Your word of mouth referral program anywhere in the world

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Simple to Set Up & Easy To Use

Setup your advocate reward, the coupon for their friends and you are running in minutes. Saves you time so you can run your business.

Real-Time Analytics

TellaFriend reports and tracks all your advocate rewards and their friends purchases in real-time, so you can make data driven decisions.

Sell More & Increase User LTV

Having your happy customers share special offers with their friends brings more happy customers to your store.

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About TellAFriend

TellaFriend is a referral system that rewards your customers by having their friends purchase your products & services.

Customers trust referrals over every other channel. Your customers will know at least one other new customer; why not reward them for making a referral?

  • Automatic reward and coupon payouts saves you time so you can run your business.
  • Advocates can share with Whatsapp, SMS or copy the link to share with their friends.
  • Real-time analytics allows you to make data-driven decisions to expand your business.
  • Your customers become your advocates and receive cash or discounts for referring your great products to their friends.
  • Their friends receive discounts and also become advocates to refer more sales.
  • Your referral system keeps growing by itself while increasing your sales.

Grow Your Business In 3 Easy Steps:

Shop Owner:

  1. Install Plugin.
  2. Setup Advocate Prize And Friend Discount. 
  3. Watch Your Business Grow.


  1. Sign Up.
  2. Tell Your Friends And Send Them Their Link Via SMS or Whatsapp.
  3. Earn Rewards. 


  1. Receive An Advocates Message.
  2. Make A Qualified Purchase Using The Discount.
  3. Sign Up To Become An Advocate.


  • Unlimited Advocates:

    Whether you have 10 or 100,000 advocates, we won’t charge you for the added infrastructure. We will grow when you grow.

  • Automatic Tracking and Payouts:

    We connect to the Advocates PayPal account to reward them immediately. Automatic payouts give you peace of mind and it will allow you more time to run your business.

  • Customizable Advocates Programs:

    Setup a fixed cash dollar amount or a percentage of the total friends' purchase value as the advocate reward.

  • Customizable Friend Rewards:

    Each friend that receives an advocate's message can earn a fixed dollar amount off their purchase or a percentage off the total cart. Set a minimum and/or maximum order amount to qualify for the special offer.

  • Real-Time Analytics:

    All of the advocate and friend purchases are tracked in real-time. Learn valuable insights about your products and referral program to grow your business even faster.

  • Easy For Your Customers To Sign Up:

    Have the advocate form on your site check out process to have your customers start growing your referral program and everyone wins.

  • No More Development Work:

    Use our simple setup to have the pages built for your advocates to sign up and track their rewards and landing page for the friends to collect special offers.

  • Developer Friendly:

    For those who want more flexibility, our full-featured API will allow you to maximize your TellaFriend experience.  

  • 30-Day Free Trial:

    Test out TellaFriend with our 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime.


  • API

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