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The Detective FAQ


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All FAQ Solutions in One

Static FAQ Page, Product accordion FAQ implementations, Widget FAQ are all in one app. It's never been easier to provide customer support.

Outstanding Page Templates

Improve your site's User Interface with outstanding templates more beautiful than the other. We are providing fully customizable themes.

Easy to Manage

With powerful admin panel, you can manage your questions, group them under categories and render with many templates in a couple of minutes.

有關 The Detective FAQ

All FAQ Solutions In One

The Detective FAQ provides the most extensive FAQ solution. According to your needs, create your offline customer support in minutes.

This app is going to carry your store one step further with its outstanding static FAQ page, General & Product-Based FAQs, Customer Service Widget, and cutting edge super easy admin panel.

No more questions, it is time to focus on your sales!

Classic Static FAQ Page & Help Center

Ecommerce FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is one of the most important elements of your online store because it is your first point of contact with your potential shoppers, answering any questions they may have quickly and efficiently.

We have developed 8 themes more beautiful than the other and they are constantly increasing. Choose the best fit for your theme and customize it freely.

  • FAQ Page Builder
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • Unlimited Categories: Group your related FAQs easily.
  • Search Bar: Customers can find any question in seconds.
  • SEO Boost: By using Google Rich Results we are adding your FAQs into Google's search results.
  • Responsive: It Looks great on each device.

Product & Collection Page FAQs

Never been easier to put your FAQs into Product/Collection Pages without touching your theme codes.

Thanks to The Detective FAQ, you will be able to show FAQs on every product page or if you need to show some specific Questions on a particular product it is also possible.

You can set which FAQ will be shown where with a single click.

  • General Product FAQs: These questions will be shown on all product pages.
  • Product Based FAQs: Specific questions for a product.
  • Easily Manageable Turn it on/off option
  • Easy Integration

Customer Support Widget

With this brand new Customer Support Widget, you can show your FAQs on every page.

  • FAQs
  • WhatsApp Chat
  • Email (Contact Us) Form
  • Order Tracking & Order Status

This is the most effective way of having offline decisive and quick customer support.

  • Up to 5 Categories: Group your related FAQs.
  • Search Bar: Provides better and easier navigation.
  • English & Spanish Language Support (let us know if you need another)

Powerful Admin Panel

The Detective FAQ admin panel is designed to provide simplified, powerful, and intuitive management to our store owners.

Manage All Questions that you use in different FAQ Solutions from one place.

  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Rich Content Editor
  • Better Editing Experience
  • Ready-use Questions
  • Up to 50 Icons
  • Style Customization

Use our ready-to-use FAQs as a starting point

We are providing ready to use FAQs but these mostly contain general questions. However, having an FAQ page with miscellaneous information won’t do the trick. Your FAQ page needs to be tailored to the specific needs of your customers.

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Free Plan


  • Static FAQ Page
  • 3 Responsive Templates
  • Up to 10 Questions
  • 3 Categories
  • Basic Test Editor
  • Ready-use Questions
  • Style Customization

Basic Plan

每月 $4.99

或每年一次收費 $49.99,按每月 $4.17 計費

  • FREE ++
  • Static FAQ Page
  • Product FAQs
  • 5 Templates
  • Unlimited Questions
  • 5 Categories
  • SEO Boost
  • Search Bar
  • Advanced Editor
  • Copyright Removal

Pro Plan

每月 $9.99

或每年一次收費 $99.99,按每月 $8.33 計費

  • BASIC+
  • Static FAQ Page
  • Product FAQs
  • Customer Support Widget
  • 8 Templates
  • Unlimited Questions / Categories
  • Order Tracking
  • SEO Boost
  • Search Bar

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4.6 5 顆星


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I use this app and I like it but it is not usable from Android mobile users.
Specially the tracking and contact us feature of the floating widjet. Once you start typing, the keyboard makes the page slide up and you cannot see where you are typing...


wasnt too difficult to set up. it deleted all my questions and reset it to defaults after it didnt work randomly on the website for about 6 hours


Really great app, very simple to use and excellent customer support even for the free package! Would recommend