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Price: Custom Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • CLOSE MORE SALES: Instantly connect to store visitors with "Contact Us" buttons on every page of your site
  • Route interactions from store visitors to multiple salespeople and devices simultaneously
  • Get intelligence about your store visitors at the moment they reach out to interact


  • Paid Channels: Click to Talk, Click to Chat, Click to Video
  • Free Channels: Email Feedback, Social Linking, About Us


With the click of a button on your site, a web visitor can communicate instantly with your business via multiple communication channels. For example, she can call you directly from within her browser. The call will ring as many employees and devices as you desire, and can be intelligently routed based on rules you create.

No Setup or Monthly Fee

How much is it worth for a potential customer to instantly connect with your salespeople the moment something on your site sparks her interest? For no upfront or recurring charge, Teledini is like having a sophisticated call center complete with routing. You only pay for live interactions with purchase-ready customers. Initial pricing is 50 cents per interaction and drops the more you use Teledini.

Free iPad App

Users may answer incoming calls or chats using Teledini's iPad app, which is free to download.

Signup & Configure… in Under 20 Minutes

  • Signup is a snap: You simply create your organization and invite users (salespeople or anyone who might interact with customers). [5 minutes]
  • You decide whose phones/devices should ring and complete your routing plan. [5 minutes]
  • Your EngagementButton is already configured for your site, but you can take a minute to customize it. [3-5 minutes]
  • We generate the code snippet. You can place it on your site or email it from within Teledini to your web developer to do that for you. [2-5 minutes]


Place an EngagementButton on each page, allowing potential customers to contact you right from their browser the instant something on your site sparks their interest. When the button is clicked, the multi-channel EngagementWindow slides out, containing whichever channels you choose to include.

  • Your salespeople can answer the request on any device, whether in or out of the office – they can receive it on a mobile phone, tablet, traditional phone or computer.
  • If answering via their browser or iPad, employees can view rich data that is passed along with the interaction.

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Good idea and seems great for U.S customers, if only it was mentioned uk customers can't us the telephone service before my card was charged. Oh dear. :0( - After leaving my original comments I have since received a quick response to my questions and comments and a more than satisfactory solution to my problems. I'd say if you were a U.S customer, try this app. you have nothing to loose and what looks like a great app to gain!! :O)


1. Voice calls, chats and video chats begin at 50 cents per interaction and drop over time.
2. Email feedback is always free.
3. No setup or monthly fees.

7 days

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