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Fulfillment By Teespring

Fulfillment By Teespring

Developed by Teespring

12 reviews
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  • High quality t-shirt and apparel printing from $9
  • Free customer support team, saving you time and making your buyers happy
  • Trust the market leader brand, with over 7 million happy customers

For full information please check out our Teespring fulfillment wiki by clicking here.

Teespring is bringing our world class apparel printing and fulfillment platform to your Shopify store. With over 7,000,000 happy customers last year, you’re in safe hands. Our industry leading facilities deliver best in class print quality and capacity when you need it most.

How it works

Within a few clicks your Shopify product will be created, complete with images, prices and variants.

When you have accumulated a few orders you can send them to Teespring with a single click. Automated batching is coming soon.

Now sit back and relax. Teespring automatically handles the printing and shipping in the background automatically.

What else do i need to know?

We believe quality really matters. The Teespring brand boosts conversions and allows buyers to purchase with confidence. We work with all participating Shopify stores to adhere to a set of best practices. These ensure that buyers have a great experience wherever they see the Teespring brand.

Fulfillment By Teespring reviews (12)


Rarely do I write reviews but I highly recommend not using Teespring based on my experiences.

I ordered a t-shirt as a test - when it arrived for the first time, the print dimensions of the back graphic were significantly reduced. I told customer service about this and they said they would rectify the issue by reprinting to the correct size.

I have just received the second attempt today and now the front graphic (pocket logo) is missing.

If this happens to me, it will happen to my customers.

It's worth noting that I originally printed a batch of my tees at The Printful without issue (they were great actually).

The only reason I switched over to Teespring in the first place was because they offered refunds and customer service. However, these are of little use considering the service is sub par.

My hope is to save others from spending time setting up their stores with Teespring, only to switch to another service.


I have to finally write a review because my experience so far has not been good....Let me first say so new owners wont get me confused. i have been with Teespring for a while now. I have over 30 designs with them as I was with them before i signed on with Shopify. On every shirt their printers have not gotten my dimensions correct. Now let me say this... I think Teespring has the best Design Lab (operationally) out of all the fulfillment apps I have used so far, but here is the major rub.....The dimensions I print all my TEES at basically the MAX allowed 11.9 X17.9 but every shirt always come back,especially my MEN tees come with 9in X 15 or 9 X16...im not so worried about the height BUT the width matters because optically it doesnt look good to have a design printed right dead center of the chest it doesnt look right. I have tried over and over again to get them to correct this. On some correction they get it right but on my last shirt even the correction was still off. So there is my review...Im exhausted with this....This will just kill a new company before they even get started


They took my money after i made a sale the sale was $45.98 then Teespring charged my Credit Card 28.77 (WHAT??!!) Total thats 74.75 then they said my profit was 17.98 .... WHAT THE HECK??!!!... that not wright im shorted 10 bucks i never made money !!!!!!


For how long this has been out now? The thing is an absolute mess. Buggy as hell. I feel like I was a beta tester for half of the day yesterday with the "development team", which must be some guy from Nicaragua, reassuring me that they are "working on everything" A.S.A.P. Yes, with all the dots. Looks like I don't have an app to build my store on. Hard to believe a multi-million corporation would waste your time by putting you through an experience like this. Sucks.


Doesn't work with shopify


Amazing service that takes the hassle out of inventory and shipping. This has been a great alternative to hosting on Teespring because customers easily can see and navigate other products making the average order size go up.

My only 2 requests at this moment are:

1. adding mugs, totes, & baby/kid clothes to the Shopify app for fulfillment. This would really help us fill out our stores and add that much more value.

2. When you batch orders take money from our Shopify balance instead of a bank account. This can cause us to take big hits up front before we get paid by Shopify so why not take it from that balance? It would also be great to have the option to pay for batches with PayPal and other payment gateways.

Wonderful app, excited for more features and updates!


First of all, the app is great. It truly is buuuuuuuut.... there is a major flaw that everyone should know about and definitely warrants -4 stars. When an order is made, the customer is charged but the store owner is charged also. For example, a customer purchases a $20 tee, the customer is charged $20 and the store is charged the cost of the tee. This is no big deal for a handful of orders but if there is an influx of sales the store could be in trouble and for what? The funds have already been captured. Why aren't Shopify and Teespring settling up later. The real problem is the order it all happens. The store should either be charged the cost after the credit or logically, Shopify/Teespring should only touch the store's account to deposit the profit earned. On top of it all this is how the charge looks: RECURRING PAYMENT AUTHORIZED ON 07/15 TEESPRING.COM/SHOP 877-887-7815 CA. Since it is a recurring payment, if it overdraws the store account then the store will get hit with an overdraft fee for each charge up to 3 a day unless overdraft protection is turned on then those fees could be endless. To top it all off, here was Teespring's response: I can understand your predicament, you're working with two systems that are trying to co-habitat. I'll make note of this for our team to investigate, but at the moment this is unfortunately something we cannot fix. This is a design flaw in my opinion and I could not imagine someone believing that this is a good business decision to make.


My experience with Teespring fulfillment is so far extremely DISAPPOINTING.

The Bad of it: They take Waaaaayyyyyyyy too long to fulfill. i placed an order for 5 different shirts on april 30th at 5:30 am. I got 2 of them 10 days later. I got another 11 days later and another 13 days later and the last one i got 17 days later. Not only did i not receive my order at the same time but i got it haphazardly more than 2 weeks later. Additionally, their support is horrible, they don't get back to you in a timely manner and you are trying to build and run a business in a Highly competitive market like t-shirts.

Printful sends your order within a week but the quality of theire prints are not good and they also make you jump through hoops to even get a design made.

The Good of it: Low Cost, Great print Quality. Their shirts are Around 14$ with print. Additionally they have a very good Mockup generator and they do all the sizing and resizing for you "FREE". unlike Printful.

It would be nice to have teesprings quality with printful speed and shopify's customer service. "Bright Light" i might just have to make that business cause so far it does not exsist.


I'm so happy that Teespring can fulfill my tshirt orders on Shopify. I've been a seller on Teespring and love the quality and brand. Now, I can get it with my Shopify store.

The app is easy to use, and their customer service is amazing!

Carlos helped me get my designs loaded on my Shopify store and Meg answered all my questions every step of the way.

I've never had a single customer complaint. Just wish they could fulfill more products than just shirts!


Worst experience i've encountered with a company on Shopify or dare I say ever. As far as I know I haven't had an order delivered yet. Over a month since i made an order to test them out and still don't have my shirts. During this time I've had a few customer orders and I have no clue if they've been delivered. At first they apologized and said they were coming. Then they still didn't come and now they've ignored my emails for over 7 days. At this moment all i want to know is whether my customers got their shirts. Teespring won't answer. I'm thinking about asking my customers but how embarrassing is it to tell them that i don't know if the shirts were sent or not. I highly recommend looking elsewhere if you care about your customers and your own reputation.




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