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Thank your new and repeat customers personally & automatically

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Thank new customers

Send a personalised thank you email when a new customer makes and pays for their first order

Thank repeat customers

Send a personalised thank you email when a repeat customer makes and pays for their second order

Auto-send thank you emails

Auto-send and schedule thank you emails without having to approve them all manually. Send after customer receives or pays for an order

Engagely 정보

Thank your customers

Thank you emails are a great way to engage your customers and let them know that you're there for their needs and you appreciate their business. Writing thank you emails for each new or repeat customer can be time consuming though and this is where Engagely can help automate the process.

Personalised email templates

With Engagely, a default personalised thank you email template for new and repeat customers is created for you. Don't like the default thank you email templates? they can be edited to your liking.

The templates also contain reserved placeholders that get populated with the customer's details and shop details:

  • Customer's First Name
  • Shop Owner Name
  • Shop Name

Auto-send thank you emails

When auto-send is enabled, Engagely will automatically send a thank you email to customers if it's their first order or second order with your store.

Auto-send can also be scheduled to send emails from 1 hours to 72 hours after a customer receives or pays for an order.

Email audits reporting

Engagely provides reporting for emails sent in the last 30 days. Engagely tracks if emails were delivered, opened, or received complaints.

Export emails sent reports.

Manage queued emails that weren't sent out yet by removing them from the queue at anytime.


Will Engagely continue sending thank you emails once my credits balance reaches 0?

No. Once a credits balance reaches 0, we deactivate email sending for the shop.

Why isn't my credits balance updating right away after my emails package purchase?

The credits balance gets updated automatically once a purchase is confirmed. Sometimes it may take up to 1-2 minutes before we receive the confirmation but rarely.

Will I lose my remaining credits if I uninstall the "Engagely" app?

No. If you re-install the Engagely app, you will have the same email credits balance that you had before uninstalling.

Do the 500 free emails reset every month/year?

No. You'll need to buy more credits after you've used up your free 500 email credits.

Can we approve emails before they get sent out?

No. Currently you can only enable/disable auto-send.

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  • support@engagely.net


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Pay as you go, receive 500 free emails on first time signup. Starts at $2 per 1000 emails.

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Milie Bijoux

Cette application est absolument parfaite pour remplacer KIT qui nous a malheureusement quitté. J'utilisais Kit pour faire l'envoi de messages personnalisés suite au premier et au second achat des clients et cette application le fait à la perfection. Ils sont très ouverts à faire des améliorations et le font dans un temps record. MERCI, vous êtes extraordinaire! // This app is absolutely perfect to replace the KIT app which unfortunately left us. I used Kit to send personalized messages following the first and second customer purchase and this application does it perfectly. They are very open to making improvements and are doing it in record time. THANK YOU, you are amazing!

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 9일

Merci beaucoup Milie Bijoux c'est vraiment trop apprécié! Comme toujours, nous sommes là pour répondre a tout vos questions et suggestions.


seems good so far...missed the KIT auto emails and this looks to fix this problem. You can add repeat business emails as well

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 29일

Thank you so much for the support! The best is yet to come, we're currently in the process of adding in support for Automated Email and SMS Flows for multiple flow triggers, not just Thank you emails!

Of course, don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or would like to see new features!