TextChat — Live Chat via Text

TextChat — Live Chat via Text


Manage your live chat on your phone via SMS

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Live chat via text message

Let visitors reach out to you on live chat and get notified on SMS to engage them in real-time. No mobile app required.

No live agents needed

Reduce your live chat expense and handle it all on your own with ease. No training required. As easy as sending an SMS to friends!

Increase your sales

Start using live chat in minutes to reclaim abandoned carts, help visitors make informed purchase decisions, and increase sales.

关于 TextChat — Live Chat via Text

Are you looking for a live chat app that makes it easy for shoppers to reach you? But also makes it easier for you to manage all those conversations?

TextChat uniquely merges the power of live chat and an SMS app to meet the expectations of the most demanding online shoppers. All without the help of live agents and added customer service costs, so you can do it all by yourself like a boss!

Reply to customers in real-time and increase sales by a whopping 33%!

By adding TextChat live chat to your store, you enable visitors to reach out to you with the smallest of concerns and queries that can help them make an informed purchase. In fact, research backs us by stating that by having an ecommerce live chat on your store, you can boost your sales by as much as 45%.

Add real-time conversations to the mix and you can see your sales increase by almost 33-40%!

Get live chat notifications on SMS

SMS marketing has a 98% open rate. Why?

Because SMS is still the most popular chat app and we use it every day. That’s why TextChat notifies you of customer support and sales queries on SMS.

We send you a text to notify you as soon as a website visitor reaches out to you on live chat. The text message includes a link that you can click on to reply to them in your mobile browser.

Manage your live chat on-the-go

No need to spend endless hours in front of the laptop. No need to hire more customer support live agents.

Our live chat SMS notification comes with a link that you can click on to reply to a customer using your mobile web browser.

Manage your live chat easily on any device, anywhere. Even when you’re enjoying a hot cup of coffee outdoors! No additional mobile app required.

Personalize your messages

Edit the greeting message copy, popup message, and loading message to humanize conversations.

Track your live chat performance to improve ROI

Quick and easy access to data from TextChat enables you to measure the ROI from your live chat support.

Get better at understanding your customers and see how that changes conversations into conversions.

Customizable live chat widget

Your look and feel are of utmost importance to us. Our live chat widget is completely customizable to match your branding.

Change the live chat widget color, chat colors, and more!

Easily manage your live chat availability

Managing everything on your own can get overwhelming. That’s why TextChat gives you the ability to update your availability status and change settings from your smartphone.

Take control of your time again!

Get started in minutes

Install the TextChat app and implement live chat on your store in minutes.

Easy setup. Zero training.

If you can text, you can TextChat!



定价 14 天免费试用



Price is per agent. Every chat above the 100 included will be charged at $0.04 per chat

  • Sign up now and get the first 14 days FREE!
  • Flat Rate per month per agent
  • 100 Chats per agent

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

5.0 评分


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Great app! I wanted a simple and instant solution to interact with customers shopping on my website. I have tried a few others but this one works right from my phone without even having to install an app. It uses text messages. I already made a sale :-)



We're so glad to hear TextChat is the right fit for you. Congrats on your sale! That's very exciting news. :)