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Teescape Fulfillment

Teescape Fulfillment

Developed by Teescape

36 reviews
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  • On-Time Delivery To Your Customers, most orders ship in 2-4 days with White Label Shipping
  • Quickly and easily add new designs and products to your store.
  • Some of lowest prices available for t-shirt fulfillment.

Want to sell high-quality, custom-printed t-shirts and other garments in your store without any hassles? NO PROBLEM!

The Teescape Fulfillment Shopify App was designed to simplify the process of designing or creating custom products and adding them
to your Shopify store, and also to provide the best fulfillment service available at a low price! And best of all, the App is
completely FREE! with NO UPFRONT COSTS!

It's as easy as this...

  • Upload your artwork, or use our in-app Design Studio to create your designs.

  • Select styles and colors of shirts to sell with your design.

  • Customize the descriptions and pricing for each style.

  • Teescape adds the products and variants to your store, complete with images of the shirts showing your designs.

  • Orders are automatically printed and shipped to your customers, in white-label packaging with your return address.

  • You only pay for orders when they are placed, so you pay NOTHING up front.

Spend More of Your Time Designing and Marketing

...and LESS TIME creating shirt images, creating print-ready artwork files, and adding products to your store. That means
more sales, and MORE MONEY for you. Let the Teescape Fulfillment App do all the hard work for you.

You Are In Complete Control

The Teescape Fulfillment App is linked directly to our production workflow, to give you more control.
This means, for example, you can cancel an order or place it on hold right up until it ships out, so you don't pay
for any printing or shipping you don't need due to a cancelled order.

Orders in the Teescape App will be cancelled automatically if cancelled in your Shopify store, or you can manually
cancel an order or place it on hold through the App.

You can set Teescape to automatically submit your orders for printing, or you can do it manually too. In "Auto" mode, you
decide whether or not you want Teescape to automatically fulfill orders that Shopify flags as "Risky". And, of course, you control
what styles, colors, and sizes of products to offer in your store.

Sell Only the Highest-Quality Printing

You should only want the best printing for your customers. Some t-shirt fulfillers out there might offer a low price,
but they use cheap, sub-standard printers and/or inks. Sometimes your design might wash out of the garment in just a few washes.

We use only the best Kornit Avalanche printers. These are some of the most-expensive printers on the market, but produce
extremely high-quality prints that won't wash out. We wouldn't give you any less, and you shouldn't settle for less for your customers.

Product Selection

We offer a selection of garments from top name brands. We only offer products that have been tested with our printing
process and proven to produce great results every time, and are readily available from our own inventory or major suppliers.
This means you are much less likely to have delays due to back orders or other supply chain issues.
Although our selection may seem a little limited now, we are testing new garments
right now and more will be added soon. We hope you'll let us know which new styles you would like to see added to the App.

Fast Turnaround Times

Most orders are printed and shipped out to your customers within 2-4 days. One of the factors in determining what products
we offer through the App is availability. By only offering garments that we stock ourselves or are widely available, it helps
us almost completely eliminate the customer service hassles and delays that come with garment backorders and substitutions.

Low, Low Prices

Prices start at just 7.50 for a white t-shirt, with shipping as low as $3.00 in the US, and as low as $4.25 internationally.
Our goal is to keep prices low to help you profit the most.

Teescape Fulfillment reviews

36 reviews
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I did a test with another company and their t-shirt was slow to deliver and the design wasn't centered correctly. I sent the same design to Teescape and it came out beautiful, centered and the ink wasn't thick, it was nice and smooth with none of the white underprint even shwoing through the outer edge of the design unlike the other printer. Another think I like is how easy it is to add product to my store using the Teescape app. I've tried a couple others but the integration was wonky or not even connected at all. If I could give them 10 stars I would.


I've worked with all t-shirt fulfillment companies offered on shopify and by far, Teescape is the the best. Great quality, always arrive on time and easy to use app. When this is the most important part of running your business, it's imperative you a have partner you can count on. Teescape is a solid company and makes running my company easy and not stressful.


I have used a few other fulfillment companies in the past, and I am just blown away by the difference in backend operations, price points, flexibility, and shipping options.

Thank you very much! You are making it much easier on me than the other fulfillment companies. I just finished using one of the more popular tshirt fulfillment companies and Teescape is really putting them to shame! Thanks Jeff!


These guys are great. Had only mediocre results with other DTG printers. While Teescape lacks a little in selection and custom branding, their pricing and response to orders is probably the best I've seen. Look forward to them growing out their offerings!

Can't go wrong with Teescape. Also, Jeff is the man.


I switched to Teescape after having horrible experiences with other shirt fulfillment centers. Plus I needed a tan shirt for my military customers and teescape had that.

Here's why Teescape gets 5 stars

* Competitive pricing: Their pricing is on par with other printers but it's important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Yes, you can find cheaper printers out there but you WILL have problems. Those problems end up costing you time and money with customer service issues.

*Awesome customer support: Jeff and Matt and on the ball when it comes fixing any problems that might come up. They also keep me in the loop when changes are happening which I find very helpful. Other fullfillment companies leave you in the dark.

*Awesome print quality:Don't take my word for it. Order samples from a few places and compare. The shirts actually arrive how they looked on screen. Not shrunken down like some other printers.

*Quick turnaround. Right now they are turning my shirts around in 2 days and sometimes the NEXT DAY! That is unheard of. Granted, it's not peak season right now but even during peak season, they were shipping in 4-5 days.

*Easy mockup and product generator. Create multiple products with the same design easily. My only wish is that Teescape would improve the shirt mockups to higher resolution. The current ones are good but they could be slightly improved. **EDIT** After posting this, Jeff reached out to me and has since updated the shirts I use (Gildan) with high res mockups! They look even better now! Thank you!


YAY TEESCAPE! I'm so thankful for Teescape! AWESOME customer service, so reliable and kind with their communication. What a breath of fresh air! If you are looking for a dependable teeshirt fulfillment service, Teescape is the way to go!

My backstory:
Holidays are tough for everyone within the world of retail.
I experienced the most difficult holiday of my life (so far) because of my old teeshirt provider's lack of service. My old provider left me in the dirt, right before Christmas, to handle half a months worth of orders that they were just not fulfilling. The old provider literally just ignored my emails. Dealing with their dead end service while customer emails piled up was not fun for me to say the least.

Finally, after countless emails to my old provider, I began my search for a new provider. I consider myself blessed by angels because I was fortunate enough to discover TEESCAPE.

I came to Teescape with a hefty amount of unfulfilled orders and Jeff took care of me. The entire process of getting all my old orders transferred to Teescape was so much easier than I had anticipated. Jeff took my exported orders sheet and worked his magic on them. Everything was organized, created and sent out within a week, and then he sent me all of the tracking numbers to send to my customers.

Finally! I had something to tell my customers.
I am pretty positive that all of them received their orders before Christmas as well.

That whole interaction could not have gone better, and I am so so so grateful for Jeff at Teescape for helping me get all of my customers their product before Christmas.

You're the real MVP Jeff! Santa's got nothing on you ;D

10/10 will be using Teescape again! Thank you!!!


Prices start at just 7.50 for a white t-shirt, with shipping as low as $3.00 in the US, and as low as $4.25 internationally.

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