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Redigerat 21 mars 2021

I really like the idea of the app.I guess it would save a lot of time and take the product description to the next level .I see great potential in it yet it would be so better if it was integrated more with the apps.
Like for example not copy and paste and choosing from your own catalogue then the description will be applied directly.. Yeah like I am having a problem when I choose to find product from shopify collection it take me to the other page . At first it appears than dissappears

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 8 dagar
TextCortex AI UG svarade 19 mars 2021

Hi there! Thanks a lot again for your positive feedback! It drives us to do a better product with your inputs!
We have also spotted the same behaviour and now it should be fixed. Can you try it once more? Thanks!

All the best
TextCortex Team

24 februari 2021

Content writing is so hard and this is a great idea that offers a solution. You can generate descriptions from scratch and edit them later. With improvements and if it is better integrated (copy-paste the description to your product page), I see this has massive potential.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 5 månader
TextCortex AI UG svarade 24 februari 2021

Thanks a lot Køthleisure! We took your valuable feedback and start working on it soon! In the meantime, we have credited your account with free premium account. Enjoy ☺️

31 januari 2021

Great idea but needs some improvements. It's good to help start with descriptions, then you can edit them. I was generous with my rating because I see the potential here. I would like to see it better integrated, so I could select a generated description and insert it not copy and paste.

vixrox clothing
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 5 dagar
TextCortex AI UG svarade 31 januari 2021

Thanks for your review VixRox! As TextCortex team we were very happy to hear that our app was helpful for you :)

We have discussed your feedback internally and decided it would be an excellent candidate for implementation! We will be working on this feature in our next sprint. Most probably it will be available by the mid next week :)

To show our gratitude for your quality feedback, we are crediting your account with 100 text generation credits!

All the best

-TextCortex Team