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Teescape Fulfillment

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Garment Printing And Fulfillment

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Om Teescape Fulfillment

Want to sell high-quality, custom-printed t-shirts and other garments in your store without any hassles? NO PROBLEM!

The Teescape Fulfillment App was designed to simplify the process of designing or creating custom products and adding them to your store, and also to provide great fulfillment service at a low price!

It's as easy as this...

  • Upload your own artwork, or use our in-app Design Studio to create your designs.
  • Teescape adds the products and variants to your store, complete with mockup images of the shirts showing your designs.
  • Orders can be automatically printed and shipped to your customers, in white-label packaging with your name and return address.
  • FAST Shipping, with most orders shipped in 2-4 business days.
  • You only pay for orders when they are placed, so you pay NOTHING up front.

Spend More of Your Time Designing and Marketing

...and LESS TIME creating shirt images, creating print-ready artwork files, and adding products to your store. That means more sales, and MORE MONEY for you. Let the Teescape Fulfillment App do all the hard work for you.

You Are In Complete Control

And our highly-rated customer-support department is available to help by phone or email.



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Printed T-Shirts starting at $7.50, Shipping starting at $3.00

3.9 av 5 stjärnor

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Rumbling Thread

Btw, this is my first review ever. So I wasn't going to even bother, but everyone deserves to know what they could be dealing with. Especially after their replies. **PLEASE READ** I received my sample order composed of three t-shirts, two of which had clear printing mistakes (missing/cut off elements). I was angry (obviously) because how could 2 out 3 of my t-shirts had such an obvious mistake? Where was Quality Control? I tried to call them first, but all I got was a sound as if it were disconnected. So I sent the email, pointing out the mistakes, providing photos, etc. A truly disappointing customer type of email. I'll definitely own to that. Their first email (from Ben) had already a tone with me. Asking me to point out the "obvious mistakes" (yes, he used the quotes). This is after I included the photos zooming into the area where the mistakes were visible. At this point, I'm beyond angry. Also, their phone number didn't work. My reply to Ben was that I was furious, and asked about a working phone number and that I wanted for this to be looked into by a manager. The response from Jeff (manager?, owner?), was that they were giving me a refund but because of my "angry tone" they didn't want to work with someone like me, so they disabled my account. That I appeared to be a confrontational person. No, I'm not making this up.
Instead of an apology, I got blocked. TLDR:
Do you want quality control? Don't use Teescape.
Do you want quality customer service? Don't use Teescape.
Do you want to get blocked by being angry because THEY didn't deliver what I had paid for? Then yes, maybe use Teescape. *Of course, they'll probably reply to this saying "your tone was angry, blah blah". But I can at least openly admit to that. Why was I angry in the first place? Oh yeah, because they skipped quality control. Also, because customer service didn't even look at the photos I had sent and replied with their own tone. So was it wrong to be mad? Shoutout to Ben and Jeff, thanks for the terrible experience. I hope this review isn't too angry-sounding for you! :)

Utvecklarens svar

1 oktober 2021

In the custom printing business, a very small percentage of shirt can have various problems, whether due to machine malfunctions, the way the artwork was designed, or any of a number of other factors. In all cases, we work sellers to resolve issues and create the best experience for both the sellers and their customers. Unfortunately, when there's a tiny issue with a tiny design element on the very first sample order placed by a seller, sometimes rather than working with us to find a solution, they prefer to rage about wanting a refund and how terrible we are - all over a couple (yes, 2) shirts. We apologized and provided a full 100% refund before they posted this review.

Meli's Treasures

I recently purchased some personalized tees. I must admit that you guys have outdone yourselves and did an amazing job!!!...I plan on doing much more business with you guys and ladies!!!! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Teescape!!! AMAZING WORK!!!!

Do Tices Shoal

Customer service is very responsive and helpful while setting up my online store. I highly recommend them and always read the reviews of other apps because that is how I chose Teescape.