reviews)

Update ruined the ability to size images on shirts


I ordered a t-shirt sample with my custom design on it 3.5 weeks ago (Oct 29th) and still have not yet received it. I've been told that Asentia shipping does not track once in Canada (from the US) and there is no way I would expose my (Canadian) customers to this kind of service from an integrity perspective. I was very excited to use TeeLaunch for my business / site which planned to launch last week - in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday - and now not only will I not be going with this vendor, I've lost out on promoting my site/products in time for this holiday. I'm incredible bummed & disappointed.


Uploading is a nightmare compared to printful and printify. you are limited to 15mb for a picture with 2400px. that 15mb limit needs to be removed asap.


App very user friendly, easy to use, site professional. Thats about it.Then the problems began:
* no show of the first order placed on the 1st June,
* tracking number provided NOT valid,
*have an upcoming event - will NOT use this company
*conclusion - disappointed


Why the Hell is shopify recommending this App .. please Shopify this app is a scum .. its a total rip off

The set up and the app products online is first class.

But no one here has commented if customers have received their products or even they were as quality as they are described or look on their app.

I added this app thinking it will be easy on my work load with printing and shipping.But i think if you want to loose customers, use this app.

They provide you with a processing time of 3days to 5 days but until you ask them whats going on after the 5th day they provide the customer with a fake shipping tracking number and fulfil the order on your shopify .after 24hrs or even 72 hrs when you try to track the package the information is the same as you checked before "INVALID TRACKING NUMBER"

They have a customer service that respond very quick i wonder if its an answering machine, but nothing is resolved they only tell you how long the processing is and shipping time.

I did a second text with one of my royal customers and the processing time was quick but shipping same bloody thing i wonder if he will get his order.

I haven't received my sample i ordered on the 9th of this month (09/05/17) either!!!



Not only is the quality bad, but the customer service is HORRIBLE. I made an order literally an hour ago by mistake and they claimed to have made it and SHIPPED IT OUT! dont use their app.



Their marketing presentation and the initial set up process are flawless. very easy and convincing... pricing they display are also the best in the market.

BUT. be careful, you never have a chance to check their work since they directly ship a product to a customer.

We decided to place test orders for our staffs (Strongly recommend to do this to avoid the same mistake we made).

1. Shipping method they used from their factory was 'terrible'. The wrapping was terrible, and the shirt/hoodies were jammed in. - it is nearly a professional packing.

2. Most importantly, the design was not printed correctly (it was completely off). we printed 6 samples, The design of it was printed all wrong size, wrong locations. "each shirt" has a slightly different location and size. They do not print according to the design you signed off.

3. The material of the shirts/hoodies are very poor and it is nearly identical to the sample photos. Customers also complained. it has a very strong chemical smell when arrived. (due to prewashed) We use different vendor now and specify the same pre-washed but it does not smell like the one we received from Teelaunch.

4. Customer service is close to none. the only way to get hold of them are 'chatting' in general, and they almost never call you back. we had to call so many times to get hold of a live- person.

Please do not get us wrong. we do not mean to put them in trouble. however, we thought it was fair to share our experience so that you will not have to go through the same experiences we had. We had to contact all customers and asked them if they received the correct design shirt/hoodies. "every customer' replied and said "no" So we issued a full refund to do the right thing.

They did realize that it was their fault (after we attempted to call, email, chat with them). They simply asked us to show them a proof so we forwarded all customer's messages as well as the photos of the test orders we made.

After 2 months later, they issued a full refund. They are at least honest but they are nearly Pro level that you should not count on.

- Best advice. - Stay away. if you decide to use them for some reasons, make sure you place your own test order so that you know what you are dealing with before you sell it to your own customers.

we have many photos if you would like to see.

(there are multiple factories in the US and they do not know which factory your product will be shipped).


no tracking to me or my customer (maybe you have to pay them more)
No white label as advertised, your customer will have no idea who sent it, but they will know who some random printer is.
No response to several emails, looking elsewhere asap, printing dull, but that may be my problem, looked good my end but who knows as they dont check anything, you need to order all your stock to get samples of how they print, going broke before I start :)


We ordered a shirt and mousepad to get a feel for the print quality. Neither match the preview. We've been trying to resolve it for days to find out why the tool lets you resize/position the images on the products, and then the print doesn't match it. I haven't gotten a satisfactory response yet, and we are giving up and trying someone else. Extremely disappointed in the waste of time and money spent so far, and now we are delaying the launch of the site while we start over elsewhere. Extremely unhappy.


If I could give zero stars I would. I used this from the being because I wanted to test out this process. Their website and information looked easy and very professional. It took the first test order 4 weeks to get processed and shipped.

Now we had an order that came in that needed to be canceled. We canceled it in shopify and Teelaunch still shipped it to the customer. Then again the same situation happened, we sent an email and chat message and nothing. The order again has shipped to the customer and it shouldn't have.

For customer service they are terrible at responding back. If you don't mind your customers waiting up to 4 weeks to receive their product then Teelaunch is ok. If you don't care about B2B customer support then Teelaunch is ok.

We will more than likely not use Teelaunch again. There are others like Painful that are much better, a dollar or two more expensive but there service is fast and great B2B customer support.


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