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Bewerkt 9 augustus 2021

Since They got nailed for Copyright Infringement they have really gone down hill. Two things at play here: Print Quality and Copyright Infringement. Print Quality:
Print quality is hit or miss. I can provide the photos and email chain, but simply put they did not stand behind their work. I have to have 40+ shirts reprinted at my cost from another shop because they felt the quality was good enough. 40+ shirts had fibers/pilling that was clearly visible. Two identical shirt side by side and the quality looks totally different. Okay some may say it was one time mistake. Well its not okay because it cause me over $400 to correct and second it one of three (3) different orders that had poor quality prints. OH! Make sure to read their rules too! If they make a mistake an go to fix it they may use a similar garment as opposed to the exact product you ordered. That happened to me too. 40 shirt order that had four (4) noticeably bad prints they corrected but sent then a different color shirt so we have 36 of one color and then these four that are different. Copyright Infringement:
I understand protecting yourself from further violations but they simply claim an infraction on anything they think may be in violation as opposed to "knowing" which is safe, but VERY poor customer service wise. For example a customer orders three items and one item they feel is a violation will put the whole order in limbo and they do nothing with it. Well nothing aside form charging you $2 for canceling the order. Their work around is that you the vendor will need to email them and make your case. If you utilize fan art of any kind just stay away from them and you will be much happier for it.

Retro Rags Limited
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Bewerkt 31 maart 2018

When I first used this service for a majority of garments the vinegar smell was overwhelming that I received complaints. It seems as though the smell has calmed down a lot but now I recently ordered a sample. There isn't a smell but the letters appear to already be cracking. Not good, glad I caught before I pushed out to store. When I mentioned the smell to the company before, I was told this helps with treatment, but now it seems if there is no happy medium? No smell =less quality prints? I really wanted it to work because the shirt quality is better and less expensive.

Travel Well Collection
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24 april 2018

It’s a real shame that this companies app wont work on iphone/ipad to setup your products :( Have contacted teescape and they said use a computer but I dont use computers as I travel a lot and use ios devices.

Sea Blue Gifts
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15 mei 2017

Ordered a number of samples, the speed of delivery was ok but the quality of the prints is not passable as a retail product. Design app gets the job done but the scaling tools need improvement. Will not be using this service for fulfillment .

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7 juli 2017

App is easy to use but I put an order in for 1 shirt its been 10 days and still hasn't been shipped.

Atmospheric Expressions
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