Testimonials Master

Testimonials Master

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Testimonial Master - Add testimonials to your website

Awesome layouts

Add your testimonials on your store in any of 5 clean, professionally-looking premade layouts in a single click install.

Import + Collect testimonials

Import your existing testimonials. Collect new testimonial using a fully customizable front end testimonial form.

Total customization

Customize your testimonial appearance to match your theme. Works seamlessly across all platforms and devices.

Testimonials Masterの詳細情報

Importance of Testimonials

Your customer testimonials are the most important asset you have to build trust in your products. Every new customer likes to read existing customer's feedback and their recommendations before making a purchase. Help your customers build trust in your brand/products and increase sales.

By using our Testimonial Master app you can show your customer's testimonials in a very elegant and professional way. Choose from different layouts, color themes as well as upload images to make sure your testimonials match your store in the best possible way. Choose from numerous settings to customize the information shown by each testimonial.

Simple 1 click install can get you set up in less than 30 seconds. Customize your testimonials quickly in less than 2-3 minutes.

Our app allows you to collect testimonials from the front end through the testimonial submission form.

Key Features of Testimonial app:

  1. The simple, easy and streamlined interface lets you set up the app in less than 5 minutes with no coding needed.
  2. Choose from either grid view or slider view to show your testimonials.
  3. 5 different styles of testimonials to match your exact needs.
  4. Collect new testimonials from the front end via the testimonial submission form.
  5. Color options are available for all text to match your theme style.
  6. Load more options with the limit set in the backend.
  7. Read more options with the text limit in the backend.
  8. Mobile responsive with all major browsers supported.
  9. The photo upload feature allows your customers to upload photos along with testimonials.
  10. Verified badge option for the testimonials.
  11. Control options to show/hide customer name, date published, images from the backend.
  12. Custom CSS options available.
  13. Free Plan comes with a branding.
  14. Export testimonial in pdf/excel format in one click.
  15. Get an email notification, when the user submits a review from the frontend form.

Our support gurus are extremely happy to help. All our customer support is free. Simply drop us an email and our team will do the needful.






料金 7日間の無料体験

Starter plan


  • Grid view
  • Add Up to 5 testimonial
  • Customize font, color, Date n other options
  • Custom CSS option
  • Customer support

Basic Plan


  • All feature of starter plan +
  • Grid, Slider, List & Masonry view
  • 5 different styles
  • Add up to 50 testimonial
  • Image upload
  • Read & load more

Premium plan


  • All feature of basic plan+
  • Add unlimited testimonials
  • Import and Export testimonials
  • Email notification
  • Extra Customization if needed

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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I tried a couple of the apps and I kept coming back this one. Not only does the app work great, but the customer support is amazing! They are extremely responsive and looking to help anyway they can. I couldn't get something to work and they responded within the hour and they were able to get it to work for me. Great product and great team!

Phoenician Goods

Do not look any further, this app and its customer service are unbeatable! Other apps were not satisfactory, where most of their customer service will not answer you while showering you with useless emails. But these people here are amazing. I cannot recommend this app enough!

All Therapy Co.

cannot recommend this app more.. they went out of their way to install the code for me! you will not regret this one