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4. September 2023

As passionate advocates for sustainability and after recently participating in a carbon offset campaign with The Blue Marble, we were pleasantly surprised to discover their innovative Shopify add-on.

The transition to the Web3 era has opened up new avenues for promoting and practicing sustainability. The Blue Marble, a pioneer in the sustainability space, has seamlessly integrated Web3 technology to make sustainability education more accessible and engaging.

One of the standout features of The Blue Marble's Shopify add-on is its ability to create NFT discount codes. This innovative approach to consumer loyalty not only incentivizes eco-conscious shopping but also provides a unique branding opportunity. By offering NFTs as rewards for customer loyalty, The Blue Marble has taken a bold step towards fostering sustainable consumer habits while establishing a strong brand identity for Net Zero Earth.

The Blue Marble team deserves commendation for their unwavering support throughout our journey. From the inception of our NFT project, "The Carbon Crusaders," to its successful execution, their guidance has been invaluable. Their expertise in NFT creation, strategy, and campaign execution has empowered us to effectively communicate our commitment to carbon offset and sustainability through the digital art world.

Beyond the NFTs and Shopify integration, The Blue Marble's dedication to educating the public about sustainability shines through. They have actively supported our efforts to raise awareness about environmental issues and carbon offset campaigns. Through their platform, we have been able to share information and inspire positive change.

The Blue Marble's Shopify add-on represents a leap forward in merging sustainability and Web3 technology. Their dedication to sustainability education, commitment to NFT innovation, and unparalleled support make them an essential partner for organizations like Net Zero Earth. Our journey with The Blue Marble has not only enriched our sustainability efforts but has also expanded our horizons in the world of Web3.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Blue Marble's Shopify add-on to anyone seeking to embark on a sustainable Web3 journey with a focus on education and consumer engagement. Their pioneering spirit and expertise are sure to propel your sustainability initiatives to new heights.

Net Zero Earth Store
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25. September 2023

Loyalty Made Easy!

I stumbled upon this app that's making loyalty programs super simple. What sets it apart is how easy and rewarding it is. NFTs are a little difficult to fully wrap your head around, and TBM's app did a lot to help us understand that we can use them to unlock rewards and discounts for our customers. Without the headache of us having to suddenly become experts.

The app does all the work for you! It's refreshing to have access to the potential of web3 in a way that's user-friendly and easy without the jargon and complication that other web3 tools use.

The Ambition Collective
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