Text CRM‑Cart Recovery

Text CRM‑Cart Recovery

door Space Orange

Order Update & Auto abandoned cart Recovery messages

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Order Confirmation

Merchants can send Automated Text Messages to customers for order confirmation.

Shipping Confirmation

Merchants can send Shipping confirmation on Text/SMS Messages. Messages include tracking URLs.

Abandoned Card Recovery

Retarget your customer for Abandoned cart recovery. Send multiple automated messages with or without Discount code.

Over Text CRM‑Cart Recovery

For any e-commerce website, it is necessary that the right people see the right content at the right moment. It is statistically claimed that automated messages are one of the central factors of your marketing strategy. For example: When a customer places an order, he gets anxious and also excited about his delivery and order confirmation. It is our goal to send a quick message and update after each phase of placing the order. When you adopt message automation you have a chance of a 70% rise in your conversions. Because when your e-commerce business will raise leads after auto-messages your average order value and conversion rates will make an instant increase.

How does the Abandoned Cart Recovery and Order update application work? We provide an organized system where you are able to send automated notifications to customers like order confirmation messages. They get assurance and then the order shipping messages are sent, along with a URL for tracking their orders. They forget about any of their doubts. Notifications are Text messages that are based on Customized templates.


1.Message for order confirmation.

2.Message for tracking shipment URL.

3.Message for order fulfilment.

4.Message for abandoned cart recovery.

5.Quick set up -Quickly automate the messages in your cart cycle and start sending.

6.Customize the content-You can easily customize the content according to the customer and branding.


1.Automated text with customized message templates.

2.Automated messages with Abandoned cart recovery.

3.Automated message for order confirmation.

4.Automated message for order shipment with tracking URL along with it.

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