TIE ‑ The Import Export App

TIE ‑ The Import Export App

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Import Export Update Migrate and Backup your data in Bulk

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Bulk Update in Excel

Create, Delete and Update any of your store's data in seconds using your favourite tools like Excel or Google Sheets. Yes even metafields.

Migrate to Shopify in a flash

Export your old store's data from Woo, Magento, Lightspeed etc to a CSV or XLSX and import into Shopify in minutes.

Backup, Product Feeds and More

Schedule and repeat imports and exports to integrate with third party suppliers or platforms. Backup your complete store for safe keeping.

Sobre TIE ‑ The Import Export App

Welcome to the The Import & Export App (TIE)

It's an app designed to make viewing, adding, removing and updating data in bulk in your Shopify store a quick and easy process using your favourite tools such as Excel. Useful for both new and seasoned Shopify users. It's packed with features and delicately wrapped in a simple easy to use interface.

Common Use Cases

  • Bulk up with bulk updates - want to change prices for all your variants in one shot? You can with TIE app. Want to update all your SKUs with minimal hair loss? Dump them into Excel, do your business and reimport in seconds with TIE App.
  • Migrating to Shopify - export data from your old store on Woocommerce, Magento, Lightspeed or other store to a CSV or XLSX file, format it quickly in Excel and import it to your fresh new Shopify store in minutes.
  • Data Feeds - don't want to manually update every order that your dropshipper fulfills? Schedule a daily import from your supplier to update all your shipped customer orders
  • Export your data to Google Shopping or Amazon
  • Have an ERP or CRM behind the scenes? Schedule an export to feed it your ecommerce customer and order data
  • Backup your entire Shopify store with 2 clicks (and restore it with two more)
  • And many many more

Increase visibility

Export your entire store including all your Products, Customers and Collections and gain complete insight by viewing it in a single Excel spreadsheet. You can even feed it into your Big Data or Analytics Platform for some ultra sharp looking analytics.

Metafields Buffet

You've heard of mythical metafields and may have even attempted to add or change them. Maybe you've thought of buying an app to do that. Wait no more, you can edit metafields just like any other field in Excel.

What data can you update?

Pretty much everything plus a little extra. Products, Orders, Draft Orders, Smart Collections, Custom Collections, Customers, Discounts, Payouts, Pages, Redirects, Pages, Activity, Blog Posts, Pages, Shop Attributes. Metafields too.

Party Time with Third Party Integrations and Scheduling

Running a CRM or ERP behind the scenes? Schedule and repeat imports and exports to feed your hungry back office systems regularly. Want a daily customer export? Or an import of order updates every 5 minutes? You can do it all with the TIE App.

Import and Export Remotely & Locally

Import and export to & from your local computer as well as remote URLs and FTP, SFTP sites

It's all in the Details

Each import will update a copy of your spreadsheet and indicate if the record was updated successfully and will give you the reason if the update failed.

Options Galore

Import safely with dry runs, transliteration, resume next day if you hit Shopify limits and more.

Integração com

  • FTP,
  • Custom File Formats,
  • URL,
  • SFTP

Veja o app em ação

Saiba como o app funciona em uma loja de exemplo.

Ver loja de exemplo

Galeria de mídia





  • 50 Products
  • 50 Smart Collections
  • 50 Custom Collections
  • 50 Customers
  • 50 Discounts
  • 50 Orders
  • 50 For All Others



  • 6000 Products
  • 600 Smart & Custom Collections
  • 3000 Customers
  • 600 Discounts
  • 3000 Draft Orders & Orders
  • 16000 Redirects
  • 100 Pages & Posts
  • More



  • 60000 Products
  • 6000 Smart & Custom Collections
  • 30000 Customers
  • 6000 Discounts
  • 20000 Draft Orders & Orders
  • 160000 Redirects
  • Lots more..



  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Products & Orders
  • Unlimited Collections
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Discounts
  • Unlimited EVERYTHING

* Todas as cobranças são faturadas em USD.
** As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

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Avaliações mais recentes

Empire Ammolite

The app works reasonably well for exporting some data that can't be exported any other way. However: really had a mess when I updated and re-imported. Sent a message to the support team ... haven't heard a peep from them since. So unless you want to scramble your data ... probably not a good product to do mass updates or any uploads.


It's really such an incredible surprise when things just work. Simple as that. TIE makes changing, updating and adjusting my inventory an absolute breeze. Even with a relatively small product line, I'm able to perform previously arduous tasks with total ease.