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A calendar widget to help you showcase events, promos and more

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Your Store, Your Calendar

Embed the calendar into your store. The calendar will use your current website fonts, colors and display your events in an intuitive way.

Optimized for mobile

Most online calendars are desktop only. The Shop Calendar was built with mobile in mind first. Our web calendar is pretty good too (wink!)

Integrate your other calendars

The Shop Calendar makes it easy to integrate your other calendars from apps like Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and more.

Acerca de The Shop Calendar

About The Shop Calendar

The Shop Calendar focuses on one thing, and one thing only. A straight-forward, easy to install, mobile friendly calendar widget.

There is two different designs to choose from: - A simple calendar view - Or an event listing view

Both are mobile responsive and will take the styles and fonts from your website and apply them to the calendar.

Showcase your events, promotions, announcements, product releases and more on both calendars.

How it Works

Create your events within The Shop Calendar, modify your calendar styles, follow our 1-click installation guide and show off your new mobile-optimized calendar on your store website.

Feature Highlights

  • Mobile + Tablet + Desktop Friendly
  • Style your calendar to suit your stores branding with custom fonts and colors
  • Showcase your events and promotions over multiple days/weeks/months
  • Eventbrite Integration - Connect your Eventbrite account and sell tickets from your calendar
  • Integrations with any public .ICS file. Use files from services like from Google Calendar, Outlook calendars and Apple calendar.
  • Multipurpose Use. Highlight events, promotions, product releases and more
  • Link your events to external URL's
  • Unlimited Events
  • 1-click Installation
  • Add detailed event descriptions for your events
  • Embed via Javascript or iFrame

Why The Shop Calendar?

Other online calendars are super complicated. We focus on allowing you to create (or upload) your events and display them on a simple, but good looking calendar.

Most calendar widgets you'll see online were only built for desktop. Meaning when customers check your site on mobile, they've left the page before they even got a chance to look at your events or promotions calendar.

We built The Shop Calendar with mobile at the top of mind, focusing on the look and feel of your calendar so you can showcase your events in an intuitive manner.

As a small development shop - we are always looking to build new features that our customers want. If you need any extra features or customizations to your, we'll get it done.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about The Shop Calendar, or need any help - shoot us a message. We're happy to help!

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We're using this to schedule yoga classes and other events at our yoga retreat center: It works great for our needs, and the developer, Luke, has been incredibly responsive to our requests to make a few minor tweaks for us. Highly recommended!

Paragon SCUBA Academy

These guys absolutely have crushed it for us. We had been looking for a simple to use calendar that integrated with the look and feel of our sites. We loved the look of this one but it was missing a function that we really needed. We reached out to the support team and Luke responded right away. Within 2 weeks they had created the programming and functionality change we requested. This is utterly amazing. We could not be more happy with this app and with the service provided.

Lady Moon Buns

Love this app and the customer service is excellent! I highly recommend it. Luke has responded quickly to my inquiries and addressed/fixed them promptly. I love having this as a feature on my store site!