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The Motivator

The Motivator

Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 90 days More info
  • Add LIFE to promotions you're running by displaying a message to customers when they add something to cart.
  • Increase average checkout total by 20-30% when customers know exactly how close they are to receiving a promotion!
  • Free Shipping at $100? Free Gift when spending a certain amount? Promote it in a smarter way!

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We take user feedback and suggestions very serious, and based off all your input we added a few new features and there is now a Premium Version. The original standard version is untouched, we only added a Premium version with new features. Those features are:

  • Display motivator messages only to specific countries

  • Automatically add a free product to the card when a users reaches a goal amount in cart.

  • Schedule motivators to start and stop automatically at certain times


The standard version is $4.99 and is a simple, yet brilliant, app allows you to "motivate" your customers in an elegant way to spend more each time they add something to their cart... And it really works!

How does it work?

Before you create a motivator with the Standard version you need some type of "goal" already setup. Free shipping is by far the most popular. So let's say you have free shipping in your store for all orders over $100. Once you have that setup in your store you great a matching goal in the Motivator app to encourage customers to get to that goal.

Next you give it a little Mojo. Each time a customer clicks the "Add to Cart" button they'll see a message telling them how much more they need to spend to reach the goal. You can word it any way you like to jive with your clientele.

  • "SWEET! Spend 37.21 more and get free shipping!"

  • "Just 37.21 more and you get a free shirt!"

  • "Nice! You're only 37.21 away from a free shirt!"

The dollar amount is automatically calculated but the rest of the message before and after is controlled by you.

See it in action!

☞ Click here to see the Sales Motivator in action

(Add something to your cart and keep your eye on the top of the screen)


The Premium version is $9.99 and has all the standard features, PLUS these three additions:

Geo Targeting

This new premium feature allows you to target your motivator messages by country. If you only want to offer free shipping in specific countries now you can choose to only show the motivator message in just the countries you select.

Free Gifting

Now you can actually offer free gifts as motivation for customers to spend more. You don't need any other apps to do it, you simply select the product you'd like to offer, select what dollar amount they need in their cart and when they reach the goal it adds it to the cart!

You can create multiple motivators too! For example spend $100 and get a free hat, Spend $200 and get a free shirt. It's the Classic Spend X get X type promotion and what's great about doing it with this app is the motivator is built in!

☞ Click here for an example
On this example page you'll notice that if you add the product to the cart it tells you want you need to spend to get the free gift. Make sure you add $100 to the cart and watch the magic happen!


Running a promotion for a certain time period that you want to promote? Now you can schedule the motivator to automatically start and stop anytime in the future.

It works on every version of your website too :-) Desktop, iPad, iPhone... you name it!

This is a simple little app that when used properly will increase your total average checkout amount on every order!

Try it free today!


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The Motivator reviews (317)


Stoked with this app, the Bold Apps team was cool enough to do some extra work when I found that my theme didn't have the standard variables to work with.. I then set the rest up and it works like a charm.


Superb App! It does exactly what it promises to do, is straightforward to set up AND the support is superbly responsive and helpful.


I am so happy I downloaded this app.. we will use it for free shipping and to automatically add a free gift with purchase. The ability to change colours and add any extra code to make it match your website is frankly awesome. You can also set how long the bar at the top of your page displays for, or when you would like it to. We have also set the parameter so only Australian customers see the free ship message. Instead of adding a pop up on entry or including some static content on the page to advertise our features, we now have an interactive element which works so much better. Within a few days of downloading the free version for our Shopify store, we knew we had to upgrade. The monthly subscription is very reasonable for included functionality, as you can set multiple options for customers such as percentage off or discounts etc. which work from the moment a customer lands on your home page right through to adding items to their cart, informing them step by step as to how much more they need to spend before receiving their discount. For our free gift with purchase we are working from a $1 base so all orders automatically include a gift which the motivator app does, automatically for you. I thoroughly recommend this app to anyone, its truly wonderful. Nb. So far it seems free of any glitches or software issues. Its easy to install and set up! 5 minutes and your done.


Such a fantastic app! I use it to remind people of the amount they need to spend to get free shipping. It's one thing to have it on a banner, but to actually keep reminding people as they add to the cart is just brilliant. Love! And for $4.99 per month, why would you not have this app?


The app has driven sales like crazy! Average order has increased about 35% thanks to this easy to use app. Love it!


So far, it seems to work really well, my only complaint is that the motivator doesn't come up when items are added in your cart, only once you're out of the cart and refresh it. Otherwise it works great and will be a valuable tool!


This app is exactly what I was looking for to encourage customers to spend a little more to get free shipping. And the support from Bold Apps is top notch, as always. Thank you.
Phil S.


Well.. This app works the way it's supposed to! It helps remind customers about different offers we have going on or for free shipping when they make a purchase of X amount. Haven't had any problems with it so far.


Great customer experience tool! We are now clearly communicating to our customers how to save money by offering messaging for free shipping with the motivator app. We used to see customers buy slightly under $50 not knowing that they could get free shipping if they would spend just a few dollars more. Our customers love the reminders from The Motivator app because it allows them to save and as a company we feel like we are honoring them as clients buy providing this messaging. :)


Great way to motivate buyers to spend more!

$4.99 / month
90 days

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