Order Station

Order Station

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An organised pick and pack solution for your business.

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Sort Your Products Easily

Order Station allows you to sort your products from your orders to pack in a variety of easy ways! Great for a large inventory.

Save Time

Gone are the days of manually sorting through & counting products to pack. With click, Order Station collates what you need to pack.

Print Your Product List

Order Station allows you to print out your packing list in an easy to view format.

关于 Order Station

Order Station is the simple solution to your pick and pack needs - without the need for excessive hardware, barcodes and scanners or spreadsheets! Order Station will allow you to easily select your orders to determine what products are required to be made/packed.

Order Station allows you to organise your pack list in many ways:

  • Total count by variant
  • Group by product (and variants)
  • Filter orders by date range

You can also use Order Station directly from the product listing view, or in the detailed product view - useful when you have large sets of variants and are packing/making a specific product at a time.



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