Terms Confirmation Checkbox

Terms Confirmation Checkbox

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Add a custom checkbox to your cart page with just a few clicks

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Custom checkbox for your cart

Add a checkbox with custom text to your cart page and let the user confirm your terms or any other conditions.

Easy installation and setup

Easy installation with just one click and a single payment. No recurring fees. Set text and links directly in your Shopify admin interface.

More legal security

Let your user actively confirm that they read your terms or any other conditions.

Om Terms Confirmation Checkbox

This app give you the possibility to easily update your theme and add one checkbox to the cart template (not to cart drawer or slide out, nor the checkout*) so the user always has to accept the terms and conditions or any other terms of your choice.

This app is focusing on high performance and speed. We don't use any heavy code libraries or external calls. This ensures that your cart page loads as quick as possible.

The app works with all kind of terms you want a confirmation for, but is especially prepared to ask for a confirmation of the terms and conditions. Even if your store is running from US or Canada, have in mind that in most European countries it is mandatory to have a Terms and Conditions confirmation on your cart to ensure that your customers always accept your store's terms and conditions.

For all other purposes you can even choose between showing the checkbox always or just for specific products.

  • Pay just once and use it as long as you want
  • High performance solution without any code libraries.
  • Directly integrated in your Shopify admin
  • Add conditions to show the checkbox only for selected products
  • Customizable at any time (no extra fees)

If you have any questions before or after your installation feel free to get in contact with me. Please check the frequently asked questions about this app below.

!!! * Please have in mind that the app is working just on the cart template at yourstore.com/cart. If your store is using a drawer or slide out for the cart, the app will NOT work. In this case please consider turning off the drawer or get in contact with me for a custom solution. Because of limitations of the Shopify API the checkbox can't added to the checkout. Please check the FAQ too. !!!




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3.7 af 5 stjerner

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ETA: I just reinstalled this app. It is the ONLY one that loads on checkout WITHOUT lag. All the other take too long to load and a lot of customers didn't even have to check the box. This one works seamlessly. Excellent customer service, very happy, thank you. I used this app happily for years, and couldn't work out how to remove the code once I was done. They did this quickly and efficiently for me


Update: Support reagiert wohl nur bei Negativen Bewertungen. Sehr Schade. Das Geld für die App kann man sich sparen. Es funktioniert nicht richtig und man hat nur Probleme damit. Mal geht der Checkout gar nicht und dann kommt auch ohne die Checkbox zum Checkout. Das bringt alles nichts. Nicht zu Empfehlen. Update: Support probably only reacts on negative ratings. What a pity. You can save the money for the app. It does not work properly and you only have problems with it. Sometimes the checkout doesn't work at all and then you get to the checkout even without the checkbox. This does not help at all. Not recommendable.
Nach Anfangsschwierigkeiten wurden die Probleme super schnell und Professionell gelöst. So sollte Service immer sein. Bin sehr zufrieden und kann eine klare Empfehlung aussprechen. After initial difficulties, the problems were solved super fast and professionally. This is how service should always be. I am very satisfied and can give a clear recommendation.

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Easy to use and when I requested a small customisation and some troubleshooting; Heiko replied quickly and within a day he had provided me with the needed solution. Highly recommended!