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Katys Boutique

Seems to be so-so about recommendations - i use it with the upsell app. My thoughts on this are it could be better. I have had it over a year now so the learning should be dialled in. Works well for a beginner though.


Nice app with a very nice option to add to your online store. Bundles and upsell app work quite good.


Does what I needed, would recommend to a friend! go to for reference

Foundry Coffee Roasters

App seems pretty good so far. Had a good experience of support from Abhijit too after a minor glitch a few weeks in. I'm not seeing great returns on the upsells as yet but it's early days and I guess it will get better at knowing what to upset over time. Worth giving it six months I think - nothing to lose.

The Winning Brand

Can't this app to work properly.

The Otaku Box Shop

Won't install, says "whoops, an error has occurred".

Resin Obsession

This app should be called 'half a brain'.

I already had the Product Upsell app installed when I got notification that I could add Bold Brain for free. Here's been my experiences:

  1. It makes recommendations without looking at what you already have upsells for in the product upsell app. i.e. It may make recommendations for upsells that you already have in place.

  2. I don't know how it makes some of the recommendations it does. About two-thirds of what it tells me, I have to tell it to exclude the recommendation because the products do not go together at all.

If you do decide to install the app, you need to go back regularly to see if the recommendations are performing especially since they go towards your monthly view totals, which means you may have to upgrade your upsell plan.

In the end, you are smarter than the Brain. Remember that.

On a side note, in general, I have been disappointed with Bold's customer service on this app and all their others that I have installed (these two plus product discount and sales motivator). They never admit anything is a problem on their end and always blame it on some other app I have in my store, Shopify, or operator error. I have only ever had them admit once they were aware of the problem I was inquiring about and was told they would get back with me. That was 6 weeks ago. I really wanted to use their upsell after checkout app, but since I've had the upsell app script cause my store to hang up and not add products to the cart correctly, I'm not willing to risk it.


Within a few hours of writing this review, I received an email from Bold asking for more details. I ended up having a 45 minute conversation with a Bold Commerce representative where I talked about this app, a few of their others and their company culture of how technical support requests are handled. I felt like he listened to me and what I had to say, although I'm still a bit skeptical about whether any changes will be made. I have asked Bold to stay in touch with me and let me know if changes are made, in which case, I will be happy to update this review.


Great app for analytical purposes!

The Bircher Bar

Awesome app that works perfectly. Absolutely love it!

Driven Queens

Gives customers options to choose from.

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